7 Modern Recruiting Tools you can use to Hire Employees

In today’s business environment, the recruitment process in any firm is not necessarily about the latest trends or technologies. Smart recruiters are trying their abilities to find some unique ways that not only save time & cost but also give effective results. There are some excellent recruiting tools in the market that are helping the human resource departments to finish their search for a qualified team. These hiring tools are designed to help any recruiter locate better talent, conduct better interviews, and hire better employees in any business.

During the recruitment process, there are many challenges that any HR person faces in hiring staff. Some of these issues are inefficient applicant searches, uneven candidate engagement, disorganized recruitment analytics, poor candidate experiences, and ineffective branding tactics are just a few of the issues. In order to make recruitment easier and quicker, some tools and applications are available for recruiters as well as candidates. In this blog, you can go through the top 7 modern recruitment tools you can use to hire qualified employees for your company.

  1. Harver

Harver is one of the powerful tools that screens candidates for aptitude, cultural fit, soft skills, and the capacity to plan ahead. Because of its adaptations for various job descriptions, this is one of the most used tools. It’s best for industries like consumer packaged goods, customer service, technology and software, and business process outsourcing. The users of Harver are increasing rapidly and people are making profiles to meet their working needs. 

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  1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular job board applications that collects job ads from a variety of sources and allows users to search for specific jobs. You can also make some money by web advertising, Pay-per-click, and cost-per-application approaches. Indeed has helped a big number of employees as well as companies to find the ideal match for them. There are millions of users of Indeed applications all over the world. 

  1.  Facebook Job Search

Social Media has become a crucial part of hiring strategies. Employers are increasingly using Facebook to post job openings. The Facebook Graph Search, on the other hand, can be extremely helpful in locating applicants. This cutting-edge recruiting strategy enables you to do searches based on specific criteria like job titles, location, education, and so on to find a talent pool that matches your requirements.

  1. Kolabtree

Besides the social media platforms and applications, you can use freelance websites that are an easy option to find employees. Kolabtree is a great platform for freelancers,  especially those specialized in medical fields such as freelance medical writers, biotech consultants, CER writers, 510k consultants, etc. It is one of the biggest marketplace running online where businesses and academics from all over the world can hire freelancers for short and medium-term projects.

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  1. XOR

XOR is a recruitment chatbot that allows companies to automate the initial steps of the hiring process. This chatbot assists you in building qualified talent pools that are ready for engagement by collecting candidate applications and screening candidates with customizable questions. Your team can spend more time speaking with qualified candidates for open roles by spending less time manually building out your qualified candidate pool.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a prominent business and job-searching internet service that can be accessed through both websites and mobile apps. Job seekers can publish their CVs and companies can advertise jobs on the platform, which is mostly used for professional networking. Members of LinkedIn, who include both employees and employers, can create profiles and “link” with one another in an online social network that can mimic real-world professional connections. 

  1. Workable 

Workable is yet another useful hiring tool for HR professionals. Workable can assist recruiters with everything from the original job application through managing interviews, screening prospects, and creating reports for other stakeholders. Workable also features an AI tool that allows recruiters to spend less time screening out prospects who aren’t qualified. You can make your company’s profile on this app and post jobs as per the requirement.

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If you do not feel comfortable using tools or in the end any of these tools does not serve you in your hiring process, you can always consider outsourcing. You can use EOR which is a great way to cut payroll costs while maintaining control over personnel matters. You can use these services for tax deposits and filings, employment contracts or paperwork–all in one place!

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All these modern recruitment tools are the choices of the top recruiters that are working in the business. These tools and software are a cost-effective option for both parties. So, it’s your turn to make your recruitment process smarter by searching candidates with these tools to find the qualified staff for the company.

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