The Best Fascia Blaster Alternatives Available Today (2022)

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If you love a deep tissue massage, then a fascia blaster is one of the most rewarding products you can buy.

But maybe you want to look at some alternatives to the popular Fascia Blaster.

So whether you’re traveling, at work or in the comfort of your own home, there are a few handheld massagers you can buy. 

Below is a list of 7 massagers that offer you value for money.

Product Overview Table

Top 7 Best Fascia Blaster Alternatives – Reviews

1. Coolife Fascia Release

Coolife Muscle Roller

The first product on the list is the Coolife fascia release and as far as deep tissue massages go, this product is worth every single penny.

Because it’s designed to quickly break up fat cells, it can make your skin look clearer and healthier.Plus if you’re a novice, don’t worry!

The Coolife Fascia Release comes with easy to follow instructions on how to get the most out of the product.

It’s a very easy and straight forward tool to use – coming with large knobs to attack your knots.

These knobs are designed to deliver a deep tissue massage – helping release any tension you’re feeling.


  • Allows you to control the pressure when using it
  • Doesn’t require electricity to be used
  • Excellent value for money


  • If you’re a bit sensitive, you might get a few bruises after using it
  • You will need more energy to use this product since it is not powered by electricity – making you rely on manual work

Overall Verdict:

The Coolife fascia release is one of the easiest products to use because it comes with a detailed set of instructions.

You can use it on a particular skin area once a day for about 10 minutes with cream, oil or lotion to relieve pain.

2. Trigger Point Massager Massage Tool

KOA Elite Massage Tool - HUMANTouch 3.0

Don’t fancy venturing out to a massage parlour?

Then the Trigger Point Massager Massage Tool is a product worth purchasing.

If you do a lot of physical exercise or you hit the gym on a regular basis, it’s a handy product designed to relax any tight muscles you might have (as well as soothe them).It’s safe too – because it’s made from non-toxic materials.

To protect your skin, it also comes with a silicone grip.

Good for large muscle groups, portable, great for sports fields and the gym, the Trigger Point Massager Massage Tool ticks all the boxes a home cellulite massager like this should have.So whenever you have joint, neck or back pain, you can quickly whip out this product.

Here’s the pros and cons of the Trigger Point Massager.


  • A great product for anyone who loves a massage on the go
  • Helps soothe sore muscles after a workout or a hard day at work check
  • Easy to travel with because of its size
  • A good stress reliever that helps you relax


  • The only major issue with the product is the price, it’s not exactly affordable for some people.

Overall Verdict:

The Trigger Point Massager Massage Tool is perfect for anyone who wants to massage their glutes, hamstrings, legs, calf, back, shoulders or neck.

So if you’re looking to relieve pain, it could be worth a shot.

3. Mini 2 – Blaster by Ashley Black

FasciaBlaster Mini 2 by Ashley Black

For single Fascia Blasting, the Mini 2 is a very good product for a variety of reasons…


It’s the perfect travel massager – because you can use even while you’re on the go.

And this product has 2 differently shaped pointed ends, which you can use on stubborn, tense areas.It also has two differently sized claws – which allow you to massage yourself with one hand.

That basically makes it more comfortable and easier to use.


  • Can be used with one hand which is a massive bonus because it’s lightweight
  • Can be effective for massaging both muscles and fascia
  • Not only eliminates but also reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • A lightweight product that can be used to relax your muscles
  • Increases blood circulation in the body
  • Relieves any tension and muscle pain a person might have from overexertion


  • The Mini 2 – Blaster by Ashley Black is not the most durable product out there
  • The price at it is sold does put off certain customers – this really depends on your budget

Overall Verdict:

The Mini 2 – Blaster by Ashley Black might too pricey for some and not durable enough too.

But there’s no denying it does the job.

It’s an excellent product to consider using to relieve the aches and pains you have, whilst it can also boost your blood circulation too.

4. RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

RENPHO Cordless Percussion Massager

The RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager is one of the most popular products on the market.

It makes this list because it’s more than just a cellulite massager: 

It acts as a deep tissue massager too.This deep tissue massager comes with three interchangeable massaging heads.

Each and every head can easily be used in different parts of the body.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts around 2 hours 20 minutes.With a battery that’s built to last and being so lightweight, it’s the perfect portable massager. Whether you’re commuting, at work or at home.

So if you work out a lot and your muscles are sore, this product will soothe you. 


  • It’s cordless: meaning you won’t trip and fall because of any wires
  • It turns itself off after you use it for 20 minutes to stop it from overheating and using up too much battery
  • When you buy this product you get 3 interchangeable massaging heads meaning there is something to suit everyone
  • A product that is very affordable and has plenty of positive reviews from customers
  • RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager is a user-friendly product


  • Hard to find replacement batteries
  • You can’t use this product while it’s on charge

Overall Verdict:

If you are looking for a product that will give you an amazing deep tissue message, look no further than the RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager.

It won’t let you down!

Great for massaging yourself on the go, at work or at home.

5. Coolife fascia release Cellulite Blasting Remover

Coolife Release and Cellulite Remover Muscle Massage Roller

The Coolife fascia release Cellulite Blasting Remover is a high quality multifunctional functional tool which is designed to massage your belly, hip, waist, legs, arms, and thighs.

It’s designed to make you look and feel better.It also comes with very large knobs, which can be used to provide a satisfying deep tissue massage. 

And the product is designed in a clever way, because it’s built to get deep into your cellulite. 

It’s created to make your skin feel smoother and healthier because it breaks up your fat cells.


  • A very easy and convenient massager to use
  • Doesn’t need to be plugged in to a socket to work
  • You get value for money with this product
  • Awesome pain reliever and a multifunctional massager
  • Can be used to increase circulation in the body


  • It does cause some bruising when used a lot/excessively – you need to be careful about this
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty
  • Since this product isn’t electric, you need to put plenty of effort and energy into the massage. That can feel a little draining sometimes!

Overall Verdict:

The Coolife fascia release Cellulite Blasting Remover is a worthy option because you can use it to relieve pain and tension quickly. 

On top of that, it can also be used to increase circulation.

6. Luxilive Cellulite Fascia Massager TWO Brush Set

Luxilive Cellulite Massager TWO Brush Set

The Luxilive Cellulite Fascia Massager TWO Brush Set is a truly amazing massager because it has two brushes.

Why is that important? 

Well, mainly because these brushes have different size nodules that help your muscles relax and promote circulation.To get the best out of this product, you should use it every day on your cellulite.

This Fascia Massager can be used wet or dry – depending on what you prefer.

It’s about what you feel most comfortable with.

And to get the best results, you should use water, soap, cream or oil to lubricate your skin.It has a larger head brush which one can use as a scalp massager.

This can act as a support to relax your muscles, relieve any pressure on your nerves and most importantly, reduce pain.

Now let’s look at it’s pros and cons.


  • The product improves circulation because of the different nodules it has
  • A top quality product because of its increase design
  • A very easy product to use as well as clean


A poorly made product in the eyes of many customers because it is not durable

Overall Verdict:

The Luxilive Cellulite Fascia Massager TWO Brush Set is a very easy product to use especially with water, cream or soap.

It’s also fairly simple to clean once you’ve finished using it.

7. FaceBlaster

FaceBlaster by Ashley Black

What makes the FaceBlaster stand out from many other products on the market is its impressive design.

You can tell a lot of care was taken when designing this product.

It’s a fairly small massage that comes with three claws that were carefully designed to give your face the massage it deserves and boost your blood circulation along the way.

But how does it measure up to the rest of the cellulite massagers in this review?

Although the main purpose of the Faceblaster is to massage your face, it can be used over your whole body making it one of the most versatile tools you can buy. You can use it on your knees, hands, neck and even feet.

While its durability might be an issue to a lot of people, it comes with a lot of pros too.


  • Relieves tension as well as muscle pain caused by tiredness
  • A versatile product that can be used anywhere on the body
  • Comes with 3 small claws that are designed to massage the face check
  • Blood circulation is increased thanks to this product
  • A wonderful product that relaxes the muscles and reduced cellulite


  • It is known to break easily when used a lot

Overall Verdict:

This massager is very versatile and a must have because it can be used almost anywhere where you’re feeling muscle tension.

If you suffer from muscle pain and tension, you should take a look at this product.

Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Fascia Blaster Alternative Available Today?

From all the products above, the FaceBlaster is the best of the bunch because you can take around with you and use it anywhere on the go.

FaceBlaster by Ashley Black

And don’t be put off by the name:

It relieves tension and muscle pain almost anywhere on your body – and also helps to boost circulation/reduce the appearance of cellulite.

What To Look For When Choosing A Home Cellulite Massager


First off, you need to consider the overall functionality of the product.

A good massager allows users the opportunity to change how it operates to benefit their skin.

Some massagers/fascia blasters let you attach brushes or even a pumice stone. Other help you use it with water, soap and even oil.

So check the functionality before you buy a cellulite massager.

Look at the accessories

The majority of the cellulite massagers that are found on the market come with 4 different heads for you to use.

Each has a different shape, rollers, and claws – each one tailored to different body parts and different levels of tension.


The price of a massager depends on the technology it has at its disposal.

The ones with limited tech tend to be cheaper than the ones that have more technology in them and this is worth keeping in mind


In order to get a strong massage from your product, it needs a decent motor.

Massagers that offer between 3500 – 5000 pulses per minute are highly recommended for the best pain relief.

Sure, some massagers are manual – and that’s not a deal-breaker. This really depends if you want to put in the effort yourself.


For you to be comfortable whilst using a massager, you’ll need to look at the design as well as the grip handles.

Any massager that has an ergonomic design is perfect for massaging because it won’t fall off your hands.

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