5-minute guided meditation before writing an Essay

Writing an essay isn’t simple, especially when you’re having trouble focusing. Mindfulness is key to any creative or studying process. However, many of us lack the discipline of staying focused on the moment. The more we can remain present in our body, in a tranquil state, the more we can accomplish all the tasks we set to complete. Moreover, being calm and mindful helps elevate the quality of our work, even when we have stressful colleagues, superintendents, and strict deadlines.

Most people avoid spiritual or mindful practices because they associate them with wasting time, religion, and rituals. But, your meditation doesn’t have to look like that. You’re not required incense, a yoga mat, crystals, or a meditation bowl. If you wish to add those elements to your practice, you’re free to do so. Nevertheless, they’re not required to become mindful. Enhance your focus and clarity with a transformative 5-minute guided meditation before delving into the realm of custom essays, as you harness the power of mindfulness to unleash your writing potential.

Your mindful practice can be a quick meditation to isolate distractions and move into the creative and focused mindset without spending too much time. It can happen in your home, office, car, or park. The only requirement is openness: being open to mindfulness, trusting yourself, and meditation. The fruits of your practice will show up immediately if you just open yourself to being mindful.

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In this article, you’ll learn about a five-minute meditation before writing an essay.

Do I need to meditate?

In the context of writing or doing paperwork, focusing is imperative. Specifically, when you’re writing an essay, the creative parts of your brain need to work perfectly. You wish for the words to flow in a coherent blend that mixes well with the previously gathered data.

Most people who do academic work don’t have trouble with their attention span. But what if you’re in a challenging course, you work for the best essay writing service UK, or you’re not gifted in the writing department? In this case, you need some practice to make you focus joyfully. So, meditation is fit for this purpose.

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Moreover, having writer’s block or being distracted once in a while is completely normal. However, if you’ve been having trouble with paperwork for more than a month, you might want to check for burnout or other mental health issues. In many cases, moderate to high stress can build up slowly, gradually developing depression, anxiety, or other issues.

So, your writer’s block or inability to focus may be related to burning out, being depressed, or being anxious. In this case, a simple meditation won’t help you because the problem is much more complex. Therefore, we advise talking to professionals and taking time off.

How to meditate before writing an essay

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1. Sit

Before starting the meditation, you might look for a quiet place to sit. For instance, you can find somewhere in the office where there’s little traffic or a room in your home that’s free.

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2. Sound

It’s better to have headphones on and nice relaxing music. You can pick zen music, chakra music, classical music, bossa nova, or any genre that’s relaxing and enjoyable to you. This is great, especially when your surroundings aren’t perfectly quiet. Also, if you find music too distracting, you can listen to natural sounds soundtrack: the ocean, rain, forest, wind, fireplace.

3. Pause

Try to put your phone on silence, at least while you’re meditating, preventing getting distracted. Also, you can try to close the door or isolate yourself somehow. You can turn off anything that might emit some distracting sound like the air conditioner, TV, and so on. You can set your timer to five minutes: it’s better to have a traditional timer, not your phone. But if your notifications are paused, you can enjoy a good practice regardless.

4. Cozy

Find a pillow or something comfortable to sit on. Also, if it helps, you can have something pleasant to the touch: a stuffed animal, a silky scarf, or a pet, granted that they’re calm.

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5. Meditation

After you pick your position and soundtrack, begin to sit still and start your timer.

  • You can close your eyes.
  • Notice your breath: inhaling deep and exhaling all the way, relax your face, your shoulders, and anything that might feel tense.
  • You can roll your shoulders or head: do whatever micro-movement might feel good.
  • Then sit still and focus on your sounds: what are you hearing? Meditation bowls or the ocean waves as they break near the shore? Observe every slight variation.
  • Don’t be judgemental if your mind drifts away from you. When you find yourself thinking about something, get back to focusing on your breath.
  • You can count to ten with every exhale.
  • Continue to chase the sounds and your breath. Whenever you’re distracting yourself, come back to the sounds and your breath.
  • When your time is up, open your eyes and notice how you feel. Then, at your own pace, get up and start writing.
  • You can listen to your relaxing sounds while you’re working too.


If you have issues writing an essay, best essay writing service review, or doing paperwork, a quick meditation might be for you. You don’t need equipment other than a timer or your phone. Also, you can use pillows while sitting in a quiet place. After your meditation, you can bring that awareness to your desk and start working mindfully.


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