Best cannabis strains for chronic pain

There are many options available for pain management and you can find a pill for any and every ailment and physical discomfort that you can think of. Let’s consider those who do not have a tolerance for pills or simply don’t want to be left with the side effects. For those individuals, cannabis has been shown to be effective in managing chronic pain in certain cases as well as other conditions such as anxiety and PTSD. There is a wide variety of ways to consume cannabis and you should choose one based on your preference. For example, if you prefer more discreet methods of consumption, edibles and topicals are good options for you. Vaping cannabis strains have gained widespread popularity as an alternative to traditional smoking methods. Vapo Vapes facilitates access to different vape options through their online store. If you have no problem with smoking, go on and choose one of the Smoke Cartel’s bongs and dabs on this site. They come in portable sizes, and despite being beneficial, they are also easy to use and maintain. When managing pain, besides choosing a quality cannabis consumption device, it is crucial to choose the right strain of marijuana. Many strains can provide relief from aches and pains and this article will list a few to help you choose the right one. 


Blueberry, also referred to as “berry blue”, is an indica cannabis strain that is made by crossing Thai with Purple Thai. This strain has earned legendary status and won the title of best indica in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup. The flavor of this strain is sweet and when consumed, the user will experience a relaxing effect and also have a feeling of euphoria. Many people consume Blueberry to treat pain and stress and this strain contains a high level of THC and a high level of CBD that reduce some of the effects of the THC. The high you will experience is not very intense and the top effect reported is sleepiness. 

Northern lights 

Northern lights is another indica marijuana strain that induces feelings of euphoria throughout the body. This strain relaxes your muscles and brings a sense of ease to the mind of the consumer. Many medical marijuana patients prefer this method of consumption because it is shown to relieve symptoms associated with pain, insomnia, stress as well as depression. Northern lights is one of the most famous strains in the world and have won numerous awards and gained global recognition. This strain has a THC: CBD ratio of 1:1 with 9% CBD and 10% THC.

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Master Kush

Master Kush is another popular indica strain of marijuana that produces a very subtle earthy and citrus smell with a touch of incense. This strain gives users full-body relaxation as well as a sharpened sense of awareness. This is the most popular strain of indica for sleep and just small doses of this substance can cause you to sleep soundly through any pain. Master Kush has high levels of THC which makes it very potent and the average THC level is at 16%, sometimes as high as 20%.

Cataract Kush 

Cataract kush is a strain of marijuana that was created by DNA genetics and consists of blankets of crystals. This strain is excellent for pain, sleeping, and eating disorders and the high is very unique. Most users report that consuming this strain causes a high to keep building even long after the user has stopped smoking. This strain is extremely potent and is not recommended for low tolerance users. This is one of the most powerful strains and it works to relieve your pain very quickly. The THC level in this strain is as high as 24% and CBD can also be found in this strain in an undisclosed amount.

White widow 

Finally, we have white widow which is a hybrid strain of marijuana. The effects of this strain are very energizing and the top effect caused is being talkative and creative. This strain is very potent and is not recommended for beginners. If you are feeling any pain, white widow will induce sleep and relieve pain. This strain is commonly used for patients who are suffering from pain, insomnia as well as anxiety. With a THC level of up to 25%, this is by far one of the strongest strains in the world and there is a 1:2/1:3 THC: CBD ratio.

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If you are suffering from pain and would like a holistic alternative to healing then consider these strains of marijuana that are known to treat pain.