Best Anxiety Bracelet Available Today (2022 Ultimate Guide & Reviews)

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Finding the best anxiety bracelet isn’t easy…

Bracelets can be a great fashion accessory but they can also double up as a handy stress relief tool too. 

There are loads of aromatherapy and anxiety relief bracelets out there, from stainless steel ones, leather bound ones and those made from cord. 

Whatever the occasion there is an anxiety bracelet to suit it.

Product Overview Table

What to Look for When Choosing This Product?

I have compiled a list of things to bear in mind when you are searching for the perfect anxiety bracelet.

There are so many products out there but taking these points into consideration should help ease your search.

Are They Adjustable?

One size fits all doesn’t necessarily fit all. Unless you have a standard wrist size you may find that a non-adjustable bracelet hangs off your wrist or is so tight that it pinches your skin. 

Are they made to fit a man, a woman or both? Make sure you check who the product is aimed for before purchasing as this may effect the sizes. 

When purchasing an adjustable bracelet you want to make sure that it stays and place and doesn’t loosen up over time.

What is the Price Like?

If it comes out at an affordable price are you getting a quality product or will it break after five-minutes of wearing it?

If the item you like is pricier is it worth the price or will it start to look messy quickly and then fall apart?

As well as being within your price range you also want a quality product that will last the test of time. 

Are There Health Benefits?

Does the bracelet you like come with lava beads or cotton pads to add oil too or does it just come with calming gemstones?

If it can be used to retain oil then is it easy to use, have longevity and not stain your skin?

You want a product that can give you peace of mind, de-stress you and help dissolve your anxieties, not one that leaks and stains your skin. 

What Are the Review Like?

Check the reviews, as that product you’ve fallen in love with may have the same negative comment keep popping up.

You want to make sure that you invest in a product that has plenty of happy customers, so you don’t risk buying something that will stain your wrist or break everywhere while you are out shopping.

Is the Bracelet Made to Last?

Will the bracelet last for use-after-use or will it fall apart after a couple of wears? You want to invest in a quality product that will last the distance, not fall apart quickly. 

Some are made with double braided cord which is meant to aid longevity, while most of the stainless steel bracelets claim to be rust free. 

Best Anxiety Bracelet In 2022? Here’s 11…

1. Stainless Aromatherapy Anxiety Bracelet

Romanda Aromatherapy

This product is not only beautifully designed but it can also be used as an aromatherapy bracelet. It is easy to use, just add your favorite scent to one of the 8 colored cotton pads and slot it into place.

The pads are washable and reusable and add a fresh color touch to your bracelet.

The bracelet has an adjustable strap and is made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel making it great for people with sensitive skin.


  • Holds oil well
  • Looks fashionable
  • Great packaging


  • Bracelet color may peel off
  • Hard to open
  • Confusing how to use


A pretty product that holds oil well and comes nicely packaged. It isn’t the easiest product to figure out how to use and the bracelet color doesn’t seem to last the test of time

2. Banana Bucket Adjustable Calm Lava Stone Anxiety Bracelet

Banana Bucket Adjustable Calm Lava Stone

This lava stone bracelet looks the part and it has an adjustable cord so that it will fit both men and women. 

It is made from howlite, a calming stone that helps aid health issues such as stress and insomnia. 

Add a few drops of your favorite oil onto the stones of the bracelet and it will absorb it and diffuse it throughout the day. 


  • Retains oil well
  • Fits an array of wrist sizes
  • Affordable price


  • Can loosen throughout the day
  • Lacks instructions on how to use
  • Breaks easily


This bracelet is affordable, fits an array of wrist sizes and retains oil well. There are no instructions on how to adjust the size and it loosens throughout the day. 

3. Hamoery Aromatherapy Anxiety Bracelet

Hamoery Aromatherapy

These 2 bracelets are made with 7 colorful chakra beads which help restore your bodies balance and aid mental wellbeing.

One of them is adjustable from 7 inches to 9.4 inches, while the non-adjustable bracelet has an inner length of 7 inches. 

It is finished off with lava rock beads which absorb oils and diffuse them over the course of the day to keep you feeling relaxed. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Retains oil
  • Affordable price


  • Break easily
  • Adjustable bracelet comes loose
  • Threads come apart


These bracelets are colorful, retain oil well and come in at an affordable price. They seem to lack longevity and break easily. 

4. Celokiy Adjustable Lava Rock Anxiety Bracelet

Celokiy Adjustable Lava Rock

This adjustable bracelet is made from a choice of beautiful stones, including turquoise, tiger eye and howlite that help aid stress relief and insomnia. 

It is also made from lava stone beads that absorb and diffuse oils, leaving you to have a calm and relaxing day. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Retains oils well
  • Easy to adjust


  • Comes loose quickly
  • String has short longevity
  • Breaks easily


Made from attractive stones and is easy to adjust. Can come loose quickly and is prone to breaking.

5. MONOOC Lava Rock Anxiety Bracelet for Men

MONOOC Lava Rock Mens Beads

This fashionable bracelet is designed for men under pressure. There is a choice of natural stones, which are all lightweight and will help ease stress and anxiety. 

The durable braided cord is comfortable to wear and comes with a handy storage bag. 


  • Well designed
  • Good quality threading
  • Affordable price


  • Non-adjustable
  • Comes out slightly small


This bracelet comprises of striking stones and is made with high quality thread. It isn’t adjustable and may run small on some wrists. 

6. Boho Beaded Anxiety Bracelet for Women

Boho Beaded for Women

This set includes 6 bracelets, each one featuring different gemstones that can help aid anxiety, depression and create a calming influence. 

All of the bracelets are adjustable and made with braided cord. 

Add a few drops of oil to the lava beads to help with relaxation and peace of mind throughout the day.


  • Lovely designs
  • High quality
  • Adjustable sizes


  • Come up small
  • Can stain after oil use


A bumper pack of bracelets with an array of stunning gemstones. They are quality made and the adjustable sizes are good. They come up on the small side and may stain after use with oil.

7. Adjustable Lava Rock Stone Essential Oil Anxiety Diffuser Bracelet

Adjustable Lava Rock Stone Essential Oil

This stunning bracelet is made from a choice of beautiful colored beads and lava beads, which absorb oils in their pores and diffuse it throughout the day to help you feel calm and relaxed.

It is made from high quality braided rope and the size is adjustable for the perfect fit.


  • Beautiful beads
  • Retain oil
  • Affordable price


  • Cord prone to breaking
  • Doesn’t include instructions


A visually pleasing product that retains oil well. The cord isn’t the strongest and may break after a short time.

8. SEVENSTONE Bead Arrow Anxiety Bracelet

SEVENSTONE 8mm Lava Rock Bead Arrow Diffuser Natural Stone

These on-trend bracelets come in a set of 2, 4 or 8 and can be worn by both men and women. 

They feature a different colored stainless steel arrow design and oil can be added to the lava beads which they absorb and diffuse throughout the day. 


  • Retain oil
  • Look great
  • Affordable price


  • Size varies
  • Pulls on arm hairs


These bracelets retain oil well, look good and come in at an affordable price. Their size seems to vary and they can pull on arm hairs and be uncomfortable.

9. Be Here Now Anxiety Bracelets For Women

Be Here Now

Help promote inner healing, mental clarity and dissolve negativity with this set of 3 adjustable bracelets. You will receive a rose quartz, tiger’s eye and amethyst bracelet. 

The durable braided cord is easy to use and made to last. They arrive in a satin drawstring bag and would make a lovely gift. 

Add a few drops of your favorite oil to the lava stone beads for an aroma that will last the day. 


  • Easy to adjust
  • Fashionable
  • Good choice of designs


  • Use with oil may stain skin
  • Paint may peal
  • May pinch skin


These beautiful bracelets are fashionable, easy to adjust and can be mixed and matched to suit your mood and outfit.

When used with oil they may stain your skin.

10. Vlinsha Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet

Vlinsha Dainty Gemstone

This beautiful stretch bracelet is made with real gemstones that have unique colorings, meaning you will receive a one of a kind bracelet.

The stone’s healing qualities help relieve stress and bring peace into your life. 

The charm and spacers add the finishing touches to your bracelet, they are made of stainless steel and are rust and stain proof. 

This bracelet comes complete with a bag and would make a thoughtful gift for a loved one. 


  • Beautifully made
  • Fashionable design
  • Affordable price


  • Non adjustable
  • Size doesn’t fit all


Fashionable, affordable and beautifully made. The bracelet isn’t adjustable and won’t fit all wrists.

11. Adramata 6Pcs Lava Rock Stone Aromatherapy Anxiety Bracelet

Adramata 6Pcs Lava Rock Stone Aromatherapy

This set includes 6 stunning bracelets, each featuring different gemstones. Each bracelet is adjustable from 6.4 inches to 9.5 inches. 

Place your favorite oil on the lava beads and they will absorb it and diffuse it throughout the day.


  • Good assortment of colors
  • Great size
  • Affordable price


  • Break easily
  • Cord disintegrates after oil use
  • Beads may leak color


There is a bracelet to suit your every mood, they are a good fit and the price is reasonable for the amount you receive. They are prone to breaking and last even less time after oil has been used.

12. NV Originals Yoga and Anxiety Bracelet

NV Originals

Create up to 48 different looks with this stunning aromatherapy bracelet. There are 2 different face plates to choose from and 12 different colored pads.

It is simple to use and comes with 10ml of peppermint oil to get you started. 


  • High quality product
  • Easy to use
  • Beautifully packaged


  • Leather strap isn’t for everyone
  • On the pricey side


This simple to use bracelet is quality made, easy to use and its beautiful packaging would make it a great gift option. The leather strap isn’t to everyone’s tastes and it is a little on the pricey side. 

And The Best Anxiety Bracelet is?

Receiving 6 beautiful, quality, made-to-last bracelets for under $25 seems good to me. This  is why the Boho Beaded Anxiety Bracelet for Women is my winner.

They are adjustable which means these bracelets will fit an array of wrist sizes and there is a gemstone to suit your every mood. 

If you want a bracelet with a difference and are willing to pay a higher price then I would recommend the NV Originals Yoga and Anxiety Bracelet.

With 48 different designs to create, this beautifully packaged bracelet is quality made, will compliment any outfit and is easy to use.

Not forgetting the men out there who are also on the lookout for a quality anxiety bracelet. For them I recommend the SEVENSTONE Bead Arrow Anxiety Bracelet.

This unisex braclet has a nice design, retains oil and comes with an affordable price. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever you tastes are there is an anxiety bracelet out there to suit your needs.

Whether you want something fashionable over stress-relieving or vice versa, as long as you do your research then you will soon find a quality product that will help you have a stress free day.

I hope that you find the perfect bracelet for you and that it helps you feel relaxed, energized and full of calm thoughts. 

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