Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees of 2022 – Ultimate Guide

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If you want a yoga mat that’s designed for bad knees, this guide will help you!

Because let’s be honest:

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One factor that defines the quality of your yoga sessions literally rests on one thing.

Yoga Mats.

And choosing the right one is crucial, especially if you’re struggling with bad knees.

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So in this article, we’ll run through the top 5 best yoga mats for bad knees in 2020 – including the pros, cons and our personal favourite.

What To Look For When Choosing A Yoga Mat For Bad Knees:

If you’re struggling with bad knees, and you want a yoga mat, here’s how you can pick the best one…


Just like a bed mattress, yoga mats also have varied thickness to cater to people’s different levels of comfort.

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A standard yoga mat is 1/8-inch thick, which is the required minimum thickness.

Other yoga mats may vary from 1/16-inch thick, which is compact and also good for travelling, whilst some can get up to as a thick as 1/4-inches.

Cushion & Padding

The material is crucial. Why? Because it affects the texture, stickiness and your overall level of comfort.

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Most yoga mats are made from PVC/vinyl materials, which most yogis find the most durable and comfortable.


A yoga mat with a smoother texture and softer feel is best for bad knees VS a mat with a bumpy pattern or rough texture.

Why? Well, believe me:

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If your knee feels bad already, you don’t want to “roughen” it up even more.


Yoga mats are intentionally made with a certain level of stickiness to avoid it from slipping during use.

For example, a PVC yoga mat is good for traction, yet at the same time it’s comfortable because it’s not as sticky as other traditional yoga mat materials.

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Top 5 Best Yoga Mats For Bad Knees (2022 Reviews)

Below are five of the best yoga mats for bad knees available on the market today.

1. Liforme Yoga Mat

LIFORME Original

“Revolutionary in its design. Liforme Yoga Mat claims to be world’s best. Futuristic yet keeps the most essential aspects of a yoga mat: function and performance”.

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  • Dimensions: 72.8″ long x 26.8″ wide and 0.16″ thick.
  • Revolutionary. Came up with their own material called “GripforMe” which claims to be the grippiest of all yoga mats available on the market.
  • User-friendly. It also has their own designed “AlignForMe” system that helps to improve technique and works as a navigational tool for the user.
  • Eco-friendly. Non-toxic and PVC free. Also, biodegradable within 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions.
  • Comes in 4 colors and includes a yoga mat bag for portability.


  • In terms of design, it’s both efficient and functional
  • It has a strong rubber base with a cushioned felt in between that, plus the top layer of the mat is designed for extra support and stability.


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  • Weighing at 5.51 pounds, it’s heavier than your average yoga mat
  • The “futuristic” aesthetics aren’t for everyone

The Verdict: With it’s revolutionary features, it’s clear that Liforme Yoga Mat may be the most technically advanced yoga mat in the market today.  

2. Aurorae Classic Extra Thick And Long Yoga Mat

AURORAE Classic Printed Extra Thick and Long 72inch Premium

“With a variety of colors and its own rising moon icon design, the Aurorae Classic Extra Thick and Long Yoga Mat is a pleasure to the eyes and other senses”


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  • Dimensions: 72″ length X 24” width X ¼ inches thick
  • Includes rosin material for a more efficient non-slip function.
  • Iconic design of a rising moon focal point to help your focus with accented with illuminating colors.
  • Tested and are safe/non-toxic. Does not include Phthalates, Phenols, PAHS, Latex, Silicone or Rubber.
  • Comes in multiple vibrant colors – so it’s good for everyone, including kids.
  • Great for pilates, aerobics and even for camping, fishing and any other related outdoor activities.


  • The Aurorae brand yoga mats boast of its ¼” thickness which is perfect for stability and maintaining balance
  • The length and width also accommodate various body measurements It has a strong grip and it’s adequately padded
  • The thickness is also good in protecting knees and joints.
  • The company is a family-oriented business and they have a customer support line for any enquiries and complaints regarding their products 


  • Many users have complained that this yoga mat can be a little too slippery for a hot yoga class and when doing the downward dog
  • But that problem can be solved by the non-slip rosin that’s included in the purchase
  • A few users also noted that it quickly showed signs of wear and tear after only several days of usage.

The Verdict: The Aurorae Classic Extra Thick yoga mat has on the whole, mostly positive reviews.

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But it can become a little slippery and that’s something you need to be cautious about, especially if you’re doing hot yoga classes.

3. Matymat’s Non-Slip TPE Yoga Mat With Carry Bag And Strap

Matymat’s Non-Slip TPE With Carry Bag And Strap

“With it’s two-toned color and triple layer design, it not only has good aesthetics but also gives focus on stability and safety for a more excellent experience”.


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  • Dimensions: 72” length x 24” wide x 1/4 inches thick.
  • High-density meaning more compact and more durable.
  • Super anti-slip. Corners are rounded to provide that extra grip, firmness and resistance for your hands.
  • Eco-friendly. Made with SGS Certified TPE Materials which are biodegradable, 100% PVC free and contains no latex, rubber or toxins.
  • Light weight. Only 2.8LB so it’s easy to carry with the strap/rope it includes.
  • Easy to store and wash.
  • Available in different colorways.

Many reviews do note that it has better traction and it’s very easy to carry and maintain.


  • Matymats yoga mats banks on its two-layered feature with their own unique patterns for anti-skid and a better surface grip
  • Each layer is also designed in two-toned colours setting it apart form other brands
  • As it is made with biodegradable materials, it does not let out any toxic smell common with other brands made of PVC when used during a hot yoga session
  • Many reviews note that it has better traction and it’s very easy to carry/maintain.


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  • As it’s light and high-density, the mat may get a little wrinkly after a few weeks of use
  • Some users reported that whilst you’re laying out on a flat surface, this mat can feel a little bumpy and uneven

The Verdict: Attractive and easy to carry, Matymats Non-slip TPE yoga mat is recommended for beginners.

However, it’s not the most durable product – so I’d recommend it for just a few months only.

4. DynActive Yoga Mat


“Luxurious high-density memory foam provides the ultimate grip and durability enabling top performance”.     

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  • Dimensions: 72” length x 24” wide x 1/4 inches thick.
  • Made with TPE material – the latest technology in yoga, which provides the best traction grip. Durable and factory-tested.
  • Non-toxic. PVC free, phthalates and other harmful chemicals
  • Lightweight. Not just perfect for home but also for travel.
  • SGS certified and is decomposable.


  • The wavy line design of the foam on the bottom provides a strong grip and a decent amount of cushion
  • It’s non-toxic – meaning it’s better for the environment and safer for you to use regularly
  • Comes with a carry on strap and more importantly, the strap comes with velcro meaning it’s more durable
  • DynActive also has a customer service team ready to help you if you have any enquiries or complaints regarding their products


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  • The smooth surface is designed with wavy lines – so if you suffer with sweaty palms, you may find this becomes a little too slippery

The Verdict: With a design optimised for traction and protection, DynActive’s Yoga Mat is highly recommended for those with bad knees.

5. MyEcoYoga Mat


“Sustainable, recyclable and affordable. A versatile product made the yogic way”.


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  • Dimensions: 74” length X 30” width X 8mm
  • Light-weight. Despite it’s extra inches, it is only 2.8 lbs.
  • Eco-friendly and allergen-free. Does not contain phthalates and other PVC-additives along with metal, rubber and latex.
  • Multi-functional. Can be used not just for yoga but also for any other general exercise.
  • 100% recyclable


  • As it’s a few extra inches longer than most yoga mats, it’s perfect if you’re a bit taller than most people
  • checkIt’s actually very comfortable, especially if you’re planning to stretch out a bit
    It’s light-weight and is thus easy to carry.
  • As it’s name suggests, My Eco yoga mats are SGS tested and made with eco-friendly materials.
  • Uniquely, it’s designed to repel moisture and performs well in hot and moist conditions e.g. Bikram yoga classes


  • While the extra inches may be good for taller people, it can also be a bit intimidating to smaller people
  • Due to it’s extra big size, it can be a little tricky to roll up

The Verdict: If you have a bad knee and you’re taller than the average person, My Eco Yoga Mat would be the most efficient choice for you.

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Final Thoughts: The Overall Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees?

LIFORME Original

Unless you’re a seasoned yoga whiz, most yoga mats come with very similar features and functions almost identical to each other.

But don’t let that fool you:

Because those tiny differences add up over longer periods of yoga practice, especially if you’re struggling with bad knees.

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Many manufacturers also claim to have made the best yoga mat.

For me, the #1 deciding factor is comfort.

If you already struggle with knee pain, you need to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible on the mat.

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Otherwise it’s going to affect your overall concentration.

Function over form, always.

With its revolutionary design, those who suffer with bad knees ought to try the Liforme Yoga mat.

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It’s features and functionality are perfectly optimised for avoiding knee pain.

And aside from the superior traction, the Liforme’s AlignForMe system is also great for yogis looking to take their yoga game to the next level.

But if LifeForMe Yoga Mat’s advanced and bold design is not to your taste, MyEco Yoga mat is also a decent alternative.

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It’s not just designed for a strong grip and support but its extra size allows a bit more ‘wiggle room’.

5 Tips For Choosing A Yoga Mat For Bad Knees

Should you practice yoga with bad knees? What yoga poses are the best?

The truth is, even once you have an exercise mat, you have sensitive knees. So you need to be careful. Here’s some handy tips to help you (no pun intended!)…

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Find A Carrying Strap.

I’d also recommend buying a carrying strap too – that’s the key to a great mat for bad knees and protecting your back. The manduka pro is one of my favourites personally for this particular reason.

It’s All About Girth.

If you can, pick a material that’s extra thick. A thick yoga mat will protect your knees, give you padding and just add a bit of extra lee way when you’re practicing your yoga poses. Memory foam is also great for this because it’s more comfortable for your body, easing the pressure on your joints and protecting you from potential unwanted injuries.

Factor In Your Height.

Now if you’re a taller person than most, I would seriously consider getting an extra long mat to stop your toes sticking off the end! This will make your yoga practice a lot more comfortable too.

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Always Wear Protection.

Additionally, avoid practicing yoga on a hard floor. Sure, more protective mats like the manduka pro will help you, but on a serious note if you’re off balance and you fall on your yoga mat, you don’t want any knee injuries.

You should feel safe whilst practicing yoga. Something with extra padding is perfect because it’ll help you enjoy more peace of mind, especially if you struggle with knee pain. You could also use a knee pad if you’re really worried.

Is Your Skin Sensitive?

Next up, when it comes to materials, a latex free surface is ideal. Latex free isn’t just a hippy, mumbo jumbo marketing ploy – it’s potentially better for the skin on your knees. Some people have terrible reactions to latex, without even knowing it! So we always recommend finding a yoga mat that’s designed for more sensitive skin, just in case.

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Also, just to make your life more convenient, find a mat that’s easy to clean. Why? Well, not just for hygiene reasons! Let’s say you’re sweaty during a session: If you can quickly clean your mat, you can avoid it becoming slippery and falling on your knees.

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