4 Ways to Keep Your Space Conducive for Meditation

Keeping your space conducive for meditation

Besides being a popular way to manage stress, regular meditation can provide numerous benefits to your emotional, mental, physical, and overall health. 

More fascinatingly, you don’t always have to go out to the woods or the yoga studio to connect with your inner self through meditation. You can enjoy the benefits of the practice from literally anywhere as long as the surroundings are conducive enough to promote feelings of relaxation, calmness, and mindfulness.

So, if you’re looking to make meditation a part of your healthy lifestyle, you should be keen enough to make your zen-out spot as suitable as possible for your practice. With this said, read on to discover a few ways to keep your space conducive to meditation.

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1. Light up Some Fragrant Candles 

Especially the aromatherapeutic kind, scents inarguably play a big part in promoting relaxation and meditation. But as much as there are many benefits in doing so, no one said that you must burn incense or sage smoke in your space to make it meditation-friendly. 

Scented candles, which come in a wide range of fragrances, can be a great alternative. Besides the fact that the scents produced naturally promote calm, the flickering flames from the candles go a long way in promoting relaxation as well.

2. Keep Elements of Nature Around 

The calming effect of nature is unbeatable as far as meditation is concerned. But then again, it can sometimes be quite torturous to find a great spot for relaxation and meditation outdoors or in the wild. And since you can meditate literally anywhere, this makes it crucial to recreate nature within the space you have available for meditation.

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How to Bring Nature Indoors: 

Houseplants and flowers are a great way to bring the outdoors inside, and, consequently – that much-needed calming experience during meditation. The best part is that getting fresh indoor plants and flowers is as easy as a few clicks on your computer or mobile device these days. 

This is all thanks to the likes of the Bouqs, a company that has for long been considered amazing for sending flowers across the borders by many.

By bringing various elements of nature indoors, you can transform a space in your home or office into the most relaxing spot for your practice. You may go ahead and introduce a fan to mimic the breeze in the outdoors, or you can simply keep the windows open and allow in more natural light for your daytime practice. 

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You can even go ahead and introduce relaxing music or sounds that mimic the outdoor setting in nature!

3. Introduce (Calming) Music and Sounds 

Thinking of adding more to the equation to give your practice that extra punch? Well, music and sounds can do the trick as long as you choose carefully. As long as you have a Bluetooth speaker in your space, the internet is full of soothing sounds and music that you can download or stream and play during your practice.

4. Keep It Clean and Free From Clutter 

A meditation-friendly space needs to be kept clean and clutter-free so your mind can truly relax and focus on the mindfulness-promoting process. Messy and untidy spaces tend to overwhelm the brain, making it hard for one to really concentrate on the person’s inner self during meditation. 

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And in all honesty, meditation is literally impossible in a foul-smelling space!

And that’s pretty much it! However, don’t forget to ensure your meditation spot is comfortable enough, with soft furnishings and soothing colors surrounding the space.

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