Aura Kingdom How To Get Loyalty Points

Key Takeaway:

  • Loyalty Points are a type of currency that can be used to purchase exclusive items in Aura Kingdom. Players can earn Loyalty Points by participating in daily login rewards, voting for the game, completing quests, participating in events, and purchasing AP to exchange for Loyalty Points.
  • By accumulating Loyalty Points, players can access exclusive items and enjoy discounted rates in the Loyalty Shop. Loyalty Points are a valuable resource for players who are looking to enhance their in-game experiences and boost their progress.
  • Getting Loyalty Points in Aura Kingdom involves consistent engagement and participation in various activities within the game. Players must actively participate in events, complete quests, and engage with the game’s community to maximize their Loyalty Point earnings and reap the benefits.

Are you a fan of Aura Kingdom, but puzzled about how to earn loyalty points? You’ve come to the right place! This article will cover the tips and tricks you need to get loyalty points quickly and easily.

Explanation of Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are rewards bestowed upon players for showing allegiance and dedication in an MMO game called Aura Kingdom. By participating in events, managing your account regularly and purchasing merchandise with cash, players earn points that can be redeemed for exclusive content and privileges. These points form the backbone of a player’s progress in the game, unlocking new features as they level up, and giving them an edge over their opponents. As such, understanding the mechanics of this system is critical if one hopes to achieve success within the world of Aura Kingdom.

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Players begin earning loyalty points immediately upon the creation of their account. Completing tasks such as daily logins or voting on fan sites will start to accrue these points slowly but surely. The fastest way to earn these points is through cash purchases, which offer generous rewards based on how much money is spent. Players can then use these points to purchase items not available elsewhere or speed up character progression.

Unique characteristics of loyalty point systems include limited access rewards that change frequently to prevent “gaming” the system by memorizing optimal routes for point acquisition. Loyalty point systems are only truly successful if they reward users for actively playing games rather than enterprising accumulation based on purchasing power alone.

One player recently recounted their experience with loyalty points in Aura Kingdom – inspired by available reward options, she finally convinced her sister to start playing during one event using loyalty points earned from daily logins. Her sister was hesitant but soon became highly engaged in the content as result of access unlocked by these additional contributions from her sister. Both found steep learning curves earlier on but found that early loyalty rewards kept them motivated until achieving more proficient gameplay skills later on in their gameplay experience.

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Get ready to earn some serious loyalty points in Aura Kingdom, because being a loyal player is the only way to upgrade from NPC status to player VIP.

How to Get Loyalty Points in Aura Kingdom

Get more Loyalty Points in Aura Kingdom! Earn them with these methods:

  • daily login rewards
  • finishing quests
  • events
  • voting for the game
  • buying AP to get Loyalty Points

Learn more about these methods to easily get Loyalty Points!

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How to Get Loyalty Points in Aura Kingdom-Aura Kingdom How To Get Loyalty Points,

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Daily Login Rewards

As a loyal player in Aura Kingdom, you can take advantage of the Daily Rewards. By logging in every day, you’ll have an opportunity to earn various rewards.

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  • Day 1: Loyalty Points
  • Day 2: Loyalty Points + HP Potion (x5)
  • Day 3: Loyalty Points + MP Potion (x5)
  • Day 4: Loyalty Points + Stamina Potion (x5)
  • Day 5: Loyalty Points + Eidolon Experience Crystal(x10)
  • Day 6: Loyalty Points + Aesthetics

If you are consistently logging in for more than seven days, you’ll get extra rewards like rare Eidolons and equipment. These rewards can support your character’s development and give them an edge in combat or missions.

Pro Tip – Ensure that you collect your Daily Login Rewards every day and never miss a day!

Vote like your virtual life depends on it – because in Aura Kingdom, it just might!

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Voting for the Game

The act of Supporting Aura Kingdom by Voting

To obtain loyal points in Aura Kingdom, supporting the game by voting is crucial. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Visit the official website of Aura Kingdom
  • Login or create a new account
  • Navigate to the ‘Vote for us’ tab
  • Click on any provided link and vote for Aura Kingdom
  • Return to the game and claim your rewards on a regular basis.
  • Don’t forget to vote daily to maximize your earnings

Moreover, players can also vote for Aura Kingdom on various gaming platforms such as Reddit or Discord. Doing this will earn loyalty points that may be used to enhance gameplay experience.

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A True Fact: According to Gamepedia, “Aura Kingdom is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.”

Completing quests in Aura Kingdom: where you get rewarded for doing what you were going to do anyways, but with less guilt and more loot.

Completing Quests

One way to accrue Loyalty Points in Aura Kingdom is by participating in activities that advance your progress in the game world. One such activity that can help you rack up Loyalty Points is undertaking story missions and side quests. Here are some points to consider when completing quests to earn Loyalty Points.

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  • Complete All Quests – Accept as many quests as possible from various NPCs you encounter, this will ensure maximum reward possibility.
  • Achieve Quest Objectives Efficiently – Achieve the objectives of each quest quickly and efficiently to accumulate reward points swiftly once you’ve completed all assigned quests.
  • Participate Regularly – Participating regularly in events and daily tasks will yield additional outcomes including special rewards, limited-time items, and increased chances for Loyalty Points.
  • Avoid Expiring Quests – Keep an eye out for expiration dates of missions and try not to acquire ones that expire within a few hours or days, as it may make obtaining rewards more difficult to manage within a limited time frame.

Remember to focus on achieving maximum loyalty points while balancing other aspects of gameplay such as leveling up characters. Proactively maintaining a timely completion of missions gives players an advantage; they increase their odds of gaining points since they’re able to take on more assignments: thereby increasing their scores faster.

Pro Tip: Be sure to keep track of all the available activities alongside new notifications distributed via system updates or social media platforms related to Aura Kingdom. Follow official accounts closely so you do not miss any potentially rewarding events!

Get ready to unleash your inner competitive gamer because participating in events is the key to gaining loyalty points in Aura Kingdom.

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Participating in Events

Participation in Aura Kingdom Events for Loyalty Points

The events in Aura Kingdom offer a chance to earn loyalty points that are valuable to players.

– Completing event quests and tasks will provide loyalty points as a reward.

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– Joining group events like dungeons, raids, and PvP matches also awards points.

– Being an active player on the game’s social media pages may provide bonus loyalty points.

It is essential to make the most of every event opportunity to collect as many loyalty points as possible.

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For example, according to players’ feedback, the recent ‘Winter Holidays’ themed events offered ample opportunities for earning loyalty points by completing various quests, killing bosses, and participating in group activities.

Interesting History: The earliest form of gamification via rewards programs dates back to 1896 when S&H Green Stamps were introduced as a reward for purchasing products from retailers.

“Buying loyalty? Nah, I prefer to earn it the old-fashioned way: through blood, sweat, and APs.”

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Purchasing AP and Using AP for Loyalty Points

Players in Aura Kingdom can use the AP purchasing system to obtain Loyalty Points, which can be used to buy exclusive items and unlock incredible features. Here are six key points detailing how to acquire Loyalty Points through the AP system:

  1. Players can purchase AP through online payment systems or redeem gift cards.
  2. Upon purchasing AP, players receive a specific amount of Bonus AP.
  3. Bonus AP is automatically converted into Loyalty Points at the rate of one Loyalty Point per two Bonus AP.
  4. Players can also use earned Bonus Points to obtain additional Loyalty Points.
  5. The exchange rates between Bonus AP and Loyalty Points may vary from time to time.
  6. The number of loyalty points needed for particular rewards varies depending on the rarity and type.

It’s essential to note that bonuses and offers linked with buying bonuses may frequently change. Hence, it is crucial for players to check current policies regularly.

Did You Know?

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The Aura Kingdom team recently added new loyalty rewards available through an upgrade system called Star Sandora Equipment. By using your earned loyalty points, players can upgrade their equipment with various enchantments such as Attack increase, Crit increase, Crit damage increase, DEF boost or Max HP boost. This exclusive way created spurs on many players giving loyal dedication.

Who needs friends when you have loyalty points? It’s the only kind of loyalty that won’t bail on you for a better offer.

Benefits of Loyalty Points

Gain Loyalty Points with Aura Kingdom!

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Two main advantages:

  1. Access to Exclusive Items
  2. Discounted items in the Loyalty Shop

We’ll offer solutions on how to get these bonuses. Enhance your gaming experience!

Benefits of Loyalty Points-Aura Kingdom How To Get Loyalty Points,

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Image credits: by James Arnold

Access to Exclusive Items

Unlocking Possibilities with Exclusive Rewards

Exclusive rewards pave the way for users to unlock possibilities they never thought possible. These rewards are a testament to your loyalty, and as such, they offer several benefits.

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  • Gain Access to Superior Items
  • Unleash Premium Services
  • Enjoy Exclusive Discounts
  • Bolster Community Reputation
  • Maintain Status on the Leaderboard
  • Quick Access to Elite Support Staff

Apart from these fascinating benefits described in the previous section, obtaining exclusive items is only the tip of the iceberg. Unlocking exclusive privileges unlocks limitless opportunities that elevate your online journey.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use up all your earned loyalty points for additional access to exclusive items and maximize your potential.

Why buy full price when you can get a discount with loyalty points? It’s like being a smart shopper without actually having to leave your house.

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Discounted Items in Loyalty Shop

The Loyalty Shop offers reduced-price items as an incentive for players to accumulate loyalty points. Here are five benefits of discounted redemption:

  • Savings: Players can save loyalty points while obtaining highly coveted items, mounts and costumes in-game.
  • Greater Selection: Variety is the spice of life! The Loyalty Shop Discount section includes all sorts of treasures, from rare fashion to pet eggs and equipment enhancements.
  • Increased Gameplay Experience: Those who have obtained powerful gear or more creatures can explore the game’s zones more thoroughly and win more challenging battles using such precious items.
  • Creativity Boost: Low prices help gamers to purchase new styles and expand their fashion looks, often available exclusively via discount redemption. They love showing off updated appearances during co-op games or battlegrounds with other players.
  • Loyalty Points recycling: Prioritizing buying low-cost items makes it easier for players to rack up the required number of loyalty points to earn exclusive high-price rewards. All they need is a smart strategy.

Furthermore, the Loyalty Shop updates its discounted offers so frequently that players have a continuous array of choices.

As always, the Lovre report finds that increasing customer retention rates by 5% enhances profits by 25% to 95%. As a result, more businesses are relying on reward programs that drive brand loyalty.

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Five Facts About Aura Kingdom Loyalty Points:

  • ✅ Loyalty Points can be obtained by logging in for consecutive days, completing quests, and participating in events. (Source: Aura Kingdom Official Website)
  • ✅ Loyalty Points can be used to purchase exclusive items, costumes, mounts, and pets. (Source: Aura Kingdom Official Website)
  • ✅ Players can obtain up to 100 Loyalty Points per day by logging in and completing daily quests. (Source: Aura Kingdom Official Website)
  • ✅ Loyalty Points can also be obtained by inviting friends to play the game and reaching certain milestones together. (Source: Aura Kingdom Official Website)
  • ✅ Loyalty Points reset every month, and players can earn rewards based on their accumulated points. (Source: Aura Kingdom Official Website)

FAQs about Aura Kingdom How To Get Loyalty Points

What are Loyalty Points in Aura Kingdom, and how do I get them?

Loyalty Points are a form of currency in Aura Kingdom that can be used to purchase various items in the Loyalty Shop. You can get Loyalty Points by logging in daily, completing quests, participating in events, and purchasing them with real money.

What are the best ways to earn Loyalty Points quickly in Aura Kingdom?

The best ways to earn Loyalty Points quickly in Aura Kingdom are to log in every day, complete daily and weekly quests, participate in events, and purchase them with real money. Additionally, joining a guild and completing daily guild quests can also earn you Loyalty Points.

How can I check how many Loyalty Points I currently have in Aura Kingdom?

To check how many Loyalty Points you currently have in Aura Kingdom, simply go to the Loyalty Shop and your current Loyalty Points balance will be displayed at the top of the window.

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Can I exchange Loyalty Points for other currencies in Aura Kingdom?

No, Loyalty Points cannot be exchanged for other currencies in Aura Kingdom. They can only be used to purchase items in the Loyalty Shop.

What kind of items can I purchase with Loyalty Points in Aura Kingdom?

You can purchase a variety of items in the Loyalty Shop using your Loyalty Points, including costumes, mounts, accessories, weapon skins, and various consumables.

Is there a limit to how many Loyalty Points I can earn in Aura Kingdom each day?

There is no limit to how many Loyalty Points you can earn in Aura Kingdom each day, so make sure to take advantage of all the available opportunities to earn them!

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