6 Tips On Meditating Before Writing an Important Essay

Essay writing is an integral part of college education, yet the periods before an essay is due can be nerve-wracking for some. The thought of expulsion for failure to perform academically gives so much stress to many. If you have juggled writing an article with other school work and personal activities, you understand that it’s overwhelming. And even if you regularly use an college essay writing service for your writing assignments, you may have to do the work yourself once in a while. In such situations, you should learn to stay calm and gain clarity through meditation.

Meditation is much more than sitting cross-legged and humming a tune like the movies depict it. It is an intense and mindful practice that helps you declutter your mind and focus on important things. Meditation is helpful to people in every profession, and as a student or scholar, you can learn to harness it to improve your writing. So continue reading if you are interested in learning the correct way to meditate before a critical essay.

Create an enabling environment to meditate

There is a reason why yogis and meditation enthusiasts practice in serene, spacious environments. To feel genuinely untethered, you need to be free physically, and nothing replicates the feeling of freedom like a sizable but quiet room. But as a student, you may not have the luxury of space, so what can you do?

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Start by opening your windows and airing your room. Allowing the natural breeze to circulate within your space can make a cubicle feel larger than it is. You can also set up your study materials and turn on some soft ambient music in the background if that works for you.

Declutter the space

You can’t declutter your mind while sitting in a messy room. You may not realize it but your environment plays a significant role in your state of mind and ability to think critically for your essay. So before attempting to meditate, clean up your immediate environment.

Get rid of everything that doesn’t help you concentrate and get your writing done. You may leave items you can’t easily move around, like your bed, but ensure they are well arranged and don’t distract you. When you have cleaned up, you will discover that your space will look bigger, giving you more wiggle room to meditate.

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Choose a suitable meditation posture

During meditation, you need to be comfortable to avoid getting distracted by niggling pain or feeling a limb go to sleep because you sat on it wrongly. Sitting upright is the most popular meditation pose, but you can try alternatives if you can’t sit comfortably. Can you meditate lying down? The short answer is yes; however, remember that meditation should balance relaxation and focus. So if you find that your position is making you sacrifice the focus for comfort or vice versa, reposition yourself or try out other meditation postures.

Don’t underestimate the role of proper timing

You need to set a time limit for your meditation exercise to avoid missing other activities. You still have an essay to write, remember? So use your timer to manage the duration of your meditation. If you are a beginner, set short and realistic time limits, like five or ten minutes, then slowly increase it as you get more comfortable.

Also, determine the best time to meditate. Experts say you should meditate in the morning, around the ‘ambrosial hours’ of 3 am, and 4 am. If your circadian clock is different from the average person’s, think of the time of day when you feel pretty relaxed and work with it. Remember that the goal of your meditation is to bring calm energy to your writing desk afterward, so make sure your timing plans allow you to write after meditation.

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Be mindful of your body

While meditating, be constantly aware of your body and the changes it undergoes in the process. Ensure your posture is natural and you don’t slouch midway into your session. Close your eyes and be mindful of your breaths as you exhale and inhale. Rid yourself of the anxiety of the essay you have to write afterward, and instead, focus on the present. Release yourself from the tension within, and even if your mind drifts, calmly bring your attention back to your body.

Wrap it up gently

When your preset time has elapsed, you can open your eyes. But don’t be in a hurry to jump up and onto your study desk. Take a few seconds to appreciate your achievement and environment. Collect your emotions and let the positivity wash over you as you get up to write your essay. With time, you will become better at meditation art.


Writing essays doesn’t have to be a nightmarish task that you struggle with. There are various ways to prepare your mind and body for a critical essay, and meditating is one of them. So pick a serene environment and suitable posture, meditate, and bring that balance to your life necessary for creating spectacular writing pieces.

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