Best Positive Affirmations for Anxiety Relief: Reduce Anxiety With Affirmations

Affirmations for anxiety are incredibly powerful – and today you’ll discover why!

Anxiety is the most common mental health issues in today’s world. Many people experience anxiety at some stage in their life.

On the surface level, anxiety might appear harmless.

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However, if it remains unchecked, it will build stress and tension, which can severely affect your general well-being. 

Luckily, anxiety can get eliminated by doing a few things.

Affirmations are among the best ways to deal with anxiety issues.

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What Are Positive Affirmations For Anxiety Relief?

Simply, positive affirmations for anxiety are mantras or phrases a person repeats to himself to describe who they want to become or a specific outcome they are aiming for.

Repeating affirmations has a soothing and calming effect.

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At times, the sayings seem like wishful thinking, but they can also end up becoming a reality.

When repeated over and over, positive affirmations slowly change both reality and a person’s thinking. 

It’s Easy to Succeed with Positive Thinking

Positive attitudes aren’t a guarantee of success.

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However, having negative attitudes increases the chances of failure.

Therefore, affirmations increase the chances of succeeding.

Affirmations aren’t wishful thoughts. Instead, they use neuroplasticity to change feelings of fear to those of confidence.

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Neuroplasticity lets the human brain form synaptic connections and takes the necessary action.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the best positive affirmations for anxiety relief. 

Best Positive Affirmations for Anxiety Relief

There’s no limit to the number of affirmations to replace anxious feelings.

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The important thing is to ensure they’re meaningful.

Speak to yourself and counter any negative self-talk.

The possibilities are always infinite when it comes to the best affirmations.

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At, we firmly believe that positive affirmations can significantly impact a person’s body, mind, and even success in life. 

Below is a list of best positive affirmations for anxiety….

1. I’m safe and under no threats from the world.

This simple statement has a calming effect of dismissing the myths people tell themselves in stressful circumstances.

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People often become convinced that they’re in danger – be it emotional, physical, or mental.  

Such feeling prompts evolutionary stress response. To subdue such processes, remind yourself that you’re indeed secure and under no threat

2. I choose to always react positively to all situations

best affirmations for anxiety

When you face stressful times, you have the freedom of choosing the best way to respond.

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In such a scenario, remind yourself that a positive attitude is one thing that you can control.

Reacting positively helps to address the issue in a conscious and determined way.

3. My past experiences can’t stop me from succeeding in future

In most instances, anxiety is a conditioned response to a particular condition.

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In most cases, anxiety is escalated or driven by past experiences.

If you decide to allow anxiousness to take control over you, your past experiences will forever control you. 

However, if you realize that there are alternative ways, then you can break from the past and start anew.

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Changing the mindset promotes creativity, as you forget about the history and focus on the infinite possibilities you have today and tomorrow. 

4. The situation isn’t good or bad

Labeling circumstances as bad or good is pointless because, in reality, that isn’t the case.

Every circumstance has its lessons, and even though somethings appears negative, they might still catalyse your positive outcomes in the future. 

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It’s difficult to imagine such possibilities but; recognizing the fact that good can still come from bad situations should ease your anxiety. 

5. As I relax and slow my breathing, anxiety flows out 

The mind and body are intricately linked.

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Therefore, freeing your body from tension also helps to eliminate stress from the mind.

Relaxation of body muscles coupled with deep, slow breathing reduces stress from the body, thus creating a perfect environment for a relaxed mind. 

6. There’s no obstacle that I can’t overcome.

affirmations for anxiety - There's no obstacle that I can't overcome

Here comes another effective mantra that reminds people of their capabilities in life.

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The phrase convinces people to face problems with no fear and strive to find a way through.

Saying this statement prevents the overwhelming feeling which comes when an individual faces a stern test. 

Other Positive Affirmations for Anxiety Relief

  • Life is lovely, and I trust the world to help me live a memorable life
  • I am enough
  • With every air that I exhale, I release tension
  • Every passing day, I feel more relaxed and calmer
  • I’ll contribute immensely to work
  • Just like before, I’ll survive this situation
  • As I breathe, all body muscles relax
  • Stress is evaporating from my mind and body
  • All is well with me.
  • I’m strong. I’m ready for change.
  • I know this situation is hard, but I’m determined to rise above it.
  • You got this!
  • With my talent, I can offer more
  • I can slow my breathing whenever I feel like
  • I can move beyond anxiety by developing patience
  • I’ll overcome the situation if I remain courageous
  • I’ll always emerge victorious by paying attention to details
  • I’ll succeed by following one step at a time
  • I’m okay right now because life wants the best for me
  • I’m connected with the environment and comfortable right now
  • I like my life; I’m in control
  • I got the power of preventing this
  • I’ll be successful
  • I control my mind, and it’ll never control me
  • There’s so much pleasure in my life now
  • I can only accept healthy things into my life
  • I’m a strong and independent person
  • I’m unique. I’m loved. I’m important
  • I matter, thus I’m worthy
  • I can do it
  • I’m free to focus on the beauties around me
  • I’m capable of persevering and remaining strong
  • I can overcome anxiety using the inner strengths
  • I can stop this
  • I’ll make it happen. 
  • I’m calm. I’m relaxed.
  • I’m free from anxiety
  • I’ll overcome any stressful situation

Proven Ways of Using Positive Affirmations for Anxiety Relief

According to, your ability to maintain positive thoughts plays a crucial role in life.

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The words that you use when describing the things that happen in your life usually elicit emotions of happiness or unhappiness.

That’s a fact which cements why affirmations are helpful to maintain a stress-free life. 

Any person who wants to forget bad experiences in life must replace negative thoughts with the best positive affirmations.

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You can enhance your pattern of thinking and lead a stress-free life if you put positive thinking into practice.

Below are the 3 best ways to use positive affirmations for anxiety relief:

1. Replace unhealthy and negative thoughts

affirmations for anxiety - Replace unhealthy and negative thoughts

To achieve success using positive affirmations, you must know how to control the mind.

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This practice is an essential lesson because as you control the mind, you’re free to stop all negative thoughts with immediate effect. 

Instead of letting wrong thoughts and fear stay in your mind, you should correct the situation by putting your thoughts in order.

Nevertheless, that isn’t easy to achieve without having a firm decision.

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  • First, you should stop any negativity immediately it gets into the mind. Rather than thinking “I’ll appear stupid in case I attend the party alone,” rectify yourself quickly. Such thoughts aren’t correct or helpful in any manner, and they will only disrupt your mind. Make a conscious decision to proceed positively.
  • Keep on reminding yourself of the fact that other people will be coming along and you’re still expected to be present. Just tell yourself that you’ll have a memorable experience and most of your friends will attend. These thoughts will play a pivotal role to shape your mindset. 
  • Controlling the mind is crucial to think positively and make informed decisions. Therefore, each time an unhealthy and stupid idea pops up, think about the endless list of positives that can come out of the same condition. Cheer up and decide to move on!

2. Preparing for stressful events

Every person has experienced a stressful moment in life, including you.

Such moments happen during public presentations, working on challenging tasks, or when working on impromptu projects at the workplace. 

During such stressful times, anxiety is quite hard to handle.

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However, positive affirmations are sufficient to prepare for such conditions because they will keep you in the right shape to face any situation.

Anxiety can be problematic to handle during stressful moments like public presentations.

Even though you might think of faking sickness or avoiding the event, that can have adverse effects on your career.

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Rather than struggling with all that, why not motivate yourself with the following positive affirmation?

  • During my last presentation, every person applauded my work.
  • I’ve done many public presentations before, and I’m still able to do this one as well.
  • If I decide to do it, it’ll get more comfortable along the way.
  • If I take deep breaths, it’ll soothe me before the presentation. 
  • When it’s over, I’ll be proud of my work.

3. Try to be realistic

Based on the information at, it’s good to consider positive affirmations for anxiety relief.

However, it shouldn’t be taken overboard. 

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As much as you think positively, remember to remain rational at all times.

You will stress yourself when you start thinking of doing things that you aren’t prepared to undertake, or you lack the means to do it. 

In most instances, failure is more stressful than not attempting at all. In short, affirmations will produce great results when they’re realistic.

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Remember, positive thinking can go overboard, so it’s vital to stay rational. 

When positive thinking becomes unrealistic, it might cause more anxiety because the subconscious mind realizes that the thoughts are not realistic. 

Most anxiety happens when you start convincing your mind that you’re capable of doing impossible things and failure hits hard.

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The examples provided here focus on authentic, realistic, and positive thoughts: what a person will gain, the things they’ve accomplished, and what they’ll realistically achieve.

Self-statements and positive affirmations are more useful when they’re realistic. 

Tips For Using Affirmations For Anxiety

Affirmations have assisted many individuals in making significant changes that changed their lives for the better.

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However, they won’t work for everyone.

Therefore, to ensure success, there are a few practices that should be employed by people facing stress. 

  1. Affirmations work due to their ability to program a person’s mind to believe the stated concepts. Positive affirmations are clear and definitive statements that solidify your thoughts on the things that you want to change. They are critical to any advancement in life. To ensure they’re successful, read the statements out loud and familiarize yourself with the sound of these statements. 
  2. Choose your favorite affirmations and put them on your mobile phone or note card where they’re easily accessible. Put the card or phone beside the bed. Immediately you wake up, take the affirmations and say them out loud. 
  3. Repeat the process for one week. In case you plan to extend the experience, choose more affirmations and repeat the process after waking up. You can also swap between the sets of affirmations every week.

As you repeat the process, the mind becomes accustomed to hearing positive inner dialogues.

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You will start eliminating negative talks as you change the flow of your ideas. 

In the end, you develop a habit of creating and speaking positive affirmative thoughts.

Also, you will memorize the affirmations and recite them with a lot of ease.

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This is the ultimate tool to get rid of anxiety and ensure you start your days with a productive mind and positive thoughts. 


Affirmations are among the most crucial tools that you can use regarding stressful situations.

Whether they’re repeated mentally, written on posters, mumbled down, or tattooed on the skin, positive affirmations are different from calm and chaos. 

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Affirmations should always be practised using a positive tone.

They should override all other thoughts and get rid of any behaviour that causes anxiety.

Even though it’s still good to practice them on a day-to-day basis, they’re more productive when facing anxious moments.

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Constant practice will help to calm you easier and faster. 

Remember, affirmations don’t work by the power of magic. Instead, they function due to positive thinking.

First, they make people receptive to changes and then help to implement the changes. 

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In conclusion, affirmations are crucial tools when it comes to anxiety relief.

When people use these tools, they’ll be replacing anxiety with realistic statements that highlight their full potential.

Using affirmations, it’s easy to move forward in life and conquer anxiety.  

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