A Quick Guide to Dealing With Panic Attacks: Top 5 Tips

Meta Description: Do you often feel helpless and tied up once a panic attack starts to build up? It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a lot you can do to stop fear from controlling you. Check out this article to learn some of the most effective tips for dealing with sudden bouts of anxiety, such as physical activity, meditation, or focusing on positive emotions, such as buying new women lingerie

A panic attack, by definition, is a sudden and unmotivated bout of anxiety that can paralyze the body and mind. It’s a frightening condition, often accompanied by a sense of losing control and chest pain. But the good news is that it’s possible to conquer it. Anyone struggling with panic attacks can regain control over their life with some tried and tested methods. Here are our five top techniques:

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1. Moving Your Body Can Stop a Panic Attack

We all know that exercising helps to lift the mood. It’s because it improves the blood flow and makes our bodies produce endorphins, the feel-good hormones. But having a panic attack and exercise don’t go together for most people because they’d prefer not to push themselves when stressed. And they’re right. Having intense feelings of fear is not the best time to try to improve your record in bench-press. However, you can still allow yourself some lighter activities like swimming or walking, they are pretty effective in reducing anxiety, or to shift your attention to things that will make you smile, for example, free slots real money.

2. Practice Relaxing Your Muscles

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Muscle relaxation is a stress-relieving technique you can practice every day. All you need to do is to ease tension from one muscle at a time. Start from the feet and move your way up from there. Over time, you’ll develop a solid connection between your mind and body, which will come in handy when anxiety strikes. You’ll be able to retain control over your physique and halt a panic attack from happening.

3. Mindfulness Brings You Back to Reality

Practising mindfulness is a potent way to keep you grounded in reality. The thing is that one of the primary causes of panic attack is an irrational fear. Focusing on what exists around you helps you see the situation more objectively. You’ll realize that at the moment, you’re in a safe place, and there’s no immediate danger threatening you. So the next time you feel a panic attack at work, turn your attention to familiar physical sensations in your environment. For example, you can take off shoes and dig your feet into the ground. Or touch and feel the fabric of your clothes. These simple activities are enough to do the trick.

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4. Carry With You an Item to Focus on

A quick panic attack treatment that works for many people is focusing all the attention on a single item that they carry with them at all times. It can be any object small enough to fit your pocket. Every time you feel panicky, take it out and start mentally recounting its parameters (size, color, patterns, etc.) to yourself. If you manage to focus a lot of your energy on the different aspects of this item, you won’t have enough brain fuel to work up your panic. And that’s the goal.

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Another popular item to reach for while feeling panicky thoughts coming over is your smartphone. You can download plenty of fun games that will keep you distracted from daily troubles during stressful times. Play them anywhere to occupy your mind with engaging experiences and keep anxiety at bay.

5. Deep Breathing Lessens the Symptoms

Try to observe your breathing while having a panic attack at night. The chances are that your fear makes you breathe too fast. That’s because you’re having a fight or flight response to whatever’s causing you stress. It’s a physiological reaction that gets your body ready to enter a fight or run away. But if you’re able to slow down your breathing, you’ll notice that the panic symptoms start to vanish. Start by breathing through your nose deep into your belly for a count of five. Hold the air in for a second, and then slowly let it leave your body. In only a few minutes, you should start feeling more calm and relaxed.

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So this was our list of the best five tips for dealing with anxiety. The bottom line is that there’s a direct connection between panic attacks, breathing, muscle control, and your mind’s focus. Using the tips from this article, you’ll be able to take control of yourself and prevent fear from taking over. It’s all in your hands.

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What are the best methods that work for you in handling anxious moments? Share your best advice in the comments.

Author’s bio:

Jeffrey Bishop is a psychology major and a hobby blogger who loves writing articles around mental health topics. He focuses primarily on the problems people face because of the pandemic, isolation, and lockdowns. He believes everyone can maintain a positive state of mind with the help of a few tricks and techniques. 

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