5 Women of Pop: What Are They Wearing?

Women in pop are not only known as trendsetters in the music industry but in fashion as well. Whether it’s wearing extravagant gowns on the red carpet or rocking casual streetwear, these women have done it all.  

Each of these artists brings a different thing to the table. While reading this article, you might find certain pieces or styles that are similar to yours. You might even find something that you might want to try out!

Who is your style icon? Do you want to dress like your favorite artist? Take a look at what the women in pop are wearing. 

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  1. Lady Gaga

From the iconic meat dress to her bold Met Gala outfits, Lady Gaga is a head-turner. Her methods of expression do not end with music alone. Her clothes are her art.  

Gaga never stays inside the box as she likes to frequently switch-up the brands she wears. However, once she falls in love with a brand, she sticks with it. Some of her favorite brands include Celine and Saint Laurent. 

The megastar often lets her fashion and performance speak for themselves. While Lady Gaga frequents flamboyant outfits, her accessories lean towards more toned-down styles to allow the fit to shine through. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that her favorite watch is the Clair de Rose by Tudor.

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Gaga has long admired the elegance of Tudor and has become one of its most avid brand ambassadors. Despite Gaga’s ever-changing style, certain brands remain through all her phases. 

  1. Taylor Swift

Like her music, Taylor Swift’s fashion has evolved with time. From her cottage core aesthetic in her music videos to the sparkly dresses on the red carpet, she has tried it all. 

She has often expressed her love for everything high-waisted. High waists have followed her since the Red era days of dancing on stage in waist-length black shorts. She wears high waists so often that it even became a headline when she wore an outfit revealing her belly button.

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On the shorter side of things, Taylor also has the habit of pairing high waists with crop tops. Whether jeans, skirts, or even swimsuits, she prefers tops on the shorter end of the spectrum. This combo creates the silhouette that she is often known for. 

The best thing about her outfits is their affordability. Walking out of her apartment in New York, she was spotted wearing brands like Aritzia and Urban Outfitters. But make no mistake, she still has various pricey pieces in her closet.

Want to dress like Taylor? Draw inspiration from her classic staples and wear a bold red lip. They will never go out of style!

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  1.  Ariana Grande

Just like the other women of pop, Ariana has closet essentials. The Thank U Next singer is widely known for her ability to fuse sweet and sexy into one outfit. 

While Ariana likes to experiment, there are formulas that you can follow to dress just like her. For instance, pair the oversized sweater with the knee-high boots, and you got yourself an Ariana Grande outfit. If Taylor likes high waists, Ariana likes oversized. 

Aside from using a sweater as a dress, Ariana is also a big fan of babydoll dresses. She is often spotted wearing those cute mini-dresses with dramatic skirts. 

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For accessories, Ariana likes to supplement her iconic outfits with fanny packs, shiny chokers, and statement earrings. Sometimes she will even throw in matching evening gloves with her dresses.

Do you resonate with her fashion sense of fun, feisty, and feminine? Then get yourself an oversized sweater, throw on some knee-high boots, tie your hair up in a high ponytail, and channel your inner Ariana Grande. 

  1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a style icon. As a performer, she has often brought loud colors and outrageous costumes to the stage. Yet when she is not on stage performing, what does she actually wear? Read on. 

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In recent years, Katy has been going for more laid-back attires with loose and pastel dresses. Despite this shift, her outfits have not failed to lose character. With unique color schemes, Katy continues to make waves in the fashion industry

One thing is for sure, Katy never fails to amaze with her bold and well-put-together looks. Her large earrings also add to the whimsical theme of many of her outfits. 

In 2017, Katy came out with a shoe line featuring fruit-inspired flats to heels with bow ties. Her bright spirit is embedded into each inch of each shoe. She was even seen wearing some of her designs while performing. 

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Katy has rocked almost every color in the rainbow. If you want to stand out, then the Katy Perry route is the way to go. It is important to note that you do not need to wear hot pink wigs to add character and color to your style. 

  1. Beyoncé

Last, but not least, is Queen Bey. Whether a stroll in the park or walk down the red carpet, Beyoncé manages to exude confidence and elegance through her outfits. While she does not conform to rules and boxes, she frequents skin-tight dresses and plunging necklines. 

Beyoncé likes to venture into different fabrics including, leather pants to skinny denim. When experimenting with color, she is not one to shy away from the vibrant pinks and yellows.

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Through the years, Beyoncé has collaborated with many designer brands and rising stylists. Because of her massive following, she put many designers from places like Africa to Dubai on the map.  

Beyoncé continues to make headlines, not just for her music but for her fashion-forward looks as well. Remember, you do not need to wear designer brands to have Beyoncé’s confidence. Wear what you want and run with it!

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In Conclusion

These female artists have been breaking fashion rules and making new ones. More than just throwing together the right pieces, their fearlessness and poise are what truly make the difference. 

So work with what you have and save yourself some money! You do not need to empty your pockets to wear clothes with confidence.

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