Athleta vs. Lululemon: Which Brand is Better?

If you’re looking for the best in women’s athleisure, you can’t go wrong with Athleta and Lululemon. But which brand is better? In this post, we’ll compare and contrast these two popular brands to help you make a decision.

Athleta Overview

Athleta is a performance apparel company for active women. The company designs manufacture, and markets sportswear, including yoga pants, running shorts, and sports bras. Athleta is a subsidiary of Gap Inc.

The company was founded in 1998 by Nancy Green and Diane Waters. Athleta’s first store opened in Mill Valley, California. The company now has over 100 stores across the United States.

Athleta’s mission is to empower women through sport and fitness. The company strives to provide products that enable women to lead active, healthy lives. Athleta also supports various initiatives that promote female empowerment, such as She Should Run and Girls on the Run.

Athleta is a great choice for active women who want high-quality, stylish sportswear. The company’s products are designed to help women perform their best, whether they’re running a marathon or playing tennis with friends. With Athleta, you’ll be sure to find the right gear to help you reach your fitness goals.

Athleta Gift Card

Athleta Gift Card

Athleta – E-mail Delivery

Athleta - E-mail Delivery


  • Variety of high-quality, stylish sportswear
  • Supports female empowerment initiatives


  • Prices can be high
  • Some stores are located in inconvenient locations

Lululemon Overview

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women. The company was founded in 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its products are sold in over 50 countries through corporate-owned stores, wholesale accounts, and e-commerce.

Since its inception, Lululemon has been women-led and women-focused. The company’s mission is to empower women through the practice of yoga and to create a community that inspires healthy living.

Lululemon offers a wide range of technical athletic apparel and accessories for women, including pants, shorts, tops, jackets, bras, and socks. The company also offers a variety of yoga mats, props, and accessories.

Lululemon Gift Card

lululemon gift card

Lululemon Gift Cards – Email Delivery

lululemon Gift Cards - Email Delivery


  • Wide variety of high-quality workout clothes
  • Reasonably priced considering the quality
  • Clothes are flattering and comfortable
  • The company is environmentally friendly and socially responsible


  • Some styles are only available online
  • Sizes tend to run small

Brand Comparison

When it comes to high-quality workout gear, two brands that always come to mind are Athleta and Lululemon. Both brands offer trendy and functional clothing that can help you get the most out of your workouts. But which brand is better?

To help you make a decision, we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of Athleta and Lululemon. We’ll cover everything from style to prices to product quality, so you can decide which brand is the best fit for you.


Athleta and Lululemon are both known for their stylish and trendy athleisure wear. While both brands offer a variety of fashionable pieces, I believe that Athleta has the edge when it comes to style. Their clothing is not only stylish but also flattering and practical. I love that I can wear their clothes to the gym or running errands and feel good about my appearance.


Lululemon tends to run smaller than Athleta. This means that if you’re usually a size Small in Athleta, you might need to size up to a Medium in Lululemon. And if you’re used to wearing a size Large in Athleta, you might need to size up to an Extra Large in Lululemon.


There’s no denying that both Athleta and Lululemon offer high-quality clothing. However, when it comes to quality, there are a few key differences between the two brands.

For one, Lululemon is known for using technical fabrics in their garments that are designed to wick away sweat and keep you comfortable during intense workouts. Athleta, on the other hand, focuses on using natural fibers like cotton and linen in their garments.

Additionally, Lululemon garments are often lined with mesh or other breathable materials to keep you cool and comfortable, while Athleta’s garments tend to be more heavy and substantial.


Athleta and Lululemon are both high-end athletic wear brands. Their prices reflect this, with most items falling in the $100-$200 range. However, there are some significant differences between the two brands when it comes to pricing.

First, Lululemon is generally more expensive than Athleta. This is especially true for items like pants and jackets, which can easily cost $50-$100 more at Lululemon. Second, Athleta often runs sales and promotions where you can get significant discounts on your purchase. Lululemon, on the other hand, rarely has sales or promotions.

So, if you’re looking to save money, Athleta is the better option. However, if you’re looking for the highest quality athletic wear, Lululemon is worth the extra cost.

Best of Lululemon

LULULEMON Wunder Train Hi-Rise Tight 25″

Wunder Train Hi-Rise Tight 25

The Lululemon Wunder Train Hi-Rise Tight 25″ is a great option for those who are looking for a training tight that will stay in place. The continuous drawcord design ensures that the drawstring will not get pulled inside or lost in the wash, and the waistband pocket is perfect for holding your key or card. The high rise and 25″ inseam make this a great option for those who want a little extra coverage, and the added Lycra fiber provides shape retention.

LULULEMON Tracker Short V 4″

Tracker Short V 4"

The Lululemon Tracker Short V 4″ is a great choice for those who are looking for a relaxed fit short. The continuous drawcord ensures that you won’t have to worry about it getting pulled inside or lost in the wash, and the medium-rise provides increased coverage and comfort. The inseam is 4 inches, which gives you the ultimate feeling of nothing in your way – it sits away from your body to give you maximum room to move.

Lululemon Free to Be Wild Strappy Sports Bra

Free to Be Wild Strappy Sports Bra

This sports bra from Lululemon is perfect for yoga or any other low-impact activity. The Luxtreme fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying, making it ideal for working out. The built-in pockets allow you to add removable cups if desired. The straps are also adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit.

Final Thoughts

Both Athleta and Lululemon offer high-quality, stylish athleisure wear. However, there are some key differences between the two brands. Athleta is generally more affordable than Lululemon and their clothing tends to be more practical. Lululemon’s clothing is often more expensive but it is also made from higher-quality fabrics. So, which brand is better for you depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in a garment.

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