Best Yoga Bolster in 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Investing in a good yoga bolster will help you take your yoga practice to the next level.

But what should you look for when choosing one?

And what’s the best one for you?

Well here’s 13 yoga bolsters reviewed and our top pick for 2022…

How To Choose The Right Yoga Bolsters?

To guide you in your search for the best yoga bolster, these factors are what you need to look out for:


Bolsters are often cylindrical but rectangular ones are gaining more popularity too. Shape is an important consider when choosing your bolster, as it affects your movements.

Is The Size Right For You?

The standard size for yoga bolsters is 24 X 12 inches. They can be as long as 28 inches as well. If you’re taller or you have a longer torso, its best to choose the bigger ones for more reach. Standard-sized yoga bolsters are the most popular bolsters and are ideal for restorative yoga poses.

Do You Like The Fabric/Material?

When it comes to yoga bolsters, their outer coverings are usually made from polyester and/or cotton.

So check if the seams, zipper, handle etc are well-sewn together. We recommend choosing a fabric that’s thick, durable and also removable for easy washing.

What’s The Filling Like? Choose a yoga bolster with a filling that’s firm but has enough give for both support and comfort. Fillings are usually made from foam, cotton, buckwheat hulls or fiber.

Is It Sustainably Made And Eco-Friendly?

As yoga bolsters come in contact with your skin and body, it’s best to choose safe, nontoxic and eco-friendly yoga bolsters. They can be made from organic cotton, buckwheat hulls and other plant-based materials.

Is It Comfortable?

The comfort of your bolster or pillow is dictated by it’s shape, filling, size and material.

Are You Getting Value For Money?

To some extent, price determines the quality of an item. But that’s not always the case. Choose a yoga bolster that gives you the most comfort, support and value for money.

13 Best Yoga Bolsters – Reviews

​1. Bean Products Best Yoga Bolster

Bean Products

This one’s available in 2 shapes and styles.The rectangle bolster has dimensions of 25 x 1 2 x 6 and the cylinder comes with dimensions of 28 x 7 x 6.These two bolsters are both designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga positions. They’re good to deepen and enhance flexibility, stability and alignment during yoga. It’s handmade in the USA using premium hemp, cotton, organic cotton and easy-care vinyl materials.


· Available in two shapes for desired comfort and support

· Great for bodywork use

· Material options of cotton canvas, commercial-grade easy clean vinyl and 100% organic cotton


· Bolster cover may shrink after washing

· Not particularly firm· Gets flat and compressed after several uses

Verdict: What’s great about the Bean Products bolsters is the customizable experience of having to choose not just the shape and size, but also the materials they’re made of.

​2. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Hugger Mugger Standard

The Hugger Mugger standard yoga bolster is handmade from a blend of cotton, foam and polyester to ensure the perfect balance of comfort and strength every time you attempt challenging yoga positions.

The top and bottom is purposely flat for stability and its made to be exceptionally firm to maintain structural integrity in all poses.

It’s available in 6 colours and measures 25 x 12 x 6 inches.


·      Best for restorative yoga sessions

·      Has a flat surface for stability

·      Has handles for carrying


·      Bolster cover shrinks after washing

·      Very firm

·      Has a chemical smell that fades after few washes

Verdict: If you’re a tall person and looking for a bolster that’s well made and can give firm and ample support, then the Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster is best for you.

​3. YogaAccessories Supportive Cotton Yoga Bolster

YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton

​The Hugger Mugger standard yoga bolster is handmade from a blend of cotton, foam and polyester to ensure the perfect balance of comfort and strength every time you attempt challenging yoga positions. The top and bottom is purposely flat for stability and its made to be exceptionally firm to maintain structural integrity in all poses. It’s available in 6 colours and measures 25 x 12 x 6 inches.


· Best for restorative yoga sessions

· Has a flat surface for stability

· Has handles for carrying


· Bolster cover shrinks after washing

· Very firm

· Has a chemical smell that fades after few washes

Verdict: ​Resembling a cushion, this bolster is wide enough to give great back support back despite it’s reported chemical smell (from numerous reviews online).

​4. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cotton Bolster

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cotton

Made with the right balance of firmness and pliability, this buckwheat hulls-filled Zafu bolster from Peace Yoga is awesome.It gives you a boost up from hard floors, properly supports your spine and will relieve any stress on your joints during yoga/meditation. This yoga bolster is also firm enough to double as a yoga block, supporting your yoga poses.


· Has handles for carrying

· Pouched filling and removable cover for easy cleaning

· Multi-purpose

· Available in several colours and design


· Size is too small for ‘larger sized’ adults

· Zipper and seams can burst if you’re not careful with it

Verdict: While this is a great meditation pillow for the average-sized person, this can also be a useful decorative piece to enliven your meditation space.

​5. Gaiam Rectangular Bolster

Gaiam Rectangular Meditation Pillow

The Gaiam rectangular bolster is made from ultra-soft materials, with a combination of 100% polyester filling and natural cotton batting. It acts as a good support for your body during yoga, meditation or relaxation. This also comes with a sturdy handle, making it easy to carry. Plus there’s a useful removable cover for machine washing. This bolster measures 30.4 x 12.3 x 8.3 and is available in black, purple and blue.


· Extra length for taller people

· Handle for portability

· Sturdy and durable

· Best for restorative support


· A bit lumpy

· Has a chemical smell when you first use it

Verdict: The Gaiam Yoga bolster is recommended if you’re tall because it’s so long.

​6. Waterglider International Pranamaya Bolster

Waterglider International Rectangular Pranamaya

This is a narrow bolster that’s rectangular-oblong in shape and measures 27 x 8 x 5 inches. Made with 100% organic cotton, this yoga bolster provides the perfect support for your yoga postures. It’s cushions are firm and densely packed but still comfortable enough to relieve body tension. Designed with a handle for portability, it also comes in 6 vibrant colours.


· Removable cover, making it easy to wash

· Organic cotton stuffing for sustainability

· Great for restorative therapy (especially for your back)


· Quite hin

· Narrower than regular bolsters

Verdict: Made with high quality brands and coming from a reputable brand (Waterglider), this narrow yoga bolster is sturdy and firm.It’ll give you a comfortable level of support – especially along your spine.

​7. SOL Living Yoga Bolster

Sol Living

SOL living yoga bolster takes pride in its sturdy construction and durable materials. This meditation pillow is long-lasting and durable enough for everyday use. It’s also made with 100% organic cotton, so it’s eco-friendly and sustainably made.The organic cotton filling adapts to your body shape, providing you with enough support and stability for your back, core and joints. This durable meditation pillow/bolster is available in 4 colours and measures 28 x 12 x 8 inches.


· Eco-friendly and sustainably made

· Sturdy and firm

· Great for restorative and yin poses

· Has a handle making it easy to carry on the go


· Too thick and wide for smaller people

Verdict: This is a high quality, eco-friendly yoga bolster with a lovely fabric colour. It’s extra-firm, thick and sturdy enough to last long term, even if you’re using it everyday.

​8. Zafuko Yoga Cushion

Zafuko Standard Meditation and Cushion

The Zafuko yoga cushion isn’t just for yoga but also serves as a great meditation or sitting cushion. It’s filled with 100% natural fibre called Kapok (from the Kapok tree), a material that’s recommended by yoga teachers and communities around the world. Plus this yoga bolster is firm enough to provide both stability and comfort.


· Hypoallergenic

· Sustainable with its plant-based materials

· Great for hip-support

· Lightweight at only 1.2 lbs


· Small size – 14 X 7 X 5

Verdict: With it’s beautiful and artistic patterns, this compact and light yoga cushion is an awesome support block for Pilates, meditation and other exercises.

​9. REEHUT Zafu Bolster Pillow

REEHUT Zafu Meditation Cushion

This bolster pillow comes in 3 sizes to cater to your body shape. The biggest is 16” x 4.5”, followed by 13” x 4.5” and the smallest is 12” x 4.5”. All of these bolster pillows from Reehut are stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls, sealed in a pouch for easy removal and replacement. Plus it’s hemp cover is removable, making it easy to wash and clean.


· Promotes proper posture and positioning

· Supports your spine· Easy to carry, coming with a portable handle


· It’s buckwheat filling may attract bugs

· After long-term usage, you may find the pillow becomes a bit flat

Verdict: The REEHUT Zafu bolster pillow is comfortable, firm and has enough ‘give’ to make it easy to sit on for long periods of time.

​10. Blue Dove Yoga Bolster

Blue Dove Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Encased in a hand-printed organic cotton cover, this yoga bolster can also be used as a decorative household cushion….So it’s not just a good support prop for yoga and meditation! It’s filled with soft cotton wadding, making it comfortable and stable whilst you practice yoga. It’s dimensions are 22cm diameter X 63 cm length.


· GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) certified

· Made from organic cotton (cover and filling)

· Great for rolling out muscle tension


· Stiff cushion

· Smaller than your average yoga bolster

Verdict: While this is smaller than most regular bolsters, it’s great for warming up your muscles whilst practicing yoga.

​11. Gayo 100% Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster

Gayo 100% Cotton Rectangle Pillow Set with Extra Cover and Carry Bag

Firm and rectangular in shape, this is a great support for the back, body and neck and can relieve your muscle tension, even during pregnancy. This yoga bolster from Gayo serves a 3 in 1 product – as a cushion for seated meditation, a travel pillow and as a support for restorative yoga poses. It’s also GOTS certified and made with organic cotton filling. Plus the fabric cover is durable and long-lasting. However, it’s size is smaller than standard bolsters at 17”X 11” X 6”.


· GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) certified

· Eco-friendly organic cotton filling and cover

· Multi-purpose

· Designed to work for pregnant women too


· Cover shrinks after washing

· A bit on the small side

· Heavy for its size

Verdict: ​If you’re just looking for a small, eco-friendly bolster, then this is probably the best product for you.

​12. Manduka Enlight Yoga Bolster

Manduka Enlight

This yoga bolster from Manduka features an absorbent eQua microfiber fabric that keeps it dry. It’s also soft and plush to the touch for a comfortable use. Measuring at 27 x 9 x 6 inches, this rectangular bolster is stuffed with a long-lasting fiber fill, so it’s firm and provides plenty of support. It has an easy—carry handle and the zipper covers are hidden, for a smooth and seamless finish.


· Soft and absorbent

· Handle for carrying it

· Quality materials and well-made

· Great as a knee cushion


· Not too firm

· Quite soft and lightweight

Verdict: Made from high quality materials, this yoga bolster doubles up as a pillow too.

​13. Peach Blossom Rectangular Yoga Bolster

Peach Blossom

Available in 10 vibrant colours, the Peach Blossom rectangular yoga bolster is made of soft polyester and cotton blend, fiber-filling. It’s best used a prop to assist and support you in deep yoga postures and meditation. The fiber-filling adapts to your body, which is a handy feature. It has a sewn-on handle and a removable cover for washing. Dimensions: 26” X 12” X 8”.


· Available in a variety of colours

· Flat top and bottom for support

· Great for relieving pressure


· Loses a bit of firmness after heavy usage

Verdict: Similar to other rectangular bolsters on this list, this is also great yoga prop that can serve as both a cushion and a decorative pillow.


Bean Products

While the demand for yoga props are ever-increasing, many manufacturers are taking advantage by coming up with tons of different yoga bolsters.

Having said that, the yoga bolsters from Bean Products top this list as the company gives you the option to choose not just the shape and colour, but also the material and filling.

That’s incredibly useful!

Bean Products yoga bolsters are also painstakingly handcrafted to ensure a durable and long-lasting quality bolster that can withstand heavy and repeated use.

Most importantly, they encourage sustainability by including an all organic option.

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