7 Natural Alternatives to Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamins and other health supplements are used to provide vitamins and minerals that are not consumed otherwise, but that’s not all. They are also used to provide energy, and not to forget, they keep your health up to the mark in general. 

Although it’s great to take multivitamins every day, their long-term use can be problematic. They can affect your liver and digestive system. A few multivitamins and health supplements also cause codependency due to the presence of stimulants. 

Also, it’s wise to improve your lifestyle rather than relying on multivitamins. It doesn’t matter how incredible they are, artificial means remain artificial. So why not go for something natural and safe? In this article today, I’m going to list down a few natural alternatives to multivitamins and other health supplements. Continue reading for the details: 

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Fruits and Vegetables 

They say you are what you eat, and it’s indeed correct. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to function actively in day-to-day life. 

Whether it’s breakfast time, lunch, or dinner, you can always add some fruits and vegetables to your meals. They will help provide you with the required energy and nourishment. They will also keep you hydrated as many fruits and vegetables are rich in water, including watermelon, orange, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, and more.

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A Protein-Rich Diet 

Apart from the vitamins and minerals, your body needs protein as well. Protein has several roles in your body. It helps coordinate bodily functions properly, allows metabolic reactions to take place, builds and repairs your body’s tissues. 

Protein is also necessary to provide your body with the required fluid and pH balance. They’re crucial for the regulation of your body’s organs and tissues. Henceforth, taking a protein-rich diet is encouraged for everyone, regardless of age and gender. 

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Although there are various sources of protein, it’s best to add lean meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, and poultry to your diet.

Medical Marijuana 

Contrary to the popular misbeliefs, marijuana is actually beneficial for you. In fact, it’s now legalized in various states of America and Canada due to its incredible health benefits. From providing you with energy, uplifting mood, and eliminating stress to boosting your metabolism and regulating blood circulation, what is it that marijuana cannot do? 

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Just make sure to take it in a moderate dose, and I can guarantee you that there would be no side effects. Oh, and please ensure you take high-quality medical marijuana. There are multiple online medical marijuana dispensaries such as Cannawholesalers that offer fine marijuana products at reasonable rates.


Other than marijuana, there are a few other herbs and plants that also work well for your health. Thyme happens to be one of them. It’s popularly known for its vitamin A and C richness and antibacterial properties. It has several ornamental, medicinal, and culinary uses. 

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If you feel a cold coming on, add a little amount of thyme to your meal and it will protect you from the issue before it even arrives. Besides, thyme is also a great source of manganese, iron, fiber, and copper, so it’s great if thyme becomes a part of your everyday dietary plan.


Oregano, a flowering plant, is a relative of the thyme plant. It has a massive number of health benefits, such as decreasing inflammation, reducing viral infections, fighting bacteria, and more. It’s rich in antioxidants; therefore, it’s known to be an anti-cancer food material. 

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It is better than any health supplement. It can naturally help cure varicose veins, muscular pains, toothaches, gum disease, spider bites, canker sores, dandruff, athlete’s foot, and acne. It doesn’t have any side effects; thus, it’s another great herb to add to your everyday diet. 

Oregano can be used both in raw and powdered form. People generally prefer using it in dried, powdered form for garnishing the food. It makes the food aesthetically pleasing, another benefit.


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Even though we’ve already discussed lean meat as a great source of protein, the liver deserves its own share of claps. The reason being, the liver is one nutritious part of any animal that can easily beat multivitamins. How? It’s loaded with copper, folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin B12. 

Most people lack vitamin B12 as it’s not generally found in meat other than the liver. It plays a vital role in the health of your nervous system and body cells. If you ask me; I’d suggest beef liver as it contains high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, and copper. 

Nonetheless, make sure not to have it more than twice a week because it can cause nutrient toxicity. Perhaps that is its only side effect, but excess of everything is bad.

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As I briefly mentioned above, improving the lifestyle is the key to improving health. Regular exercise is crucial when speaking of lifestyle rehabilitation. It may not be an alternative to multivitamins, but it’s of great significance due to its enormous health benefits. 

Regular exercise can make your bones stronger, improve joint and muscle health, maintain healthy blood pressure, decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers, lower the risk of developing osteoporosis, control bad cholesterol, manage weight, and reduce your risk of a cardiac arrest. There’s no other thing that brings along similar or more health benefits. In simple words, daily exercise needs to be mandatory.

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The Final Word… 

It’s indeed true that multivitamins are essential for some people, but not for everyone. For some people, multivitamins and other health supplements may provide excessive amounts of nutrients that can be harmful. Their long-term use can also cause digestive issues and improper liver functioning. 

It’s primarily why it is best to take the natural route. Consider the list shared above and you won’t need multivitamins ever again in your life. You have my word! I wish you all a wonderful day ahead.

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