7 Ways to Manage Your Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug withdrawal is a physiological occurrence due to sudden quitting of smoking or drugs. Even if there is a slow use of any substance, the body has been accustomed to.

Substance use has grown into the body denying withdrawal in all ways. Different drug withdrawal syndromes impact the physical, mental, and emotional capability of the drug abuser.  

Some symptoms can be dangerous some might not be. It depends on the condition of the one going through withdrawals. 

What are the withdrawal symptoms?

When someone regularly intakes alcohol or drugs, their brain starts to adjust to the presence of these substances. This leads to becoming physiologically dependent on the drugs.

So when one is getting through drug detoxification through various treatments and procedures, the person might be affected with withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms lure the person towards drug abuse again.

So one needs to keep a check on oneself or the family member going through the withdrawal symptoms check. The medical detox orange county helps curb the patient’s withdrawal symptoms. 

The various symptoms which one sees in the withdrawal patient:

● Nervousness or anxiety.

● Trouble sleeping.

● Frequent yawning.

● Nausea.

● Diarrhea.

● Flu-like symptoms.

● Muscle cramps/body aches.

● Runny nose.

● Excessive sweating.

● Hot and cold flashes.

● Goosebumps

Treatments of drug abuse in Orange County Detox Center:


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There are many treatments for drug abuse at medical detox Orange county. To curb the drug abuse and stop the withdrawal from occurring to the patient, one needs to go through various treatments. 

Orange County Detox:

From getting away from the drugs, one can go through detoxification. There are several detox services that a patient can go through.

From being addicted to benzo or opioid medications, one needs a detox. And while going through detox, the patient needs to check upon the withdrawal symptoms. 

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabs allow the clients to be fully immersed in the recovery process while focussing on the treatment. The program allows the patients to stay in the facility itself as it helps them check upon the withdrawal symptoms.

They don’t have to deal with the outside world, keeping them under 24 hours observation by the addiction professionals and treatment staff.

The treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, medication-assisted therapy for some, dialectical behavior therapy, etc. 


IOP treatment is for anyone going through any form of addiction. This treatment is not only for evidence-based care programming; it also gives aftercare.

The aftercare helps in checking upon the withdrawal symptoms. This helps in keeping the patient away from drugs. Various activities and professional programs allow the patient to stay away from drugs. 

7 Ways to Manage the Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms: 

To support one during the withdrawals is the most important thing. This is when the person needs more support, love, and care.

This is when a person who cannot take the pain would want to go back to drugs thinking the drugs might help. But these are mere symptoms, and if one controls will be free of drug abuse. 

The ways to curb the symptoms are:

1. The medical detox orange county offers several treatments like Detox, Residential Treatment, IOP, which can help curb the withdrawal symptoms. These treatments allow the patient to be under observation even after treatment.

2. Look out for activities to stay away from other addictions. This will help one’s mind to be away from drugs. 

3. Be in groups with family and friends; never stay alone; this might lead to frequent seizures or panic attacks of not getting drugs.

4. Pursue an education or start something new to distract from the drug abuse. Start a new life, focus on positive goals, and have a blessed life. 

5. Keep away from people addicted to drugs as these people can attract the patients and cure them into further addiction. This will make the whole journey worthless. 

6. Lead a healthy life, follow a routine, get used to a good lifestyle.

7. Doing a lot of meditation and exercises can help you stay fit and check upon the withdrawal symptoms. This way, one can stay away from drugs and the people who use drugs. 


Withdrawal symptoms are the most affected part of the whole journey of recovering from drug abuse. One might take various treatments and get over the drug abuse, but the withdrawals don’t help. One should be strong mentally, emotionally, and physically to be good during the retreats.

For some, the leaves might be hectic, for some not much of an effect. But those affected badly need the support of family, friends, and loved ones. 

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