8 Best Yoga Mat Towels You Absolutely Need In Your Life!

In this guide, we’ll review 8 of the best yoga mat towels in 2022!

Students, spiritualists, gym-bunnies and anyone out there that enjoys finding their zen, are yoga mat struggles getting you down? Are you tired of soggy yoga mats and slippy surfaces? 

Do you want to be able to practise Hot Yoga and Bikram without slipping and sliding all over the place? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then this blog is definitely for you.

 Here you can find the best yoga mat towel to suit all your exercise needs, so you can concentrate on your half moon pose without any frustrating mat distractions. 

8 Best Yoga Mat Towels In 2022 – Reviews

1. IUGA Non Slip Yoga Mat Towel

IUGA Non Slip Textured Surface Eco Friendly with Carrying Strap

A yoga mat towel, a hand towel and a spritz water bottle all for under $20. It seems too good to be true but does it deliver?

There are corner hooks so it should attach easily to your mat and stay in place. It is silicone free, soft against skin and built to last for use-after-use.

Sweaty session? No problem, as it is super absorbent, so you don’t need to worry about slipping out of your downward dog pose. 

It also provides a hygienic layer between your mat to keep bacteria at bay.  After use it can easily be cleaned in the washing machine and it is fast drying.


  • You get a lot for the price
  • Super absorbant
  • A slip-free grip


  • Fades after washing
  • Comes out small on some mats
  • Needs plenty of water


You get a lot for your money and the included water bottle makes sprtizing your mat towel a breeze. 

It needs a fair amount of water to work and may fade slightly after washing. 

Overall it seems to be a super absorbent product that comes in a choice of attractive colors.

It is soft against your skin and provides a slip-free experience so you can focus on your poses and exercises without being distracted. 

2. Youphoria Hot Yoga Mat Towel

Youphoria Microfiber Non-Slip

This affordable mat really seems to do it all. It is made from lightweight microfibres, making it sweat absorbent, giving you the chance to perfect your downwards dog without skidding. 

In fact, this nifty mat absorbs up to 7 times its weight in water, making it a Bikram and Hot Yoga must-have accessory. 

It is made from skin friendly products which are silicone and latex free. This mats hygienic layer will keep the bacteria at bay.

Size is important, you want something that’s easy to roll up and carry about, while being large enough to exercise on.

At 24 x 74 inches this mat is spacious enough for posing on and can also be stored away in your backpack.


  • Super absorbant
  • Attractive colour
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t stay in place
  • Can feel hot and sticky
  • Needs washing after each use


This product has an attractive price tag and when it comes to preventing you from becoming a sweat monster it seems to do the job. 

It is portable, it comes in a cool color and is made from skin-friendly products. The downsides are that because it’s a sweat horder it needs regular washing.

 it can feel hot and sticky, which can be irritating when you’re trying to focus on contorting your body into that near-impossible pose and it has a tendency to move about

Overall, this yoga mat towel seems to be a good addition to your workout experience and it’s easy to roll up and carry about which makes it perfect for on-the-go yoga.

3. SHANDALI GoSweat Yoga Mat Towel

GoSweat Non-Slip Hot by Shandali with Super-Absorbent Soft Suede

This yoga mat towel can be used without a yoga mat, making it easy for you to practise your yoga poses in your office, at the gym or even in the park.

If you choose to use it on top of your mat it will add an extra soft dimension to it and prolong your mats life. 

It is made from super absorbent fabric, so you can build on your muscle strength and confidence without the fear of slipping. 

This mat towel comes in a choice of colours, so whether you feel like standing out with a pop of bright colour of opting for something more subtle there is something for everyone. 


  • Super soft feel
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to carry about


  • Slips about
  • Becomes less effective over time
  • Fabric bunches up when in use


This product is vibrant, soft and affordable. When it comes to being absorbent it seems to do the job but it may slip about and bunch up while in use.

 The fact it doesn’t have to be used with a mat means makes it super portable and it comes in a choice of attractive colours. 

4. Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Mat Towel

Mate Soft, Sweat Absorbent, Non-Slip

For an odor free experience, this tie-dyed mat towel offers a vibrant topper to cheer up your boring yoga mat. 

Sized at 64 x 28 inches it is the perfect fit for your yoga mat and it is made from non-slip microfibres. It is sweat absorbent, making it great for those sticky Hot Yoga classes. 

Chuck this towel mat in a separate wash first then it’ll be ready to wash again with the rest of the load, so it’ll be ready to use again in no time. 


  • Absorbs sweat
  • Affordable price
  • Eye-catching design


  • Moves around
  • Fabric lacks softness
  • Fabric corners are prone to curling up


This is a colorful yoga mat towel that certainly looks the part. As a general rule it seems to do the job, especially when it comes to sweat absorbency.

It doesn’t always stay in place which could prove bothersome when working on your yoga poses. 

5. Gaiam Yoga Mat Towel

Gaiam Mat Towel Microfiber Mat-Sized Towel for Hot

Don’t want to be a sweaty mess during your Ashtanga, or Bikram class? Then this hypo-allergenic, non-permeable microfiber mat is on hand to help. 

It is 24 x 68 inches so it will fit perfectly onto your yoga mat. It also comes in an extra large size of 26 x 72 inches if you want extra room to perfect your poses. 

This yoga mat towel is super-absorbant, and the hotter you get the more traction its microfibres provide. There is a no slip, rubber backing to make sticking it to your mat super easy.


  • Fast drying
  • Super sweat absorbant
  • Comes in a choice of eye-catching colours


  • Color fades after washing
  • Thin material
  • Doesn’t stay in place


Not a bad towel for the price, which on average seems to be under the $20 mark. 

It is fast drying, absorbs sweat and is easy to attach to your mat. The material is on the thin side, it has a habit of moving about and the color fades after washing. 

6. Healthyoga Non Slip Yoga Mat Towel

Heathyoga Hot Non Slip, Microfiber Non Slip

The duel side, double grip feature on this mat certainly makes it appealing. It is designed with grip in mind, so that you can hold poses for longer without the fear of slipping over. 

The corner pocket design means that it can easily be hooked onto the corner of your yoga mat and won’t slip and slide about. 

Gripping is what it does best, in fact, the more you wet this mat towel the better it grips, which allows you to focus on what you’re doing.

This mat towel comes in a choice of two sizes, the traditional 68 x 24 inches and a larger 72 x 26 inches. It also comes complete with a handy carry bag, perfect for transporting your yoga mat towel out-and-about. 


  • Great double grip feature
  • Stays in place with corner pocket design
  • Super absorbant


  • Quality can deteriorate after washing
  • Bad odor
  • Doesn’t grip well to all mats


At an average price of around $21.95 is mat is a little pricier than some but still affordable. 

The corner pocket design is a clever way of keeping it attached to your mat but the double grip features means separating it from your mat can prove problematic.

It also needs to be washed with extra care else it will deteriorate quickly. It seems to be super absorbent but it may admit a lingering sweat odor that remains after washing. 

7. Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel

Jaci - Non Slip - Sweat Absorbent - Microfiber Soft

Help find your zen with this super absorbent yoga mat towel. Spritz with a little water before use for a slip free experience. 

It comes in a choice of colors and there are two stunning designs to choose from, so you can be the envy of the studio while you perfect your warrior pose. What’s more, they are made from non-toxic, fade-resistant materials. 

It’s easy to wash and quick drying. In fact, it claims to dry in half the time of a regular cotton towel. 

It offers a comfortable, super absorbent base and provides that all important protective barrier to keep germs at bay. Simply roll it up on your yoga mat for super easy transportation. 


  • Stays in place
  • Attractive colors and designs
  • Easy to clean


  • Slippery when not wet
  • On the pricier side
  • Bunches up


This attractive mat seems to absorb sweat well and generally stays put. You’ll need to spritz it with water as instructed for it to work properly but it still has a tendency to bunch up. 

It also may become slippery when not wet.

Overall, this product has a lot of happy customers, even though it is slightly pricier than others. It is also easy to clean and transport about, which is always a plus.

8. Healthyoga Microfibre Yoga Mat Towel

Heathyoga Non Slip Hot, 100% Microfiber

With patterns inspired from India this yoga mat towel will add a touch of vibrancy to any studio, bedroom or living space. They are also made from premium microfiber, which is great for absorbing sweat. 

This mat towel has corner pockets so that it stays in place so you can practise your moves without the fear of slipping over. This means no annoying mat bunching or awkward slipping hands.

At 72 x 36 inches this mat is extra large, meaning that it will cover your mat and give you that extra layer of protection from bacteria. 

It includes a spritz water bottle to make wetting your towel before use super easy. It’s machine washable, easy to transport and can also be used as a beach towel. 


  • Great for grip
  • Stays in place
  • Multi use


  • Shrinks slightly in dryer
  • A bit pricier
  • Too over-sized for some mats


A spacious, colorful, beautifully designed mat that should stay in place while you pose.

It is great for grip but may shrink slightly in the wash and fade in color. Its generous size will also mean that it isn’t the perfect fit for regular sized mats.

The price is also higher than others but overall it seems to deliver well on qualify to make the cost worthwhile.

Final Thoughts: Which Yoga Mat Towel is Best?

I’ve considered sizing, cost, absorbency, grip and washing ware and I’ve chosen a winner. There are some great yoga mat towels out there to suit every need and budget. 

My winner is the IUGA Non Slip Yoga Mat Towel, as when it comes to value for money then there’s no denying that receiving a yoga mat towel, a hand towel and a water spritz bottle for under $20 is fantastic value. 

IUGA Non Slip Textured Surface Eco Friendly with Carrying Strap

This mat measures in at 72 x 26 inches, which should fit most regular yoga mats. So check your mat size before buying to make sure it fits. 

This mat towel  is super-absorbent, so no slipping about embarrassments. It grips to your yoga mat and stays in place so you can practise your poses without your mat towel trying to distract you. 

This mat towel is really easy to wash and it is fast drying…result! 

Overall, the price and quality of the IUGA set it apart from the rest. 

Now, all that’s left for you to do is grab your yoga mat towel and perfect your eagle pose. Happy yogaing and namaste.

What to Look For When Choosing Your Yoga Mat Towel

I’ve listed some of the top points to take into account when you’re searching for the perfect yoga mat towel for you. 

Sizing. Will it fit Your Yoga Mat?

Each company may claim that their yoga mat towel is the perfect size for your yoga mat but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check first.

Yoga mat towels can come in lots of different sizes, so if you don’t check the size before buying you run the risk of gaps on your yoga mat. 

Some yoga mat towels can be used without a yoga mat towel.

There are also extra large yoga mat towels available, although these can be problematic when it comes to fitting them onto regular mats as no one wants overhanging.

Is it Value for Money?

Budget is important but so is finding an awesome product within your budget. 

It is vital to see what is included in the package, as some products come with accessories such as water spritz bottles and hand towels.

Would you have to buy these products separately otherwise? 

WIll a cheaper yoga mat towel comprise on grip, absorbency and style?

Is it Super Absorbent?

You don’t want to end up in a puddle of sweat when you’re trying to work out. Therefore it is important that you buy the right yoga mat towel for you. 

What’s it made from? Will the material be kind to skin, as well as being absorbent? You want a yoga mat towel that will act like a sponge so you can do your cobra pose without distractions. 

What’s the Grip Like, Will it Stay in Place?

No one wants to be slipping across the studio because their yoga mat towel has terrible grip. Therefore you need to make sure that the one you purchase is going to stay put.

Some mats have corner pockets which attach to your yoga mat to keep them in place. Others are made of gripping material, which claim to to stick to your mat. 

Will your mat need to be spritzed with a lot of water to stay in place or does it claim to stay put without any?

Does it Wash Well?

A mat that looks good and grips well is one thing but a mat that maintains its color and credibility wash-after-wash, is another thing entirely. 

You need a product that will stand the test of time wash-after-wash. These mats go through alot and they absorb a lot of sweat, so they need to be easy to wash, quick drying and not lose their grip. 

Will the color fade after washing? Although this won’t affect usability, it can be annoying when your once vibrant yoga mat towel has become a faded mess just two washes later. 

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