Best Pillow Protectors Available In 2022 (Complete Guide & Reviews)

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Looking for the best pillow protectors for you?

Let’s be honest, if you’re not comfortable at night then you’re going to struggle to get a decent kip.

From blocking allergens to stopping nasty stains, it’s vital to protect your pillows.

So that’s why we’ve reviewed 15 of the best pillow protectors available today – including our top pick for 2022!

Read on for more…

How To Choose The Best Pillow Protectors For You

To guide you further in choosing the best pillow protector for your own use, here are some of the top factors you need to consider first.


Pillow protectors often cater to different sizes of pillows: king, queen etc.

It’s best to know your ideal pillow size first – otherwise you might end up getting the wrong fit.


Features are dictated by the kind of technology used in making the pillow protectors.

This includes the membranes, thread counts, pore sizes and more.

Manufacturers often differentiate their pillow protectors by offering protection from water, allergens, liquids and stains etc.

It’s important to determine which functions you need for a quality sleep.


Pillow protectors are made with a variety of different materials, including cotton, terry cloth, polyester and more.

It’s best to know which type of fabric you like to feel, touch and smell.

Just stick with the fabrics you enjoy touching, otherwise it could really hinder your sleep.


This goes hand in hand with comfort.

Breathability is also determined by the kind of fabric or material used.

While there are some tightly-woven fabrics, some pillow protectors are equipped with membranes – allowing air to smoothly pass through.

You can test the pillow protector by breathing in and out via the fabric/material, and then checking to see how much air passes through.

Easy To Wash

Its best to select a pillow protector that’s convenient and easy to remove/wash.

Also check for washing instructions on the label to avoid any shrinking.

Most pillow protectors are usually machine washable but it’s still important to check the instructions.

Better safe than sorry!


Pillow protectors can be made from cotton, wool, polyurethane, tencel fabric, terry and many more.

These materials will affect the thickness, texture, breathability and overall level of comfort you get from your pillow protectors.

Also, you should check whether you get allergies from certain fabrics or materials, before you buy.

Top 15 Best Pillow Protectors

​1. ComfiLife 100% Waterproof Pillow Protectors

ComfiLife 100% Waterproof Pillow Protectors

A pillow protector that’s made from premium materials, ensuring the ultimate sleeping comfort.

ComfiLife makes these pillow protectors with luxurious Tencel Surface, which is a soft and noiseless fabric that works great to block your pillows from allergens, bed bugs and dust mites.

The fabric has a breathable membrane that allows air to flow in and keep your pillow cool, while protecting it from liquids and other stains.

Tencel Surface is a superior material in quality and function than cotton as it’s softer, cooler and more durable.

It’s also made with Eco soft technology to make it silky and soothing to the touch.

These breathable pillow protectors are hypoallergenic and tested to be waterproof.

They protect, and even better, actually extend the life of your pillows.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Premium Tencel Fiber Surface
  • Zippered encasements for ultimate protection
  • Great for down pillows


  • Makes a little noise
  • Feels a bit flat
  • Tencel fiber may feel stiff for some


ComfiLife waterproof pillow protectors aren’t just great for your pillows, they’re also eco-friendly products as they’re made with ‘eco soft’ technology.

​2. lushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Pillow Protectors

Premium Bamboo Queen Pillow Protector Covers

As the name suggests, these super-soft pillow protectors are made from a high-quality combination of viscose rayon extracted from bamboo and polyester.

They’re anti-microbial and repel allergens, bed bugs, dust mites and molds.

They also protect your pillows from perspiration, saliva, liquids and other liquid stains.

The pack comes with 2 premium bamboo pillow protectors that are sewn in with a sturdy zipper to ensure your pillow is totally enclosed, covered and protected from accumulating bacteria.   

The combination of eco-friendly materials guarantees soft, durable and breathable pillow protection.


  • Eco-friendly
  • 2 in 1 value pack
  • Machine washable and easily cleaned
  • 10-year warranty
  • Soft and noiseless


  • Doesn’t come in white
  • Standard size only


This is great value for money. And it’s made with eco-friendly fabric.

We checked on Amazon and apart from shipping problems, we didn’t see any bad reviews as of yet for these pillow protectors.

3. Mission: Allergy Premium Pillow Encasing

Dust Mite and Allergen Proof Encasing

This pillow protector is made from premium microfiber fabric, and it’s designed specifically to block dust mites and animal allergens.

The medical grade pillow protector is designed by board-certified allergists to be a 100% effective allergen-barrier.

It’s tightly woven with a mean pore size of 2 microns, yet the fabric is breathable and comfortable.

Unlike many encasings made with membranes, this encasing is soft and light as it allows air to flow through it, yet it doesn’t allow any allergens to penetrate it.

Also, it doesn’t accumulate or collect dust on its surface. This encasing is made from 100% woven polyester microfiber. It’s durable and hypoallergenic.


  • Great for dust mite allergies
  • High-quality
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Air and water permeable


  • Priced higher than other brands


Overall, the reviews for this product are great. It’s a soft, breathable and most importantly, effective allergen-barrier pillowcase.

Definitely the best pillow protector if you’re struggling with allergies.

​4. AllerZip Pillow Covers

AllerZip Protect-A-Bed Queen Covers

AllerZip Pillow covers is made with a Miracle membrane barrier that protects you from bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens that penetrate mattresses, pillows and other bed fixtures.

It’s also a waterproof pillow protector, so it will protect you from molds, mildew and other pollens.

This pillow cover is designed to keep your pillow dry and clean by blocking perspiration, spills and stains.

Its three-sided zipper is made with a patented BugLock secure seal and is certified asthma and allergy friendly.


  • Has earned Good Housekeeping Quality Seal of Approval from FDA
  • Waterproof and stain-proof
  • Best and quality zipper closure
  • Affordable price


  • Too air-tight
  • Fabric makes rustling noise


This pillow cover from AllerZip is indeed effective for blocking dust mites and allergens but reviews says its too tightly-woven, and therefore it traps air-inside – which can cause sleeping discomfort.

​5. Everlasting Comfort Pillow Cover

Everlasting Comfort Waterproof

This pillow cover form Everlasting Comfort is 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic.

It protects itself from molds, dust-mites, pollens and other allergy-causing bacteria.

It also repels moisture, keeping your pillows protected from sweat and bodily fluids.

It’s made from 100% cotton terry cloth, with breathable membrane making it soft and comfortable.

The pillowcase’s zipper keeps out allergens while ensuring that it fits tight and fully encases your pillow.

The Everlasting Comfort pillow cover is great for feathered or down pillows. It’s also machine washable and perfect for travelling.


  • Perfect for down-pillows and containing feathers from leaking
  • Fits perfectly snug on pillows
  • Textured finish keeps pillow from slipping


  • The waterproof isn’t that effective
  • Material is a bit crinkly
  • Plastic zipper

Verdict: This hypoallergenic pillow cover does protect you from dust mites and allergens but it’s not as waterproof as it claimed to be.

​6. National Allergy Queen Pillow Cover

National Allergy Queen 2 Pack Cover

National Allergy Pillow protector is a USA-made product that promises comfort and protection.

It’s made from 100% breathable cotton that’s tightly woven and secure enough to be an allergy barrier, yet retains a level of breathability for comfort.

It has a pore size of 3-4 microns ensuring no allergens and dust mites can penetrate.   

This pillow cover is made durable and sturdy through double-stitching and a locking, rustproof nylon zipper.

With National Allergy pillow protector, you can have a good night’s rest free from asthma flare-ups and other allergic reactions.


  • Patented membrane-free technology
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Soft and washes well
  • Great for dust-mite allergies


  • Not soft enough for some
  • Zipper is not secure
  • Does not wash well


This pillow protector works good as an allergy protector but has a few issues with the zipper being faulty and the fabric getting wrinkly after washing.

​7. Sureguard Pillow Protectors


This is a hypoallergenic pillow made from 100% cotton terry that protects from perspiration, saliva, and other body fluids and stains.

It also a barrier from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and other bacteria.

The pillow protector is soft, noiseless and waterproof, repelling mildew and mold.

Its independently lab-tested and Greenguard gold certified to be free from vinyl, phthalates, fire retardants, PVC and other toxic and harmful chemicals.

It’s perfect for down and feather pillows and works best with SureGuard mattresses, Sureguard mattress protectors and box spring encasements.


  • Secure zipper
  • Easy to put on and great fit for pillows
  • Heavy-duty quality


  • Too air-tight
  • Too tight-fitting and difficult to close


This pillow cover does its job in protecting against allergens. One of the best pillow protectors around.

​8. Utopia Bedding Standard Pillowcases

Utopia Bedding Queen Pillowcases

This is a set of 12 brushed microfiber fabric pillowcases in one value pack.

These pillowcases feature a plain weave and solid white colour that coordinate easily with any of your bedding set.

They’re made from soft and breathable fabric with plush texture, effective for repelling dust mites and other allergens.

Each pillowcase is easy to iron and stain resistant.


  • 12 in 1 pack value for money
  • Soft and breathable


  • Thin fabric
  • Seams aren’t very durable


If you prefer buying in bulk, then this is the best pillow protector you can buy right now – because you’ll save a ton of money.

However, these pillowcases aren’t going to be that durable – they might not last as long as you think.

​9. Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System

HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Encasement- Zippered Bed Bug Dust Mite Proof Hypoallergenic

The Sleep Defense System by Hospitology Products features soft polyester knit fabric with extra-tough seam construction to protect your pillow from accumulating bacteria caused by body fluids, mildew, stain and molds.

The waterproof membrane in the fabric makes it cool and comfortable.

Most importantly, it doesn’t trap heat aiding a breathable night’s sleep.

This is a top level pillow protector that blocks allergens as you sleep, helping to ease asthma and other respiratory problems.

The materials used in making them have no vinyl, PVC or Phthalates.


  • No harmful chemicals or materials used
  • Waterproof and allergy-proof
  • Protects from stains
  • Secure stitching


  • Makes a bit of noise
  • Inner coating makes it hard to wash
  • Traps air


This pillow protector is one of the best out there because it works as a barrier for your pillow from allergens and moisture.

​10. LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Pillow Protector

LUCID Zippered Encasement

Made with a terry fabric top surface, this pillow protector is soft, breathable and retains a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The pillow cover protects from liquids, bodily fluids, sweat and other spills.

The polyurethane back repels allergens, dust mites and other bacteria from accumulating and settling into your pillow.

The ultra-thin fabric used for this pillow protector has comes with tiny pores for breathability and freshness.


  • Great for pets
  • Waterproof material is underneath so it doesn’t feel stiff
  • Soft surface texture


  • Rustles a bit
  • It’s terry cloth fabric absorbs heat and gets a bit hot
  • Waterproof material feels like plastic


This waterproof pillow protector from Lucid works great to repel liquids. It’s a solid option.

​11. Great Bay Home 2-Pack Premium Allergy Pillow Protectors

Great Bay Home 2-Pack 100% Cotton

These premium allergy pillow protectors are designed to block dust mites, bed bugs, pollens, bacteria, pet dander and other allergens.

They also protect your pillows from sweat, saliva, bodily fluids and other liquid stains.

These pillow protectors are a must-have of you suffer from any night time allergies.

The pillowcases come with sturdy zippers to fully enclose and protect your pillow.

Plus, they’re machine washable and easy to clean.


  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Made with 100% cotton for comfort
  • Noiseless look and feel


  • Zipper is flimsy
  • Too snug and tight
  • A bit expensive but worth the value


These premium allergy pillow protectors from Great Bay Home are comfortable, noiseless and easy to clean.

Definitely one of the best pillow protectors on this list.

​12. Guardmax Bedbug Proof Waterproof Pillow Protectors

Guardmax Waterproof Zippered Covers

With the Guardmax Bedbug Proof pillow protectors, you can enjoy a clean and healthy sleep protected from allergens, dust mites and bacteria.

They’re also waterproof too.

Overall, these pillow protectors keep out moisture, liquids, perspirations, stains, saliva and anything wet.

They’re made from polyester and polyurethane backing to guarantee a comfortable, breathable and restful night’s sleep.

Also, they don’t make crinkling noises and are very plush/soft to the touch.  

The zippers are very easy to use too.

They’re high quality and can be easily cleaned through machine wash and dry.

Comes in a set of 4 hypoallergenic pillow encasements.


  • Comfortable and odour-free
  • No crinkly plastic or plastic smell
  • No noise
  • Works for pets
  • No vinyl


  • Too air-tight
  • Zippers aren’t durable
  • Size is too long


Most of the waterproof pillowcases have terry cloth as their surface material, but this brand uses polyester to avoid that “towel” look and feel while still ensuring softness and breathability.

And for that reason, we love this product!

​13. Four Seasons Essentials Standard Pillow Protectors

Four Seasons Essentials Standard

These pillow protectors from Four Seasons are waterproof and designed to ensure allergy relief.

They’re hypoallergenic and constructed to be impenetrable pillow covers, to help you stay healthy and breathe easy.

They seal out dust, pet dander and allergens.

These pillow protectors are made from a soft, stretchable and breathable fabric that keeps out liquids, moisture, contaminants and other allergens while maintaining comfort.

They also come with a polyurethane inner lining that makes them waterproof and blocks liquids and moisture from getting in, keeping your pillows dry.

The product has premium zippers too. Plus they’re machine washable and easy to remove and clean.


  • Made with polyester and polyurethane
  • Soft and does not rustle
  • Noiseless and breathable fabric
  • Great for keeping feathers in on down pillows


  • Shrinks and wrinkles in cold water
  • Zipper can break
  • Stiff polyester material


Four Seasons Essentials Standard Pillow Protectors are great pillow encasements to ensure an allergy-free rest.

However, the polyester surface may not be comfortable enough for some (a few reviews stated this).

​14. AllerEase 100% Cotton Allergy Protection Pillow Protectors

Aller-Ease Cotton

Extend your pillow life through the use of this pillow encasement that protects against household allergens.

It’s designed to keep your pillows fresh and clean.

They’re made from 100% cotton with a 200 thread count for a soft, smooth look and feel.

They provide great allergen protection, with a pore size of less than 10 microns – offering complete allergen protection against dust mites, pollens, pet dander and more.

Allerease is a zippered protector that’s durable, breathable and soft to the touch.

This comes in a pack of 2 standard sized pillow protectors.


  • Cotton-made for softness
  • Perfect thickness
  • Price value
  • High-quality cotton protector


  • Shrinks during washing
  • Plastic zippers
  • Crinkles after washing


These pillow protectors from Allerease are good, affordable alternatives from other brands of pillow protectors.

​15. Sleep Restoration 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector

Sleep Restoration 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector 2pk

The Sleep Restoration waterproof pillow protector promotes a healthy sleep by protecting your pillow from damaging liquids, sweat and other liquid spills and stains.

This pillow protector is also hypoallergenic – meaning it protects against allergens, pet waste, and bacteria.

It also repels allergy-causing dust and dust mites.

It’s made with soft and breathable technology, with a combination of a terry cloth surface and a membrane that allows air passage but keeps moisture out.

There’s also a zipper to fully enclose and protect your pillows from sleep-disturbing elements.

This product is soft to the touch as the fabric is a combination of cotton and polyester – and most of all it’s vinyl-free.


  • Soft and machine washable
  • Stops sweat from staining your pillow
  • Soft terry cloth
  • Keeps the shape of your pillow


  • Traps air inside
  • Seams weren’t well sown
  • Not as breathable as others


Unlike other pillow covers made with terry cloth, this product still offers great breathability and temperature control.


The products we’ve reviewed all have their own unique benefits.

However, based on customer feedback.

We’re going to pick two options for the best pillow protector from this list:

  1. ComfiLife 100% Waterproof Pillow Protectors
  2. lushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Pillow Protectors

These two brands of pillow protectors are eco-friendly, comfortable and offer maximum protection.

And they don’t just protect you and your pillows, they’re also sustainable and environmentally friendly too.

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