10 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Description: Stress is like a ball and chain. It is a constant reminder that the world around us is out of our control. But just because you cannot control the world, you can control how you approach your anxieties. Let us help relieve stress in your life.

Whether at home or work, stress seems to find us. But it isn’t a lurking predator. We let stress and anxiety into our life, let it change us, and give it power. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to manage stress in your life. If you have work stress, change your job. If it’s financial stress, try to fix things with 12 month payday loans to get some financial support until you deal with difficulties. The power is yours. Take it back!

Good Bye, Stress!


You do it without thinking about it thousands of times a day. To relieve stress and anxiety, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Slowly, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. It does wonders and helps oxygen flow to the brain.

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Take ten minutes. For your health, you can sacrifice this little bit of time. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and concentrate on nothing. If you have a thought, acknowledge it and let it go. This will help focus your thoughts and relieve stress at work.

3.Get A Massage

Unless you hate being touched, massages relax the body and the spirit. Toxins in the muscles are released and usually, massage rooms smell nice and play calm music. This helps you to forget about troubles.

4.Positive Imagery

Also known as finding your “happy place,” when you feel stressed, take a little trip there in your mind. If you love the beach, there is a calming effect from hearing the waves. Perhaps the rain brings you peace. A rain sound generator will help you see it in your mind.

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5.Martial Arts

You may wonder if it’s true, but while beautiful to watch, Tai Chi is also a very lethal martial art practice. Putting that aside, doing Tai Chi has its own host of calming and focusing benefits.

6.Hit The Gym

This is great if you need stress relief at work. Take your lunch break at the gym and work off that tension. The increase of blood flow and oxygen to the brain will have a positive effect on your mental state. Check out Anytime Fitness Knox gym opening hours to get an idea about their hours so you can squeeze your lunch break to exercise.


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7.Drink More Water

In every guide for how to naturally relieve stress, the first step is to drink more water. Our bodies need a certain amount and none of us drinks enough. Also, water will counteract the jitters from caffeine.

8.Switch to Tea

If you have lived on caffeine for long enough, your body will rebel if you cut yourself off it. To keep those issues at bay, drink tea instead. It will work well to relieve stress headache symptoms and give you energy.

9.Anti-social Media

It is easy to find ways to relieve stress. If something troubles you, then omit it from your world. And what can be more stressful than social media? Online trolls, negativity, and of course, news feeds. Living angry and in fear is designed to cause stress, not relieve it.

More importantly, why not take time to celebrate with your family or with a few friends instead of spending countless of hours online. Even if it’s no one else’s birthday, gather a few people and have a barbecue, a few snacks and drinks. These days, companionship and connection is a great way to de-stress and relax. To make your event more fun and livelier, you can also hire talents and live entertainers.

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10.Calming Music

Everyone wears earbuds, so you can listen to your own mix of music without disturbing anyone. Use this. Find your mix of calming and relaxing music and play it through the day.


These are just a handful of stress relief remedies. There are plenty and you can be sure the right one or two for you are out there. But the first step in how to relieve stress in your life is pinpointing where it comes from. Then you know where to start.

How do you relieve stress? Share with us!

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