Best Yoga Swing Frame: 9 Of The Best Out There In 2022

How do you choose the best yoga swing frame for you?In this buyers guide, we’ve reviewed the top 9 best frames on the market, and included tips on finding the right one for your needs.We’ve also chosen our top pick for 2022!So if you’re looking for a reliable, sturdy yoga swing frame that takes your yoga practice to the next level, keep reading…

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9 Best Yoga Swing Frames – Reviews

1. OMNI Gym Yoga Trapeze Frame

Omni Gym Omni Stand- for Hanging

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OMNI Gym Yoga Trapeze stand features a uniquely patented design that combines functionality and portability.

It’s great to use outdoors but it’s also compatible indoors with ceiling heights above 8 ft.

It’s easy to set up and disassemble yourself should you want to take it with you whilst travelling.

The frame is relatively light at 50 lbs, especially when considering it’s made of industry standard aluminium alloy tubing.

It’s best feature is the circular frame base that spans 7’6” in diameter.

This frame also has a 360-degree swivel feature and can carry a maximum weight of 300lbs.


  • Simple set-up process
  • Best for aerial yoga and inversion therapy for neck and back pain
  • You can add other accessories to it


  • Wobbly handle grips

Verdict: The OMNI Gym Yoga Trapeze stand is a circular-shaped yoga stand, giving it plenty of traction and support for hanging yoga exercises.

2. FLAGHOUSE Portable Swing Frame Set

FlagHouse - IndoorOutdoor - Standard Size

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Made from galvanized steel that’s strong and reliable, this portable yoga frame set can hold weight of up to 200 lbs.

You can use it for standard swing seats, yoga swings, trapezes, body bags etc.

Its stable base is wide enough for aerial exercise and the product dimensions are 83” W X 70” D X 77” H.

It’s great to use for both indoor and outdoor yoga.


  • Only weighs 35 lbs – lightweight and portable
  • The hardware is numbered for an easy set-up


  • Frame creaks and wobbles

Verdict: Taking note of its weight limitations, this portable yoga frame comes with an attractive, minimalist design and works best for hanging yoga exercises.

​3. KT Indoor Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand Frame

KT Dedicated Stand for Aerial Model KT1.1520YG. Foldable

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This Yoga swing frame boasts of its adjustable and foldable feature that makes it a versatile yoga swing frame.

Made of high-strength alloy steel, it’s very sturdy and durable.

You can adjust the handle-bar height to your convenience, even without a spanner wrench.

It’s easy set up allows you to add or remove other yoga accessories with ease.

You’ll find it’s very portable and easy to move.

This product takes about 10 seconds to fold up and move from one area to another.

Plus, it’s high enough to hang your yoga hammock but also just right for a standard ceiling height.

This yoga trapeze stand is made to support weights of up to 600 lbs.


  • Highly-portable and easy to carry at 60 lbs.
  • Great for stretching your back and relieving back pain
  • Has plenty of surface grip
  • Includes a 5-year warranty


  • Stand wobbles a little bit
  • Confusing set up guide
  • Stand may leave prints on the floor

Verdict: The KT Yoga trapeze stand frame is convenient to use – and you’ll find it’s the best yoga swing frame if you’re practicing a lot of different types of aerial and hanging yoga exercises. Also, it can accommodate different sizes of people, with its collapsible and adjustable frame.

​4. Prior Outdoor Company Aerial Fitness Rig

Height Adjustable Fitness Rig

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This aerial rig from Prior Outdoor Company is very safe and stable, coming with convenient locking pins to adjust and secure the legs.

You’ll be able to perform aerial yoga exercises comfortable, without worrying whether the frame is going to fall down.

Best of all, this fitness rig is adjustable.

It has different selectable heights every 4-6 inches in between and and can be used from 1m up to 3.4m.

Assembled through telescopic poles and tension d-rings, you won’t need any extra hardware or tools for installation.

The width is adjustable, from 2 to 4-meters maximum and it comes with 2 adapter loops at the top, which you can move around – allowing for extra accessories on the frame.


  • It has 2 portable bags for easy-carry
  • Supports weight up to a maximum of 1000 lbs.
  • Made of magnesium alloy and stainless steel that’s rust-resistant


  • Side support is a bit unstable
  • The height adjusting mechanisms can be confusing at first

Verdict: This yoga swing frame is convenient and portable. You can practice your aerial exercises almost anywhere, as the frame can easily be assembled and dismantled. Plus it supports plenty of weight too.

​5. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand

YOGABODY Trapeze, Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Designed to withstand even the most adventurous aerial yoga exercises, this Yogabody trapeze frame is stable and strong.

The frame prioritizes safety and features pro-grade stability.

It can be adjusted in 3 levels and you can set easily set it up within a few minutes.

You use this trapeze stand both indoors or outdoors, and on level or uneven surfaces.

Aside from trapeze exercises, you can also hang your swing, hammocks, Olympic rings, heavy bags, pull up bars etc on the frame.

It has dimensions of 9.8 ft wide X 9.8 ft. deep X 9.8 ft. tall and weighs 32 kg.


  • Strong and stable
  • Includes a 1-year warranty covering all parts and materials
  • Supports up to 600 lbs


  • Too heavy to move alone
  • No carrying bag included in the set
  • Set-up instructions only available online

Verdict: The Yogabody Yoga Swing stand is sturdily engineered and structured to support heavy weights. It’s a bit on the heavy side, reducing it’s portability – but that’s because the frame is designed to be durable, safe and sturdy.

​6. YOGABODY Naturals Trapeze Door Frame Bar

YOGABODY Naturals Trapeze Door Bar

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This is a convenient removable bar that you can install on a door frame and hang a yoga swing/trapeze on.

It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any technical DIY skills.

You only need to screw it in place, so it’s ready to use within a few minutes.

This aerial bar is compatible with a wooden door frame that’s at least 6 feet high and at least 4.5 inches wide.

The bar width adjusts from 26-inches to 36-inches maximum.

Aside from aerial yoga, you can also use this as a chin-up or pull-up bar to improve your upper body strength.


  • Simple to set up
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions
  • Fast installation
  • Doesn’t consume a big space


  • You might want to replace the screws with longer and more secure ones

Verdict: This sturdy door frame bar is a great mounting alternative if you don’t have enough space for a full frame set-up.

​7. HIPIWE Ceiling Anchor

Hipiwe Ceiling Anchor Wall Mount Bracket for Suspension Straps

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Featuring a super-strong stainless steel and rugged welded steel handles, you can workout anywhere with this sturdy and durable anchor point.

This wall/ceiling mount works both indoors or outdoors.

It safely supports up to 750 lbs of weight, so you can perform your exercises feeling secure and safe.

The mount can be installed in minutes and comes with 2 sets of screws.

It’s anchor measures 4.72 inches in diameter and supports all brands of suspension traps, body weight trainer models, resistance bands and cross-fit training rings.

The permanent painted steel anchor easily attaches to walls, vertical studs, beams and ceilings – so you can turn any room into a home gym within a few minutes.


  • Can carry heavy weight of up to 750 lbs
  • Made from permanently painted steel that doesn’t chip off or corrode
  • Discreet looking and can match any room or space
  • Great for a range of activities


  • Some impurities in the metal
  • Needs to be professionally installed

Verdict: Aside from being a sturdy and strong mount for your yoga swing, this ceiling anchor looks great too!

​8. Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin System with Rack

Teeter EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System with Rack

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This is a dual bar system that’s ideal for inversion therapy, core strengthening, pull-ups, chin-ups and heavy bag workouts.

The frame allows plenty of freedom and movement whilst you’re stretching, because there’s a lot of space between you and your doorframe when you use it.

It includes gravity boots with dual self-locking, ratchet buckles for a secure fit.

Plus it’s made with heavy duty steel coated with scratch-resistant powder and quick-disconnect brackets, making it easy to assemble, durable and strong.

The frame can carry weights of up to 250 lbs and is FDA registered.


  • Best for core strengthening and inverted decompression
  • Protects your door frame with its molded end caps
  • Locking brackets make for an easy installation or removal
  • Has a 5-year warranty


  • The EZ inversion boots are one size only but they can be adjusted
  • The product comes with an instructional video but it’s a bit outdated

Verdict: This frame is a good and inexpensive option for aerial yoga. You can mount your yoga swing to it and practice gravity inversion therapy too.

​9. Gorilla Gym Gym1 Pull-Up Bar Core Unit

Gorilla Gym Gym1 Pull Up Bar Core Unit

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The Gorilla Gym pull-up bar gives you a whole new range of motion exercises.

More than your usual pull-up bar, this comes with an innovative design that has an innovative plug and play setup.

What does that mean?

Well, it allows you to practice other movements aside from the usual up-and-down motion.

You can attach your yoga swing to it, and other accessories too.

If you want to gain a better physique by crunching, swinging, twisting and kicking, this is one of the best products out there.

It doesn’t just build your upper body strength either – you can use this product to for your lower body too.

With its patented Vise grips, you can perform all your core exercises safely and securely.

You can easily install this on a standard door frame from 24”-36’ in a few minutes, without the need to drill holes.

Made with professional grade steel and special PA6 material, this pull up bar is strong enough to support 300 lbs and is certified by ATSM – the world’s largest developer of safety standards for exercise and children’s products.

Product dimensions: 16 X 14 X 38 inches; 9.7 lbs.


  • Easy installation and no drilling needed
  • Made with high quality materials and certified safe
  • Targets multiple parts of your body
  • Attractive steel blue and metallic finish


  • Makes a bit of squeaky noise
  • Bar might bend or flex over time

Verdict: While the set up may take more than it’s advertised time of 30 seconds, this pull up bar is sturdy enough to hang your yoga swing on. You could also add other aerial accessories too. However, it hangs quite low and therefore might not be suitable if you’re tall.

Which Is The Best Yoga Swing Frame For You?

Yoga frames vary in shape, material and size. While some are simple and straightforward, some are also innovative. From this list, the OMNI Gym Yoga frame is the best yoga swing frame in our opinion. Not only does it have a unique and patented design, its circular frame provides more stability and traction for a safer aerial yoga practice – especially when compared to other design structures. Its integrated handlebars and O-rings also give you greater control and versatility too. While it may be pricey compared to others, it has so many other fun features than just a yoga swing frame or stand, making it well worth the price.

Omni Gym Omni Stand- for Hanging

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Tips For Choosing A Yoga Swing Frame

When there’s so many to choose from, it’s not easy picking the best yoga swing frame for you.

So here’s some of the key features to compare…

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Overhead Connection

It’s best to choose the yoga swing frame that’s tall enough for your height and built to allow you to move freely and comfortably.


Size is an important factor, because you’ll need to attach some of these products to your doorframe. While some are fixed, there are also frames that have adjustable sizes too. You should also consider your body size and the amount of space you’ll require.


Common materials are aluminum, stainless steel, alloy and metal. Make sure they’re strong and engineered to support heavy weights and consistent use.


Make sure you check the bolts, connections, brackets etc. and ensure they’re sturdy and reliable. There are also companies that use safe and non-toxic materials for their frames, so we recommend going for a product with eco-friendly parts.


Most frames have handles to help you stretch gain stability. There are handles that are fixed, while there are also adjustable ones.


To be convenient for travelling and moving around your home, choose a yoga swing frame that can be easily assembled and disassembled. It’s also best to choose a product that includes a carrying case or a bag.

Weight Capacity

Finally, just to be on the safe side, pick a yoga swing frame that can carry twice your bodyweight.

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