6 Fun Board Games To Relax With Friends

Whether planning a game night or looking forward to a relaxing weekend time with friends, nothing makes those moments more enjoyable than playing a board game. As you have fun, you also strengthen your bond, relax, pass the time, and challenge each other’s wits.

However, there are so many different board games out there, sometimes making it a daunting task to choose the game that each of your friends will like.

Worry not, though! Here are five super fun board games that can help you relax with your friends.

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1. Scrabble 

As far as board games are concerned, scrabble is an all-time classic word game that can be fun and adrenaline-spiking. You and your friends can play scrabble as you chit-chat your way through the challenges of creating new words by joining tiles on the board.

When caught up in the moment, it’s easy to declutter your mind and forget all the concerns and stresses of everyday life, dipping into a state of relaxation.

2. Patchwork

Are you looking for a board game that can enhance the atmosphere of the following weekend with your buddies? As a textile-inspired game, patchwork might be exactly what you need.

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Yet another puzzle game, patchwork, can be a great board game to play with friends for fun and relaxation. Each turn involves trying to make a new patch in a formula similar to Tetris.

3. Apples to Apples 

Before you “judge” it all by the name, Apples to Apples is more of a card game where each player gets two different sets of cards: red and green. Typically, the red cards carry nouns, whereas the green cards carry adjectives.

There is also a judge in the game, whose role is to pick a green card on each round as the players try finding nouns that best match the adjective – from their red cards. This easy and fun board game makes determining one’s sense of humor easy.

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4. Dominoes

You and your friends can play dominoes as you talk about various facets of your life. You can play this board game with a brief discussion on your shared love for your parents, dreams, stress, etc.

Typically, this board game includes a set of triangular tiles referred to as dominos. Each domino has one or more spots at the center, vertically cutting across the tile from one or two right angles or at each of the edges. In most cases, winning is emptying your opponent’s hand or tiles.

5. Cards Against Humanity 

So, this is one game that will bring out your shenanigans. The game has a rather dark theme; you can also play it on and off the table.

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More of an adult game, Cards Against Humanity typically involves filling blanked-out statements using phrases that would otherwise be considered politically incorrect, offensive, or risqué. The self-reflection and ridicule involved can be a great way to calm the nerves in the company of friends.

6. Try Some of These Great Bar Games Too

If you and your buddies plan on hanging out sipping your favorite alcoholic beverages, bar games can be a great way to have a fun and relaxing evening.

As opposed to sitting alone or having boring conversations, most wine and beer enthusiasts love playing their favorite games with a friend or two to make the evening more fun.

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Moreover, there are so many board bar games to choose from, including cards, dice, phase 10, chess, and Settlers of Catan; the list is endless! 

And voila! Board games are a great way to relax and have fun moments with friends or family. The above pointers can be a great reference if you’re out of ideas on which games to play. 

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