Best Mattress Foundation For 2022: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide Reviews

Looking for the best mattress foundation?

Finding the right mattress foundation isn’t easy:

It needs to be durable. Reliable. And most importantly, comfortable.

Here’s our review of the top 15 best mattress foundation options available in 2022.

We’ll also run you through the pros, cons and our top pick that you MUST try!

So here goes…

Top 15 Best Mattress Foundation – Reviews

​1. Classic Brands Instant Foundation

Classic Brands is a high-profile instant foundation that’s suitable for all mattress types. This easy to assemble foundation is handcrafted with solid spruce from Pennsylvania country and replaces traditional box spring. It’s a sturdy and low-cost solution built to support heavier mattresses like Memory Foam and Latex-made mattresses.

Plus it’s strong enough to prevent your mattress from sagging, therefore extending the mattresses’ lifespan for a few more years.This 8-inch instant foundation is easily assembled and you can set it up in minutes.

It also comes with a nicely fitting cotton-blend cover. It comes with the tools you need to set i up and its backed with a 3-year warranty. The mattress weighs 54 lbs and measures 79 X 14 X 11 inches.


  • The frame is sturdy and well-built
  • It doesn’t make creaking noises
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good value for the price


  • Small slates
  • Slightly inaccurate dimensions
  • Low-quality pinewood

Verdict: In spite of the low-quality pinewood, this well-built yet easy to assemble foundation provides strong support to any heavy mattresses.

​2. Olee Sleep 14” Metal Platform

This is a metal platform bed frame that doesn’t require a box spring. Its a steel constructed platform that provides extra comfort by evenly distributing your mattresses’ weight across it’s strong and durable frame. Whilst functioning as a mattress support, the space under it is also convenient for storage.


  • Easy to set up
  • The frame is easy to take down and fold
  • Doesn’t show wear and tear
  • No squeaky noises (unlike some mattress fundations)
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Comes with a convenient space underneath for storage


  • There’s nothing to hold the mattress in place
  • Pins in the legs can fall out
  • The legs/feet wil bend under heavy loads

Verdict: If you’re an average-sized person looking for a bedframe that’s portable and easy to assemble, then this one’s for you.

Tip: To address the leg problems, you could modify it by adding superglue or tape to keep them tight and straight.

​3. Zinus 14” Smart Base Mattress Foundation

This mattress foundation is designed as a twin frame bolted together to transform into a base frame. It’s the perfect fit for queen sized mattresses.

The core frame is strengthened by a combination of steel and wires providing optimum support and durability.

With multiple legs stabilizing contact to the floor, it prevents your mattress from sagging, which over-all, will increase your mattress life.

The space under the frame is large enough to accommodate multiple storage boxes as the frame’s height measures at 13inches from the floor.

The steel legs come with plastic caps to protect your floors and prevent them from making noise.

This ‘Smart Base’ mattress foundation is also designed to fold for storage and portability.


  • Great for small space s, especially if you’re living in an apartment
  • It’s firm foundation eliminates the need for a box spring
  • With multiple floor contacts, it can hold a decent amount of weight
  • Light and easy to put together
  • Secure and sturdy brackets
  • Height is great for under-bed storage


  • Support wires are not welded to the frame
  • Mattress won’t stay in place – it’ll move about from time to time
  • It’s roughly welded metal spots might damage your mattress

Verdict: The Smart Base Mattress by Zinus is a lightweight, easy to assemble and portable steel frame that’s if your weight is ok, whilst providing great under-bed storage.

​4. Zinus Upholstered Diamond Memory Foam Foundation

A memory foam foundation designed to support platform beds, this product from Zinus is made primarily with durable, closely-aligned wood slat to support various types of mattresses.It’s a versatile product – it’ll support not just memory foams but also latex, spring and hybrid mattresses as well. It also features a stylish diamond-stitched headboard, that elevates the look of any bedroom.This frame is fairly low to the ground, allowing the mattress foundation’s legs closer contact to the floor, making it strong, stable and reliable. All Parts for assembly are placed in a zipped compartment at the back of the headboard. The headboard, frame and all upholstered parts are covered in knitted polyester.


  • Inexpensive and easy to put together
  • Great design and quality
  • Velcro attached slats to hold them in place
  • Zipped compartment is good for packing and storage
  • Stylish – which is surprising considering it’s affordable price!
  • Silent – no creaking or squeaking noises as you move around whilst sleeping


  • The headboard may attract bed bugs
  • Headboard has a few bumps on it
  • Doesn’t perfectly fit a queen size mattress

Verdict: This mattress foundation is durable, stylish and convenient.

However, multiple reviews reveal that the fabric it’s upholstered with and the headboard may attract bedbugs.

​5. Zinus 14” DeLuxe Slatted Wood Memory Foam Mattresses Frame

Another product from Zinus. This is a mattress foundation made from deluxe wood with a height of 14 inches and a 5.75 inch frame. Its structured wooden slats provides solid support for mattresses, whilst minimising noise through foam-padded tapes on the steel frame. Non-slip tapes are also attached on the wooden slats for extra strength and stabilization.This wood frame supports memory foam, latex or spring mattresses and is designed without the need for a box spring. It’s easy to assemble and comes in a natural, wooden finish.


  • Solid and sturdy
  • Simple and functional
  • Assembly illustrations are easy to follow
  • Noise-free
  • Quality at a reasonable price


  • Packaged in one heavy box
  • Some of the screws come loose if you’re not careful
  • Middle support is a bit weak
  • Ideally, it could do with more slats
  • No headboard included

Verdict: This is a simple-looking yet attractive wooden mattress foundation that’s basic but effective.

If you want reliable mattress support, this is a great option.

​6. Dynasty Mattress Queen Bed 8” Thick Wood Box Foundation

Made from solid spruce, this wood box spring foundation is designed to support all types of mattresses ranging from memory foams, gels all the way to latex mattresses.The wood materials it’s designed from are high-quality and anded for a refined and smoother texture.

It’s frame is structured to be stronger than your average box spring foundation. It’s a one-piece assembly that comes with a fire retardant cover for safety.


  • Nicely packaged to avoid damage
  • Wood quality is light yet sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Foundation provides solid mattress support


  • Quieter than a traditional box spring, but it still makes some noise
  • Some screw holes are missing/don’t align very accurately
  • Some slats are a bit warped, according to some reviews

Verdict: The design for this wood box mattress foundation is smart.

It definitely serves its purpose in supporting a mattress but the execution and quality of the materials could be better.

​7. Reverie REV-5D-QN 5D Adjustable Bed Base

This is an innovative mattress foundation comes with plenty of handy features and functions. It comes with a motorized bed base, for extra comfort. This allows your mattress to be positioned in a few different ways, depending on your preference. You can prop and elevate the head to read or watch TV. It’s a cool bonus!With a weight of up 850 lbs, its power-lift motors operates smoothly and quietly. Plus it’s corner bars are designed to fix your mattress in place, even if play with the head and foot positions.Its programmed with 3D wave, zero-gravity technology and massage functions with different levels. This includes pre-programmed sleeping and massage modes that you can control and operate with a wireless remote.This is definitely one of the fanciest – and coolest – mattress foundations in this review. And personally, we loved it!


  • Adjustable resting position is extremely convenient
  • Can carry up to 850 lbs in weight
  • Adjustable motor is quiet
  • Therapeutic functions
  • Recommended for people with back issues and sleeping problems
  • Has back-up batteries in case of power issues


  • Remote has neon blue led lights which might hamper your sleep if you’re sensitive to light
  • If you’re not a DIY pro, you might need help assembling it
  • Some of the features are power dependent

Verdict: This is one of the best adjustable mattress foundations.

It offers plenty comfort focused features and I’d especially recommend it if you’re dealing with back pain and sleeping problems.

​8. PragmaBed Simple Base Quad-fold Foundation

Pragmabed is another innovative foldable mattress foundation with quad-fold function- designed to work without the need for traditional box springs. The foundation frame is engineered to lay flat, giving a firm hold for different types of mattresses like latex and memory foam. This stops your mattress moving around whilst you sleep.It’s designed with twin frames attached together to accommodate queen and king-sized mattresses. Its made from heavy-duty steel at a thicker gauge than standard steel frames and finished with powder coating that’s resistant to bedbugs.Worried about DIY? It’s also easy to assemble and there are no tools are required to set it up. Plus you can fold it manually, and its easy to store and move around.


  • Folds out and quickly fastens into place
  • Height is great for under-bed storage
  • Multiple contacts provide a sturdy base
  • Portable
  • Great for apartments and small spaced-rooms


  • Some screws on the sides are sharp – be careful when you’re getting it set up
  • The center support isn’t that reliable
  • Definitely not the best mattress foundation if you’re taller/bigger than average

Verdict: This foldable mattress foundation by Pragmabed is best for children and teenagers.

However, you should inspect the corners and other areas for potential sharp points.

​9. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Like the Reverie, this bed base from Classic Brands is also an advanced mattress foundation that offers ergonomic benefits too. However, it’s marketed as a low-cost alternative to more expensive brands – without compromising on key features.The bed base is adjustable and you can elevate it in in different ways for added comfort. For instance, the head and legs can be raised whilst you enjoy the massage feature, soi it’s perfect for watching TV and relaxing. The zero gravity position improves blood circulation and it’s great if you struggle with stress and tension.Its equipped with a mattress retainer bar to prevent the mattress from sliding when the bed is adjusted. It also has two USB ports for charging electronic devices, And you get a wireless remote to control its features and functions.


  • You can enjoy this mattress foundation’s ergonomic benefits at the touch of a button
  • Great quality for an affordable price
  • Easy to assemble and put together even if you’re not great at DIY
  • Comes with USB ports to charge your devices whilst you sleep
  • Best for a queen sized mattress
  • Has pre-set bed elevation and massage features


  • Heavy to carry and move around
  • Mattress bar is a bt too tight
  • No pockets to hold the remote when you’re not using it
  • No back-light on the remote button, so it’s hard to see if you’ve switched the lights off

Verdict: While this is a cheaper alternative from expensive brands, it does deliver on its promises of an ergonomic mattress foundation.

​10. Handy Living Platform Bed Frame – Wooden Slat Mattress Foundation

This platform bed frame is designed to hold full size mattresses (queen and king mattresses are fine). It comes with reliable, sturdy mattress support.

This product from Handy Living is a combination of steel frame (built for strength) and wooden slats (for extra comfort).The birch laminated wooden slats that run from the sides of the foundation to the middle support steel beam, are designed to evenly distribute your weight. Wood slats are tested and proven to have more give, which in turn will help you to adjust your body in different sleeping positions.The steel frame is supported by seven steel legs and a middle beam. You can use the space under the foundation for storage, with it’s height measured at 13”. It can hold weight of up to 300lbs per side and this frame can be assembled in less than 60 minutes.


  • The legs are strong and perfectly aligned
  • The bolts and nuts are easy to assemble
  • It’s height is great for storage
  • Lightweight but firm


  • It’s corner brackets are a bit thin
  • The legs can torque and bend a little too easily
  • It’s wooden slats aren’t very sturdy and might break after a few months – according to some reviews online
  • The soft plastic connectors for the wood slats are flimsy

Verdict: Whilst the steel frame itself is durable, the wooden slats and other connector parts of this bed frame are reported to be the first ones to break. This can then render the entire structure unstable.It’s a decent option, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting too much weight on this mattress foundation.

​11. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

With its name derived from the Greek god of strength (Hercules), this platform bed frame by Classic Brands boasts of a heavy duty metal foundation that replaces traditional box springs and other mattresses foundations. The metal frame is solidly constructed to provide superior support for your mattress.This metal bed frame is quad-folding and has a rigid surface to support and hold mattresses in place – and also prevents it from sagging. Its equipped with 12 points of contact to the floor, giving stable, reliable support for any type of mattresses – such as latex, spring mattresses and memory foam.The metal foundation is sleek and modern looking. It accommodates 13” of space for storage underneath your bed.


  • The quad-folding system is great for storage and portability
  • Thick frame is designed to hold 4000 lbs. of weight
  • The twin frames are solidly built and easy to connect
  • Provides a firm foundation for taller people
  • It’s a less-expensive alternative to other heavy-duty frames


  • Can end up making squeaking and other noises after a few months
  • Some connections aren’t welded that well
  • The connecting middle parts protrude a bit
  • The support wires will bend the more you use it

Verdict: Whilst it’s advertised as a heavy duty metal frame, several reviews complain that it’s not durable enough to hold heavy weight.

Some reviewers also complain that it’s a bit squeaky and some parts fling off.

​12. LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame and Mattress Foundation

Very much similar to other folding bed frames, this one from LUCID includes a welded latticework platform and leg support braces for a solid foundation that can hold up to 2000 lbs. of weight. It also features heavy-duty welded cylinders for extra base stability and at the same time maximizes your mattress durability.This mattress foundation also eliminates the need for a box spring like other similarly designed bed frames. The foldable bed base works great for memory foam, latex and innerspring mattresses.Its easy to set this up as the frame comes folded flat. You only need to unfold it, install the bolts and you’re good to go. This also has 13” clearance perfect for storage.


  • Light weight and easy to move
  • Easy to put together and the build is sturdy
  • The legs have plastic caps to protect wooden floors
  • Great quality for the price
  • Wields are reliable and durable
  • Stable – not shaky at all


  • Not resistant to rust/corrosion
  • It’s metal finish is a bit thin and rough
  • Gets squeaky after heavy usage

Verdict: This is a standard metal bed frame that’s similar to others on this list but it’s main USP is it’s relatively cheaper price.

​13. Cardinal & Crest Wood Platform Bed Frame

This is a sleek and elegant looking wooden bedframe from Cardinal and Crest. The bed frame is made of natural, walnut-colored wood with a classic design.This bed frame is nicely crafted and and eliminates the need for box springs. It’s easy to assemble and you don’t need any no to get it set up. Its pleasing aesthetics is a great addition to any stylish interior/décor.


  • Stylish, classic design
  • Made with real wood
  • Tool-free and easy to assemble
  • Solid and sturdy


  • Gives off a chemical smell from the box
  • Non-foldable
  • Very little storage space

Verdict: If you’re looking for a simple, easy to assemble mattress foundation that’s not just sturdy but also beautifully design, then this platform bed frame from Cardinal and Crest will be perfect for you.

​14. Raku Japanese Style Tatami Platform

True to the Japanese principles of Zen and minimalism, this Raku Tatami platform is clean, simple and functional. The platform is made of Para wood and finished with a glossy, honey oak stain.Japanese woodwork and carpentry is known for slot-locking systems that require no nails and screws and this one is built with the same ingenious system. Its very easy to assemble with only 3 bolts required to do so.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Relaxing Japanese Zen aesthetics
  • Stable frame


  • Low-level
  • Non-foldable

Verdict: Like the Cardinal and Crest mattress foundation, this is another sturdy bed-frame that’s beautiful enough to be a permanent fixture in your room.

​15. Thrive Mattress Platform Foundation Bed Base of 3 Height Adjustments

This is a platform bed that’s very versatile, with adjustable height options and a wider size than most of the mattress foundation’s on this list. The heights can be adjusted to 12, 14 and 16 inches, to suit your preferred angle. Also, storage underneath the foundation varies, depending on the height you set it to.This bedframe is made heavy-duty from extra durable metal and eliminates the need for a box spring. Its easy to assemble and also foldable, making it highly portable.


  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple height options
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Foldable and portable


  • Two side legs are a bit rough around the edges

Verdict: What sets this mattress foundation apart from other products is its adjustable height.

What’s The Best Mattress Foundation For Your Money?

As we’ve listed and reviewed above, mattress foundations are fairly similar. And while there are manual and electrical differences, those in the same product category offer more or less the same features. So here’s my pick – depending on whether you prefer a manual or an electric mattress foundation:From the manual choices, the best one would have to be Thrive Mattress Platform foundation. I’s features are similar to most of the manual frames we have on this list except for one thing: its adjustable height option.From the selection of electric-powered bed bases, the best one would have to be the Reverie Adjustable Bed Base, because of it’s functionality.

Based on other customer reviews, the technology is just better – and it features are smoother/more reliable than others on the list.

How To Choose The Best Mattress Foundation For You

Wondering how to different between mattress foundations? Want to separate the wheat from the chaff?Here’s what to look out for…Type of Mattress You Have: When it comes to mattress foundations, some are built specifically to support certain mattress types. For example, some mattress types require a certain structure or material for support and longevity.Cost: Electronic powered mattress foundations cost more than manual ones, because they’re built with more advanced technology. There are standard mattress foundations that come at a cheaper price but they’re basic, no frills products.Durability and longevity. These two factors will be dictated by the kind of material and the quality of structure. Check the welded parts, bolts and other corners to see how well they’re connected. Whether they’re made of wood or steel, you should still check if they’re flimsy or heavy-duty and gauge their durability from the material’s feel and appearance.Ease of Setup: Do you prefer something that’s easy to set-up? While most of the mattress foundations in the market these days are designed for easy assembly and even include instructions, setting-up can still be overwhelming as it requires some bolting, hammering and other technical DIY. There are also foundations that are foldable for portability and disposal purposes.Thickness/Height: Elevation is also an important factor that can influence the quality of your sleep. Also, whilst a taller height can accommodate more storage underneath your bed, a thick foundation also adds height to your mattress and affects how easy it is to get in and out of it. Design: Design and aesthetics vary – some of the options on this list are stylish and sleek. Also, some mattress foundations will come with a headboard too.

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