Angel Number 1010: A Spiritual Awakening

Our guardian angels are around us all the time, and sometimes they want to communicate with us.

When you start seeing the number 10 10 everywhere you go, then you can be certain there is a hidden message behind it.

What does angel number 1010 mean?

In general, 1010 means moving forward and closer to your higher purpose. But as with all angel numbers, there are various meanings, and you have to trust your intuition in figuring out the meaning specific to you. 

It’s time to sit up and take notice of what your angels are trying to tell you. Below are the main meanings of angel numbers 1010 and why you keep seeing it over and over.

It is up to you to trust that your higher self knows what is best for you and can guide you on the path you need to be.

1010: Angel Number Breakdown

Double numbers in any angel number mean twice the power; each number has its own spiritual meaning that gets amplified when repeated.

The repetition of a number also indicates a sense of urgency.

So, in the case of 10:10, the meaning of number 10 on its own is very important, and urgent attention needs to be paid to what the angels are trying to say.

Number 1

In numerology, number 1 indicates that you have the power to make your dreams come true. It indicates a clean slate, happiness, motivation, and success.

If you see this number, it’s a message that you should use your creativity to create your own reality by working hard in life to achieve your goals.

Number one reminds you that it’s never too late for a new start – all you have to do is focus on surrounding you with positive energies.

In the Bible, angel number 1 is very symbolic as it embodies God’s power and his autonomy. It is a reminder that God does not need us, but we do need him.

When you see this number, it is a reminder that God is all-powerful, and only he should be worshiped.

Number 0

The number zero usually suggests that you will be starting on a spiritual journey but not without divine support. Number 0 is closely related to cosmic energy and spiritual growth.

When you see the number 0, you should work on your spirituality without caring about what anyone says about you. It is your time to grow as a spiritual being in life.

Biblically, the number 0 points to the darkness caused by God’s absence. Zero does not appear on its own in the Bible but is representative of nothingness.

In the beginning, there was nothing until God created the heavens and earth; in the same way, you were nothing until God created you. This number reminds you that you are nothing without God.

Numbers 10 and 101

Number 10 carries extra strength in angel number 1010 because it appears twice. It tells you to be more flexible in working towards your goals in life.

That, combined with the meaning of angel number 101, which implies divine guidance, means the spiritual journey you will be starting – as indicated by the number 0 – will not be one of hardship.

Angel Number 1010 Meaning

Your guardian angels are not bound by time and space and want you to live your best possible life.

Seeing angel numbers 1010 means you’re about to experience a major spiritual awakening, but don’t worry, they are there for support.

10 10 is a message of inspiration and assistance from your guarding angels meant to encourage you to always follow your heart in life.

Some keywords linked with 10 10 are new beginnings, letting go, growth, support, transformation, balance, power, responsibility, and creativity.

If you calm your mind through prayer or medication, you can gain more insight into what your angels are trying to communicate to you through these numbers.

To help you, here are possible meanings of seeing 1010

1. Everything happens for a reason

Everything has a beginning and an ending. In life, nothing is forever, and endings aren’t only painful but also scary.

We don’t like the change that comes after endings because we don’t know what to expect since we can’t see into the future. But one thing is for sure, our angels know.

Seeing angel number 1010 is there to soothe you; everything happens for a reason. Although you’re going through a tough time, your angels want you to know that something great is on the horizon – all you have to do is stay positive.

Your angels want you to calm your mind, heart, and soul and remain strong-footed during the hardships of life because a life of abundance is waiting for you just past the mountain of change.

2. Your soul is growing

Probably the strongest message of angel number 1010 is that of spiritual growth. Seeing angel number 1010 indicates that you’re entering a time of spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

Your angels want you to open your heart and mind and see and receive what the Universe is offering in life.

You can expect difficult and uncertain times to turn in to something beautiful after seeing numbers 1010.

Meaning, one door that may have closed led to another one opening, behind which is an abundance of spiritual knowledge and growth. You just have to trust the process (and your guardian angels).

3. It is time for you to take action

Frequently, we’re afraid to take risks even though we get that gut feeling that it will lead to something great. Seeing numbers 10 10 is a nudge from our angels to take the plunge and receive what the Universe wants to gift us.

It is your angels’ way to push you out of your comfort zone and take actions that will lead to happiness and success.

Angel number 1010 indicates that there are new and exciting challenges ahead. But, ultimately, you have to take responsibility for your life and decide to embrace what is coming.

Luckily, you are surrounded by divine energy, and your angels will do everything possible to help you find the true meaning of your life.

The numbers 1010 should be a great motivator for you to get up grab life by the horns. Who knows, maybe it will lead to greatness!

4. You have divine support

You may have felt that life has been a lonely journey. Seeing angel number 1010 should remind you that you’re not alone, and your guardian angels are watching over you.

It is a reminder that although your angels can’t speak to you directly, they have your best interests at heart.

The numbers 1010 often appear during difficult times because your angels want you to know that the Universe has plans for you, and you should stay strong.

Believe in the power that backs you, and it will help you stay steadfast in the belief that you’re on the right path for you.

5. Trust Yourself

You are the creator of your life. It is up to you to empower yourself with positivity through thoughts of encouragement. Remember, your thoughts and actions create your reality.

Angel number 1010 appears to remind you to trust yourself and your capabilities. The Universe wants you to be courageous and step out of your comfort zone to grow and reach spiritual fulfillment.

When you see angel numbers 1010, remember that this numerical sequence means growth. And all you need to do to grow is trust yourself to take courageous actions that will make positive things happen.

Trust that the Universe wants only the best for you and also trust in your ability to embrace whatever comes.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 1010

Angel number 10 10 holds a lot of power. If you’ve seen it a lot, you are very lucky, but only if you open your heart and let your guardian angels guide you.

Angel numbers often appear when we’re going through a hard time; problems at work, in relationships, or if we feel sad and lonely.

During such times, our angels will send us a number that will usually change our lives drastically. But it is up to you to embrace this change.

With angel numbers, your angels want you to sit up and take note of what is to come. Ignoring it would be a waste of divine information that could lead you to where you need to be in this life.

When you see angel number 1010, you should make spiritual growth your mission.

As mentioned before, one of the meanings of this number is spiritual growth or the start of a spiritual journey. You must open your heart and follow your intuition, and it will lead to a spiritual awakening.

You are in control of your life, and if you are unsure of the way forward, your angels are sending you 1010 to tell you to look inward and trust yourself.

In essence, you already have the answers to all your questions.

If you’re taking action, you are doing exactly what your angels want you to do. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes along the way, you can learn from them. Energy is like water, and whatever you give it to will grow.

So, on your spiritual journey that will start after you see 1010, keep this in mind. Your beliefs and your actions create your reality. Although the Universe is there to support you, it is up to you to make your life awesome.

Your angels also want you to know that they are there for you. So, if you’re still not sure what they are trying to communicate with 1010, ask them for further guidance and to help you understand the changes in your life.

You may see other angel numbers to clear up or add to their message.

Meaning of 1010 In Love

Seeing 1010, when you’re in a relationship, means things are about to get more serious and a lot more interesting. That is because angel number 1010 is so powerful due to the repeat of numbers 1, 0, and 10.

If you’re in a happy and stable relationship and you see 1010, your angels are out on a mission to make your relationship even stronger.

Your angels want you to express your emotions more. They also want you to talk about any problems rather than ignoring or suppressing them.

Seeing 1010 is a sign that romantic greatness is on the way, but first, your angels want you to take stock and decide if the relationship you’re in is the right one for you.

Your angels want you to look to the future and see where the relationship is headed – if anywhere.

If you see 1010, it is time to mull things over and think about what you want to happen in your life. It’s easy to lose parts of yourself when in a relationship, so sit back and reflect on if you’re truly happy.

Keep an open mind because you can’t always just listen to your heart; love can clout your vision.

Ask how much you have changed for your partner, and if these changes have made you a better person or not.

If not, your angels want you to reevaluate being in a relationship because your angels ultimately want you to be your truest self. That being said, your angels will be right beside you no matter what you decide.

Here are some questions you can ask when seeing 1010 while in a relationship:

  • Are we good for each other?
  • Do we make each other happy?
  • Is there a future for us together?

If it so happens that you and your partner both see 1010, then you can relax; your angels want you to think about getting even more serious and start making life plans.

Your guardian angels are encouraging you and letting you know that you’re on the right track romantically.

But what if you’re single and you start seeing 1010? Well, your angels are there to help you find the right person to share your life with. Angel number 1010 is their way of telling you that it is important to listen to your heart. They will guide you until you find your life partner, but you should be patient.

Your angels sending the number 1010 means they are doing everything in their power to find you a romantic partner.

You just have to trust and believe that they have good intentions while staying positive. Remember, positive energies attract positivity – even in your love life.

Angel number 1010 is also meant as encouragement. It is your angels’ way of gently nudging you out of your comfort zone to go and broaden your horizons. You won’t find a partner without meeting people and building relationships.

This can be tough, but your angels are sending 10 10 to remind you to stay positive and focused on getting what you want…better yet, deserve.

Biblical Meaning

Pick up the Bible, and you will find examples in support of the above points, especially looking at the number 10.

Throughout the Bible, new beginnings and the power of spirituality are linked to the number 10.

The number 10 appears 242 times in the Bible and is one of the most-used numbers in the Bible.

The most obvious link is with the 10 commandments. It was only after God gave it to Moses that the Hebrews entered a truly new beginning.

That shows that the angel number 1010 signifies not only an increase of spiritual awareness and a clean slate but also the importance of the steps taken to get there.

More than that, the link with the 10 commandments represents that there needs to be ordered in ourselves if we want peace and harmony in the world.

The number 10 is also seen as a symbol of authority and a reminder of God’s dominion on earth. With authority comes obedience, so the number 10 in biblical terms is also considered a symbol of compliance.

The phrase “God said” appears 10 times in Genesis during the creation process. This is believed not to be a coincidence, as the number 10 can be linked to creativity.

Other biblical appearances and facts of the number 10:

  1. 10 plagues
  2. The Passover lamb was sacrificed on the 10th day of the 1st month
  3. The 10th day of the 7th month is the Day of Atonement; a holy day for Christians
  4. 10 virgins and 10 talents in the Gospel of Matthew
  5. Noah was the 10th patriarch
  6. 10 generations of man before the great flood
  7. 10 women caused someone’s death

Seeing the number 1010 is clearly a very positive sign, but the message behind it is unique to you. It depends on your circumstances and where you find yourself at that particular moment.

To understand what the angels are trying to say, all you have to do is trust your instincts and be more aware of what is going on around you.

Once you understand what your angels are trying to communicate, you will realize that the power within you is amplified by the positivity and support around you. This will surely lead to emotional relief and a more relaxed state.

Considering the meaning of 1010 and the fact that the divine power has never been more present in your life, you should let your fears go.

Since you have so much support, now is the time to embrace all the positive energy an set out on your new path to spiritual fulfillment.

If you’re stressed or worried about what lies ahead, your angels are telling you to take a breath. With so much support from the divine, there’s no need for you to worry.

Relax, calm down, and listen to your mind and heart, and this angel number will give you all the help you need.

Hopefully, you now realize it is important to always keep yourself open to further messages from the angels. They are there to help you reach your full potential.

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