4 Simple Vaping Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Vaping has grown tremendously in almost two decades; statistics show that 9 million American adults are moderate or frequent vapers. However, unlike other chemical compound delivery methods, vaping has a learning curve.

The practice can be overwhelming due to the wide variety of smok vapes coil for nord 2  and vape juice flavors to choose from. Furthermore, different vaping styles like mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping offer different effects.

Although mistakes can be unavoidable as you navigate the intricate vaping world, these are some rookie vaping mistakes you can avoid to refine your vaping experience.

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1.   Poor Vape Kit Maintenance

A high-quality vape kit can last up to ten years; some devices even carry a substantially lengthy warranty. However, poor vape kit maintenance shortens your device’s projected shelf life significantly.

Routine vape kit maintenance entails cleaning your device regularly, vape coil replacement and priming, and vape battery maintenance. Besides enhancing your device’s durability, good vape kit maintenance facilitates optimum device performance and offers you a refined vaping experience. 

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your vaporizer:

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  • Although vape kits vary design-wise, the basic anatomy of a vape kit features a battery, an atomizer, and a vape tank or cartridge. The vape tank is the focal point while cleaning your vape device, so you must disassemble the vape tank and clean its components to rid them of e-juice residue. Experts recommend giving your vape tank a thorough rinse at least each time you change your vape coils and a deep clean once a month.
  • Replace your vape coils as soon as they burn out (every seven days to four weeks, depending on quality and frequency of use). Burnt-out vape coils produce a nasty burnt vapor. Also, always prime new vaping coils before use to lengthen their lifespan, enhance ejuice flavor, prevent dry hits, and protect your wick from heat damage. Priming vape coils is a simple yet vital step-by-step process that takes 30 minutes tops.
  • Always charge your vape battery to capacity and store removable batteries in a case to prevent drainage or damage. However, do not leave your battery charging longer than necessary as this diminishes battery capacity.

2.   Poor Hydration Habits While Vaping

Most vapers can relate to the dehydration onset associated with vaping, manifesting as a dry mouth, frequent thirst, dark pee, and in some cases, headaches. The dehydration is due to  propylene glycol (PG) present in vape juice.

PG is a natural humectant meaning it has a high affinity for water and draws water particles from its surroundings. However, its humectant property is vital as it helps preserve your vape juice’s integrity by maintaining a consistent water level in the e-liquid.

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Note that the water present in ejuice, thanks to PG, facilitates consistent vapor production. However, the PG considers your mouth part of its environment, so it draws water molecules from your mouth, causing the dry mouth.

Regardless, many vapers underestimate the importance of incorporating healthy hydration habits into their vaping lifestyle. Thankfully, dehydration is an easy fix; drink plenty of water.

However, if you find water unbearably bland, you can infuse it with berries, lemon slices, or mint to enhance its drinkability. Eating plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables and taking 100% natural drinks like fruit juices and smoothies also facilitate hydration. Finally, tea and coffee can also supplement your hydration.Also,visit https://www.flickerbuzz.com/

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3.   Buying The Wrong Vape Juice

Vaping is pointless if you gain no pleasure from it. So, while low-quality vape juice may save you some coins, it may cost you your vaping experience.

When shopping for vape juice, begin by establishing your vaping preferences for cloud-chasing, flavor-chasing, throat hits, and sub-ohm vaping. Your choices dictate the appropriate PG: VG ratio in your vape juice to deliver a pleasurable experience.

PG is best for delivering intense flavor and a harsh throat hit. On the other hand, vegetable glycerin (VG) has the ideal density for sub-ohm vaping, produces thick clouds and a smooth throat hit. If you are a newbie, you can consult your vape shop on the ideal PG: VG ratio for you.

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Also, remember that vape oils and tinctures are not e-liquids. They have a substantially thicker consistency that can damage your vaporizer.

4.   Buying The Wrong Vape Kit

Vaping has a learning curve, and vape kits take the longest time to master. Although vaporizer quality matters, a steep price tag does not always guarantee a superb vaping experience. Therefore, begin by assessing your needs and your experience before buying a vaporizer.

Starter kits are best for beginners as they are frill-free and user-friendly, so do not attempt to skip the curve by buying complex devices you will struggle to use. Once you grasp vaping basics, you can consider experimenting with pods and mods that have adjustable features until you find your “sweet spot.”

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Portability and discretion are also important considerations when shopping for a vape device. Finally, consider whether you intend to use vape juice exclusively or have enough experience to vape dry herbs and nicotine salts. In short, buy a vaporizer that is neither overwhelming nor underwhelming for you.


The vaping lifestyle is a bit of an adjustment, and you will likely falter along the way. However, learning from simple mistakes makes it all worthwhile.

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