5 ways to earn money from Kratom affiliate program

The market is launching a new plant or herb every month that has medicinal and therapeutic properties. Because of the popularity of Kratom, their products are a new trend in the herb market. Kratom is a tree originally grown in Southeast Asian countries and belongs to the coffee family. Its biological name is Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is used in its many forms, it is available in the form of powder, oil, gummies, capsules and teas as well. People consume Kratom because of its features to decrease anxiety, chronic pain, induce euphoria, energy and alertness. It’s also beneficial in providing ease in drug withdrawal symptoms.

Kratom is known for its both opioids and stimulant effects. Due to its continuously increasing popularity, many companies are offering kratom affiliate program to promote Kratom as a healthy and beneficial alternative to modern medicine. You can easily make money from this emerging industry. The programs give you commission just to promote their company and products.

But first, what is affiliate marketing?

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An affiliate program is a digital marketing strategy, by which an affiliate (might be you) can earn a commission for promoting another company’s products on your website. The affiliates simply promote the product and earn commission from each sale they make. The sales are tracked through an affiliate link from one website to another.

It is a very intriguing job to earn money. Affiliate marketing is a sustainable way to make money nowadays. Affiliate marketing is a good decision for online business because of the following elements-

There is no need to own products and service

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 It is a convenient working space; all you require is a computer or a Smartphone with good internet.

 Don’t have to take care of transportation and customer care.

 Doesn’t require a high initial capital

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 Options are very enlarged and diversified: meaning there are different providers with different products and services that you can choose to collaborate with.

People involved in affiliate marketing are – Merchants; who provide products and services.

Affiliate is the one promoting Merchant’s products on his website and earning commission on every sale.

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End-user is the one who buys products and services online from the merchant through the images or content posted on websites by the affiliate.

Many online companies offer an affiliate program. By just signing up for the program you receive your unique tracking link. As an affiliate, you will get all sorts of promotional content that you have to post on your website or blog. Different affiliate programs use different payment terms in the market. There are mainly three different payment terms-

§  Pay per sale (PPS) – the affiliate makes money online when the purchase by the end-user is completed. The merchant pays you commission for the sale.

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§  Pay per click (PPC) – in this, one can make money based on the number of visitors redirected from your affiliate site to the merchant site.

§  Pay per lead (PPL) – an affiliate earns money online when the visitor provides their contact information on the advertiser website.

In this article, we will discuss 5 ways to earn money from the Kratom affiliate program.

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How to make money from Kratom affiliate program.

1.      Use some traffic sources

The chances of making money from any online affiliate program increase with a maximum number of traffic you send to the sales page. It is okay if you run Kratom sale ads on just your site, but to earn more money you need more traffic. In simple language, you need more viewers on your page. There are several ways to increase the traffic sources. For the Kratom affiliate program the affiliate should have an active social media account.

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As an affiliate, you should know the importance of links for your business. Thus, optimize your links to boost business. Optimized links enable you to brand your link, plus it makes viewers easy to remember the links and share them on social media. Bringing high-quality traffic to your site is very important.

2.      Attract targeted traffic

The important part of making money through an affiliate program is to convince people to press your affiliate link. For this purpose, you need to attract visitors. There are four ways through which you can attract visitors for selling Kratom: by article marketing, email marketing, free advertising and paid advertising.

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For paid advertising, you need to combine Kratom ad copy, its graphics and its link on different paid services. In the case of article marketing, you should have a higher ranking in search engine results. So that whenever anyone searches for Kratom your link can be visible. For email marketing, the affiliates embed an email subscription option for their website visitors.

3.      Research product demand

In the beginning, you have to understand the Kratom market needs. You have to think of ways to promote Kratom products so that it meets the user’s requirements. If you have decent traffic then view your sales chart daily to explore and understand customers choices between different Kratom products.

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4.      Measure, test and track

Testing your actions and measuring your daily performance helps you in exploring what works best for you and what doesn’t. It’s the best way to earn money from your affiliate program. Based on your tracking results change your actions. For example: if your banner of Kratom ads doesn’t help you in gaining views, then try to place them in different areas for contrast results. For sure, some places will make you earn more.

5.      Choose attractive products.

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One definite mistake that every affiliate makes is to promote each Kratom product by registering with different affiliate programs. There are different kinds of Kratom products on the market and you can’t focus on each product deeply. If you make this mistake then the result will be very disappointing. Hence, instead of promoting every Kratom product, try promoting only a few products that are unique, profitable, and can reach a large population size. For this, you have to understand the Kratom market needs and its desires and then place your products accordingly. These 5 ways to earn from Kratom affiliate program are just examples of what is possible. There are many ways to earn an affiliate commission with your website that may include top-10 lists, product review and many more. Try building a business, not just a side product to earn pocket money.

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