3 Easy Tips to Lessen Back Pain at Night

Americans are always chasing a good night’s sleep at the end of a busy day. Statistics show that over 35% of adults sleep less than seven hours a day. According to the sleep statistics 2021 a healthy sleep schedule is vital for mental and physical wellness but can be hard to achieve for many, especially those suffering from back pain.

No amount of tossing and turning takes away the nagging ache, but there are other ways to deal with minor to moderate back pain and ensure a good night’s sleep.

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Choosing the Right Mattress

Even Goldilocks struggled in finding the right bed to sleep in, whether the mattresses were too firm or too soft. A soft mattress will lack the support your back needs, but a mattress that’s too hard is as comfortable as sleeping on stone.

A solid memory foam mattress is an easy fix for your minor back pain. It’s designed to follow the natural curve of your body while offering the right amount of support to your spine and hips.
Normal mattresses aren’t made to cradle your curves or properly distribute your weight, which can lead to aches, soreness, and a lousy night’s sleep.

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Finding the right memory foam mattress could be the only thing keeping you from that solid seven hours of sleep.

Heating and Cooling Packs for Aches

Back pain can be caused by many things, like past injuries or aging. Luckily, a proper application of a heating or cooling pack to the injury can greatly reduce and even eliminate pain.

Heating and cooling therapy is the go-to treatment for high-performance athletes. If it helps olympians perform, it’s sure to get you to experience restful sleep.

If your back pain is caused by pulled muscles or a reaction to a chronic illness like arthritis, a heating pack is the way to go. Should your back be swollen, inflamed, or recently injured, a 20 minute on, 10 minutes off cooling pack treatment will significantly reduce your pain.

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Remember that ice can be used to lessen swelling, while heat helps ease the stiffness of tight joints. It helps to know the source of your pain before deciding on a specific treatment.

Heating packs can easily be made at home by warming up a washcloth, while cooling packs can be made by putting ice in a plastic bag. Placing the proper temperature on your back before you sleep, or even blending the two methods depending on your injury, will relax your back and help you sleep through the night.

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Stretch It Out

An effective mattress provides support, while hot and cold packs can lessen the pain of an injury. Sometimes, the best method for easing an ache is a good, old-fashioned stretch.

The tension of the day can weigh heavily on your body. It can cause you to hunch over, stiffen your shoulders, crane your neck, or clench your teeth hard enough to get your dentist concerned. These reactions are habitual and can happen without you being aware of them.

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Many don’t realize the strain they put on their body until they seek medical aid from a physical therapist or massage therapist.

The best way to alleviate the day’s tension is by lightly stretching every morning when you wake up and every night before bed. A simple, 10-minute yoga routine can relax most of your body’s natural strain.

You may find long, lower back stretches and core strengthening moves like the Cat Cow or Downward Facing Dog to be highly beneficial to minor to moderate back pain.

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Short, daily yoga sessions will increase the range of movement in your body and lessen pain caused by stiff or clenched muscles. They can be easily done from the comfort of your home, even from your bed. There’s no need for expensive classes or flashy yoga mats.


Applying these easy tips can greatly reduce minor to moderate back pain and aches, ensuring a better night’s sleep. Still, it’s always recommended to consult with a doctor about additional treatments for severe pain, injuries, and sleeping issues.

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If available, consider physical therapy treatment for extreme injuries and discuss other methods to mitigate the pain with your physician.

Until then, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

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