5 Consequences of Gambling Addiction to Loved Ones

Gambling can be a great hobby and serve as an excellent form of entertainment. But, there’s also a dark side to this exhilarating activity.

Between 3% and 5% of every 100 gamblers have a problem gambling online or offline. We broke down the five most common consequences problem addiction can have on an individual. Keep reading to learn more.

Dysfunction in Their Daily Life

It’s no secret that a person with a gambling problem will inevitably have difficulty functioning as a normal member of society. What may surprise you, however, is all the ways that gambling-induced dysfunction can manifest.

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It can be something as simple as giving up on your favorite hobbies and activities so that you can have more time to gamble. Alternatively, it can entail trouble at work, failing to complete your responsibilities, or neglecting personal relationships.

Debt and Financial Ruin

financia debt

Unfortunately, financial issues go hand in hand with problem gambling. Falling down a financial rut can easily start with a losing streak.

From there, it’s a slippery slope. The problem gambler will find themselves lacking funds and likely attempt to borrow money. This can entail borrowing from family and friends or even taking out a payday loan.

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Either way, the problem gambler ends up indebting themselves, which only furthers their financial troubles. Other financial issues can include the inability to pay bills, keeping a limited amount of food in the house, and even using falsehoods to get money from people.

Legal Trouble

If the gambling addict already has financial issues, legal trouble couldn’t be too far behind. There are many ways a gambling addiction could get you in trouble with the legal system.

For instance, failing to meet your payments for major living expenses will inevitably end with a court hearing. Additionally, many problem gamblers end up straying off the right path and turn to illegal activities to fund their addiction.

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It can be anything from petty theft to larger larceny or fraud. Note that any of these actions are a sign of a dire situation, and immediate intervention is needed.

Isolation From Support System


The sad reality is that once gambling becomes a problem, it almost always leads to strained relationships with the gambler’s close ones. The reason behind this is simple – the punter is preoccupied with gambling and isolates themself from other people.

In the end, the gambler will likely end up alone and overwhelmed, with feelings of shame and guilt.

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Yet, there’s another side to this coin. The people in the gambler’s life will also likely distance themselves from the situation.

Most of the time, the reason behind this is simple; they’ve done everything they can to help the problem gambler. But, in the end, the gambler needs to be the one that wants to get better.

Emotional Stress

Lastly, we must cover the emotional stress the problem gambler experiences in this situation. Sure, the adrenaline rush of scoring a jackpot can be amazing.

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But then, there’s the emotional crash that comes once they stop winning and experience the other consequences of gambling. This is bound to harm the mental state and result in anxiety, depression, etc.

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