150+ Of The Best Ways To Relax Instantly (And Combat Stress).

This powerful guide lists 150+ of the fastest, best ways to relax – PERFECT if your stress levels are on overdrive!

Want To Learn The Best Ways To Instantly Relax?

Everyone knows that stress is bad for you.

But it’s totally amazing and a little bit scary just how many people don’t seem to know the best ways to relax – or even how to relax at all!

…It might seem like you don’t have the time, but it only takes a few small steps to reap the rewards of a stress free, relaxed life.

Read on to be inspired…

Here Are 150+ Of The Best Ways To Relax.

Discover 150+ of the best ways to relax instantly below!

1. Meditate.
2. Practice Breathing Techniques.
3. Read A Book That Inspires You.
4. Exercise Really Freakin’ Hard.
5. Find Quotes That Inspire You.
6. Arrange A Night Out.
7. Do Something Productive.
8. Start Practicing Yoga.
9. Scream Loud Like A Wild Banshee!
10. Read Some Affirmations Out Loud.
11. Get Some Scented Candles.
12. Sit In The Sun.
13. Book A Holiday.
14. Bake Your Favourite Cake.
15. Watch A Really Easy-Going Film.
16. Do Some Finger Painting.
17. Catch Up With An Old Friend.
18. Go For A Walk.
19. Spend Some Time In Nature.
20. Eat Your Favourite Foods.
21. Perform A Random Act Of Kindness.
22. Watch Your Favourite Sport.
23. Have A Nap.
24. Sing Your Favourite Song.
25. Avoid The News Like The Plague!
26. Take Some Time Off Work.
27. Practice Mindfulness.
28. Spend Some Time With Your Family.
29. Create Something.
30. Talk To Someone About What’s Troubling You & Really Express Yourself.
31. Get Out The House!
32. Spend A Night In A Hotel.
33. Music.
34. Think About Some Of Your Best Memories.
35. Get An Early Night’s Sleep.
36. Take 5 Minutes To Neglect Your Responsibilities & Do Whatever You Feel Like.
37. Bowling..It’s Actually Incredibly Fun!
38. Eat Pizza.
39. Spend Some Time With Your Pet.
40. Go To The Zoo.
41. Watch Some Hilarious Cat Videos.
42. Lift Some Weights.
43. Go Shopping & Buy Some Clothes You LOVE.
44. Think About All The Things You’re Grateful For.
45. Eat Chocolate.
46. Take A Look Through Your Favourite Old Photos.
47. Go On A Digital Detox & Switch Off Your Mobile Phone.
48. Visit That Restaurant You’ve Always Wanted To Go To.
49. Go Rowing.
50. Visit The Golf Driving Range.
51. Take A Lesson In Thai Boxing.
52. Play Some Video Games.
53. Read Some Old Myths.
54. Write A Story.
55. Start A New Hobby.
56. Look-Up At The Sky & Count The Stars.
57. Learn Something New.
58. Tense Up Your Whole Body & Then Let Go Completely.
59. Do Some Relaxation Exercises.
60. Start A Blog.
61. Pull A Stupid Face For 10 Seconds!
62. Do Some Gardening.
63. Think About The Positive Things In Your Life.
64. Complete A Puzzle.
65. Do Some Drawing
66. Play An Instrument.
67. Write In A Journal.
68. Count To 1,000.
69. Practice Some Mantras.
70. Dance Like A Maniac!
71. Get Into Tai Chi.
72. Try A Body Scan.

73. Try Thinking About A Koan.
74. Go Swimming.
75. Have A Spa Day.
76. Plan A Sabbatical.
77. Get A Massage.
78. Make Some Healthy Food.
79. Watch A Comedy Film.
80. Plan Out All The Things You Want To Do Before Your Next Birthday.
81. Clean Your Room/House.
82. Start A Volunteering Job.
83. Visit An Aquarium.
84. People Watch.
85. Declutter Your House.
86. Stop Procrastinating About That Job You’ve Been Putting Off For Ages!
87. Visualize A Time Where You’ve Felt Really Happy.
88. Practice Smiling.
89. Walk Barefoot Outside!
90. Go For A Drive.
91. Read Some Poetry.
92. Go To An Art Museum.
93. Fix Something.
94. Practice Praising Someone Else For Everything You Love About Them.
95. Appreciate That You Have The Rest Of Your Life Ahead Of You…There’s NO Rush To Do Anything!
96. Watch A Motivational Speech.
97. Take Some Deep Breaths.
98. Go Fishing.
99. Do Some Daydreaming.
100. Hug Someone Close To You.
101. Play Chess.
102. Watch A Sunrise/Sunset.
103. Stop Trying To Do Too Much!
104. Take A Really Deep Stretch.
105. Make A List.
106. Create A Plan Of Action.
107. Reward Yourself For Your Hard Work.
108. Get A Stress Ball.

109. Punch Your Pillow!
110. Stop Having Such High Standards For Yourself.
111. Get The Next Train…To Anywhere You Want!
112. Spend Some Time In The Countryside.
113. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before.
114. Write A To-Do List.
115. Practice Being Assertive & Learn How To Say No.
116. Reach Out To Someone You’ve Not Spoken To.
117. Read About Someone That Inspires You.
118. Take A Break At Work & Have Lunch With Your Colleagues.
119. Focus On Just 1 Thing & Work On It.
120. Stop Feeling Like You Have To Be Perfect.
121. If You’re Religious, Try Praying.
122. Write To Someone You Love Just How Much You Appreciate Them.
123.Try Doing Some Caligrophy.
124. Find Some Hilarious Memes On Your Favourite Social Network.
125. Turn Off Your Alarm Clock & Wake Up Whenever You Feel Like It!
126. Do Something Nice For Someone Else.
127. Look At Some Beautiful Photography.
128. Stop Drinking Coffee For A Day.
129. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others – Realise That We’re All On A Completely Different Journey In Life.
130. Sit In Silence For 20 Minutes.
131. Laugh At Some Of The Crazy Things People Google!
132. Understand That Some Things In Life Are Just Simply Out Of Our Control. You Don’t Need To Feel Stressed About It!
133. Try To Release All The Tension You’re Holding In!
134. Try Doing Some Acupuncture.
135. Drink Some Hot Chocolate Or Cocoa.
136. Count Backwards From 1,000.
137. Brush Your Hair.
138. Dedicate A Room In Your House Purely To Relaxation.
139. Spend Some Time Apart & To Reflect On How You’re Feeling.
140. Listen To Your Favourite Song.
141. Smell Your Favourite Perfume Or Deodorant.
142. Smell The Roses…Literally!
143. Dip Your Nose Into Your Favourite Coffee.
144. Set Daily Reminders To Relax & Take A Break.
145. Spend 5 Minutes Reflecting On How You Feel, Why You Feel Like That & All The Positive Things Going On In Your Life.

Positivity is one of the best ways to relax because it releases powerful, calming hormones & gives you a sense of appreciation.
146. Think About How Grateful You Are To Be Alive!
147. Eat Pizza.

Pizza will always be one of the best ways to relax!
148. Read Some Words Of Wisdom From Famous Spiritual People!
149. Help Someone Else.
150. Hope On Pinterest & Create A Board Of All The Things That Inspire You.
151. Hop In The Sauna!