Best Yoga Blanket: What’s The Best Yoga Blanket?

So what’s the best yoga blanket?

And do you actually need one?

Here’s how to find the perfect yoga blanket to take your yoga practice to the next level.

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Top 12 Best Yoga Blankets

1. Canyon Creek Yoga Blanket

Canyon Creek

This blanket is a combination of acrylic and cotton with no other materials, which makes it very soft and cozy. It’s a good size, coming in at 76” x 53”. 

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They are handmade in Mexico and come in many authentic Mexican patterns. This blanket is perfect for yoga as it is quite thick, weighing a solid 3.5 pounds. 

These blankets can definitely be used for other purposes, but the weight and thickness make them most effective as a yoga blanket specifically. 


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  • Very thick and heavy, perfect for supporting even more difficult poses. 
  • Traditional and handmade. 
  • There is a huge variety of colors available. 


  • The weight may make it impractical for other uses. 
  • Due to being handmade, the colors can vary quite a bit from the pictures. 
  • The weaving is on the looser side. 

These handmade, authentic blankets are available in multiple colors and offer thickness and weight that is perfect for a yoga blanket. 

2. YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

This Mexican style yoga blanket is available in many different colors to easily match your style and preference. These yoga blankets are soft, versatile, and big enough to cover your whole body. They are 74” x 52” and lightweight at only 2.4 pounds. 

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YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican

They are perfect for meditation, outdoor practice, or support for various yoga positions in the studio. When you’re done your yoga session, these blankets can still be used for other things. Use it for a picnic or take it to the beach! 


  • Lightweight and easy to transport. 
  • Perfect choice for outdoor yoga.
  • Versatile and good for other things.


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  • Not as thick as traditional yoga mats or blankets. 
  • May not be suitable for postures where very strong, firm support is necessary. 
  • Colors are sometimes different than pictured. 

This is a beautiful, versatile, and authentic Mexican style yoga blanket that can be used for yoga anywhere.

3. Spirit Quest Supplies Bodhi Blanket 

Spirit Quest Supplies Bodhi Mexican Style

The weave on this Mexican style yoga blanket is strong and tight which makes the blanket itself quite durable. It is bigger than most yoga blankets at 74” x 56” which offers great coverage and versatility. 

The colors on these blankets are bright and bold. There are many different options and combinations, so you will be able to find a beautiful blanket to fit your style or color scheme. 

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Its size makes it perfect for all kinds of yoga, meditation, and stretching. It can be bent, folded, and manipulated to support you in your poses and postures. 

In addition to being a great help in the yoga studio or during your practice time, the blanket has many other uses. Its beautiful coloring will make a great statement piece in your home, or you can take it to the beach. 

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  • The blanket is strong and woven together tightly making it durable and long-lasting.
  • Patterns are beautiful and interesting. 
  • Stands up well to outdoor activities such as camping or concerts. 


  • Some find the blanket to be too stiff and itchy.
  • Colors are not always as pictured. 
  • Not as heavyweight as a professional studio blanket. 

This blanket is bold and beautiful while being thick and high-quality – it will stand the test of time and enhance your life in many ways. 

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4. Benevolence LA Mexican Yoga Blanket

Authentic Mexican

These blankets are handwoven in Mexico with a combination of bold colors and more subtle patterns to suit anyone’s style. They are durable and lightweight, making transportation between activities easy and hassle-free. 

They are durable but versatile. They offer great support for your yoga ventures, but can be used for any outdoor activity you wish. Camping, concerts, a beach day – whatever you want. This blanket will keep you warm, dry, and stylish at the same time. 

The blanket is slightly smaller than others at 65” x 40”, but they come with a mission. The company strives to help those living in poverty and donates a portion of their profits to charity. 

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For your money, you get a fantastic blanket, and the knowledge that you’ve helped someone less fortunate. 


  • Lightweight with multiple colors and patterns to choose from. 
  • Durable, warm, and stylish at the same time. 
  • Each purchase benefits charity. 


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  • Not as tightly woven as it could be. 
  • Many find that the blanket sheds and leaves lint around a lot. 
  • Quite thin.

These are fun, bright, and versatile blankets you can feel good about buying  – you know your money is going to a good cause. 

5. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket 

El Paso Designs Mexican

These blankets are as authentic as they come. They are woven on a loom and come in traditional Mexican colors and patterns. While traditional in style, there are still multiple color options available. 

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They are a good size at 74” x 51” – a perfect size for a twin bedspread. Their size also makes them perfect for any yoga related activity, be it a studio classroom or an outdoor practice session. They can be used for stretching and posing, or folded and rolled up for added support. 

This blanket is one of the lightest weight options available, weighing only two pounds. It is also made from 100% recycled materials, so you can know you’re doing good for the environment. 


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  • Extremely lightweight. 
  • Woven traditionally on a loom. 
  • Made from 100% recycled materials, making it very eco-friendly. 
  • Fits a twin bed perfectly.
  • Traditional Mexican patterns. 


  • Looser weave than other blankets. 
  • It is thin and not very warm. 
  • It frays and falls apart easily. 

While this blanket is thin, it is beautiful, eco-friendly, and versatile. 

6. YogaDirect Yoga Blanket


This blanket is an average size, measuring about 53” x 78”, though it is a little bit thicker than most, weighing 2.6 pounds. 

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It comes in several bright, solid colors that are bright and appealing. The lack of patterns make them perfectly suitable for any color scheme. The material is soft and warm, making it useful for many things in addition to yoga. 

Its weight and thickness allow it to offer you excellent support when folded, even for more difficult positions. 


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  • Blanket is on the thick side. 
  • Soft and warm, perfect for outdoor use. 
  • Very supportive for all yoga poses.


  • It may shed quite a bit.
  • Colors may be different than pictured. 
  • It is a Mexican style blanket, but no traditional patterns are available.

This blanket comes in several bright and beautiful colors, and it is thicker, heavier, and warmer than most.

7. El Paso Designs Peyote Hippie Blanket 

El Paso Designs Mexican | Colorful Falsa Serape

Weighing 3.4 pounds, this is another heavy blanket that will suit a yoga enthusiast perfectly. Measuring 74” x 57”, it’s a good, average size. 

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The colors and patterns are a traditional Mexican style, while also mimicking the warmth and weight of an American wool blanket, at a much more reasonable cost. 

These blankets are versatile, being perfect for yoga as well as camping, decoration, a couch throw or even a bedspread. They are hypoallergenic, durable, and fade resistant. 


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  • Heavy, thick, and warm without the high cost. 
  • Hypoallergenic material. 
  • The colors are fade-resistant. 


  • The weaving is loose which makes it delicate. 
  • The blanket can be scratchy and not very soft. 
  • It comes with a strong smell that can be difficult to get out, even with washing. 

These blankets are versatile, thick, warm, and made from hypoallergenic material, so they will be gentle and safe for anyone to use. 

8. Topaz Hill Mexican Blanket

Authentic Mexican - Premium

This an authentic Mexican falsa blanket, handwoven in a small town in Mexico. They are perfect for support during yoga sessions. Their thickness and durability also make them great for picnics, camping, outdoor yoga, or even a home decoration. 

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They are slightly smaller than average at 72” x 50”, but they make up for this in their quality and comfort. Their color and pattern options are simple and traditional. 


  • Warm, thick, and good quality. 
  • Handmade and authentic. 
  • Your purchase supports a small business of hardworking people in Mexico. 


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  • Not as thick as other yoga blankets. 
  • Limited color/pattern options. 
  • It can shed and cause a lot of lint. 

This is a light-weight, versatile blanket that is carefully handmade in the heart of Mexico. 

9. Threads West Mexican Falsa Throw Yoga Blanket

Genuine Mexican Handwoven

This is a traditional falsa blanket handcrafted in Mexico made from high-quality material and bright, beautiful colors. They are woven tightly and are bigger, warmer, and softer than most falsa blankets. 

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They are available in a standard size, 72” x 52”, or you can choose to order an even bigger one, measuring 82” x 58”.

The blanket is environmentally friendly as its made from recycled fibers. It is hypoallergenic and stain-resistant as well. 


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  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stain-resistant
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Available in two sizes. 
  • Handmade in Mexico. 


  • Sheds and creates a lot of lint.
  • Colors may vary from what is pictured. 
  • Thin and lightweight. 

This environmentally friendly, handcrafted blanket from Mexico is versatile and available in two convenient sizes. 

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 10. Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

Charcoal (Dark Grey / Black) Thunderbird Heavyweight

This blanket is handwoven and unique. It is a dark grey color with a thunderbird design on the end. It was designed specifically for yoga, but can still be taken to the beach or used around your home. 

This blanket is on the larger side, measuring 78” x 54”. This is great for all yoga practices as it will offer fantastic support when folded and manipulated based on your pose. It will also offer great coverage as a bedspread or throw blanket. 


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  • It is very soft. 
  • Authentic and handwoven. 
  • Larger than average. 


  • Only comes in one color with a bird design. 
  • Colors can vary greatly due to being handwoven. 
  • It is on the lighter side for yoga blankets. 

This handmade yoga blanket is large, soft, and comes with a unique and beautiful design. 

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11.  Laguna Beach Mexican Serape Blanket

Black Mexican by Laguna Beach Textile Co

These blankets are handwoven by a small family business in Mexico. They are available in traditional colors, with a variety of unique designs. The cotton/polyester blend makes it incredibly soft. 

They are slightly smaller than average, measuring 70” x 48”, but are still large enough to spread out on or cover your bed with. 

The blankets are lightweight and durable. They are great for some yoga classes, but can also be used for various outdoor activities or as a regular blanket in your house. 

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  • Extremely soft material. 
  • Combines practicality with warmth and comfort. 
  • Compact and versatile. 
  • Your purchase supports a small family business. 


  • May not be thick enough to support all yoga poses and movements. 
  • The weaving is a bit loose, making the blanket fragile. 
  • They may be too light and small for more heavy-duty yoga poses that require a lot of support. 

These compact, handwoven blankets are versatile, lightweight, practical, and made with care by a family business. 

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12. RollingSandsHarmony Yoga Blanket

Rolling Sands Premium Solid Color Mexican

These handmade blankets are made in Mexico and come in a variety of bright, beautiful, solid colors. The blankets are made with a tight weave and come in a large size at 78” x 54”. This allows for maximum comfort and versatility.  

The simple colors mean that this blanket will look great in any setting and go with almost any color scheme. They are warm, soft, and perfect for many activities on top of yoga. This can include camping, beach days, or just lounging around the house. 

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  • Large size. 
  • Soft, warm, and durable. 
  • Many beautiful colors available. 


  • There are no patterns available. 
  • May come out of the box with a slight odor. 
  • Colors can vary from what is pictured. 

These warm, soft blankets are bright, simple, and great for yoga and other outdoor activities. 

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Final Thoughts: Which Product is Best? 

A yoga blanket is an essential accessory for a serious yogi who wants to get the most out of their sessions and classes. All of these blankets are a fantastic choice for anyone who is passionate about yoga.

The one that stands out from the rest, however, is the Canyon Creek Yoga Blanket. This blanket is a perfect combination of all elements of a good yoga blanket. It is large, thick, and heavy enough for strong support. 

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Canyon Creek

It comes in traditional Mexican coloring and will enhance the yoga experience considerably. 

What To Look For When Choosing This Product

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect yoga blanket for yourself. One thing to look at is your budget. This list is full of budget-friendly blankets that offer great quality, thickness, and versatility for very reasonable prices. 

Next, it’s always smart to look at the feedback from other customers. Read some good reviews as well as bad ones, and find out exactly what each product is like. 

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These blankets are meant to provide comfort while changing poses, as well as support to your joints while stretching and performing your poses. For this, you want something soft, flexible, and durable. 

You want a blanket with good-quality craftsmanship that will last you a long time and stand up to normal wear and tear. 

Lastly, you must ensure the dimensions are good for you. Determine what length of blanket you need, and choose a blanket that is the perfect size for your needs. 

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