Best Yoga Trapeze Frame? Here’s 10 Of The Best Out There In 2022

What’s the best Yoga Trapeze Frame in 2022?Here are 10 of the best products you’ll find: We’ve reviewed each one in terms of portability, stability, safety and size…Plus we’ve picked our top yoga trapeze frame for this year!So jump in if you’re serious about taking your yoga practice to the next level…

10 Best Yoga Trapeze Frame Of 2022 – Reviews

1. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand

With a sturdy, stable design, this yoga trapeze frame from Yogabody is one of our favourites.It’s with pro-grade stability and safety. The product can go up in 3 levels and you can set it up yourself in about 5 minutes. Plus it doesn’t require any technical DIY skills to get it set up.You can use this trapeze stand indoors and outdoors, and on uneven surfaces too. Aside from being a yoga trapeze, you can also hang your swing, hammocks, Olympic rings, heavy bags and pull up bar on the frame. This trapeze stand measures at 9.8 ft wide X 9.8 ft. deep X 9.8 ft. tall and weighs 32 kg.


  • Strong and stable
  • Has a 1-year warranty for all parts and materials
  • Supports up to 600 lbs


  • A bit heavy to move on your own
  • Doesn’t come with carrying bag
  • No written set-up instructions included (but they’re available online)

Verdict: While this yoga trapeze frame is a bit too heavy to be portable, its sturdy engineering and structure supports plenty of weight.

It’s safe, stable and designed for longevity.

2. KT Indoor Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand Frame

This is a high-quality trapeze frame that’s made of high-strength alloy steel. Designed to be adjustable and foldable, it’s very sturdy, durable and reliable. Plus the frame is super easy to set-up – even the handle-bar height is adjustable (without a spanner) so you can quickly add or remove other yoga accessories.The KT Indoor Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand is convenient and easy to move too. It only takes about 10 seconds to fold it up and move it from one room to another. Plus it’s high enough to hang your yoga hammock and low enough to comfortably fit under your room’s ceiling height. This highly portable yoga trapeze stand is made to support a weight of up to 300 kgs.


  • Light at 28 kgs and highly-portable
  • Safe and effective for stretching and pain relief exercises
  • Has plenty of traction
  • 5-year warranty


  • Unclear set-up instruction guide
  • The stand may scratch your floor

Verdict: With its collapsible and adjustable feature, the KT Yoga trapeze stand frame gives you the convenience of using it not just for antigravity yoga, but also for other forms of hanging exercises and activities too.

3. Prior Outdoor Company Aerial Fitness Rig

Designed with convenient locking pins to adjust and secure the legs, this aerial rig from Prior Outdoor Company is safe and reliable.

If you’re practicing some ambitious aerial yoga poses, this is a great option. 

This fitness rig is adjustable and can be used from 1m up to 3.4m. 

It also has different selectable heights every 4-6 inches in between. 

This yoga swing is assembled through telescopic poles and tension d-rings eliminating the need for extra hardware or tools. 

The width is adjustable from 2 to 4-meters maximum and it comes with 2 adapter loops at the top that can be moved around – allowing you to add/remove any yoga accessories.


  • Comes with 2 portable bags
  • Can hold weight ranging from 180kgs to a maximum of 600 kg.
  • Made with magnesium alloy and stainless steel that doesn’t corrode


  • Unstable nylon straps for side support
  • Tricky height adjustment mechanisms

Verdict: This adjustable aerial rig can be easily set up and disassembled in a few minutes making it convenient to practice aerial anywhere.

4. FLAGHOUSE Portable Swing Frame Set

This is a simple swing frame made from galvanized steel that’s strong and can support up to 200 lbs of weight.  

It has a wide and stable base with dimensions measuring 83” W X 70” D X 77” H. 

You can hang standard swing seats, trapeze and yoga swings from it. 

Plus it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Light at 35 lbs weight
  • Easy to set up because the frame’s parts are numbered


  • Unstable and wobbly

Verdict: The Flaghouse swing frame set is simple, minimalist and sturdy enough to carry a maximum weight of 300lbs.

5. YOGABODY Naturals Trapeze Door Frame Bar

Unlike the previous options on this list, this isn’t an entire yoga trapeze frame but a convenient and removable bar.

You can install it on a door frame and hang your yoga trapeze on. 

It’s easy to set up and no handyman skills are required! 

You just need to screw it into place, which takes about 10 minutes.

This door frame bar is compatible with wooden door frames, that are at least 6 feet high and at least 4.5 inches wide. 

The bar spans from 26-inches to 36-inches maximum. 

Aside from using it for aerial yoga, this can also double up as a chin-up or pull-up bar to improve your upper body strength.   


  • Easy to use hanging mount
  • Comes with detailed instructions
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Space saving design


  • Included screws are a bit too short for stability (best to replace them with longer screws)
  • Installing the mountings is a little tricky

Verdict: If you don’t have space for an entire frame set-up for your aerial and hanging yoga sessions, this sturdy and dependable door frame bar is a great alternative.

6. OMNI Gym Yoga Trapeze Stand

As a result of years of developing yoga accessories, the OMNI Gym Yoga Trapeze stand is a uniquely patented design that allows plenty of functionality and portability.  

With it’s height of 8’ 2”, it fits in most apartments and homes. 

You can also use it outdoors too.

You can easily set this up and disassemble it yourself if you travel a lot. 

It’s made of industry standard round aluminium alloy tubing and the entire set only weighs 50 lbs. 

This yoga trapeze stand has a circular frame base that’s 7’6” in diameter. 

It also has a swivel feature and can carry a maximum weight of 300lbs.


  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for aerial yoga, and relieving neck/back pain
  • You can hang other accessories on it too: yoga swings, hang-chairs, hammocks etc.


  • Handle grips wobble a little

Verdict: The OMNI Gym Yoga Trapeze stand is a circular-shaped yoga stand specifically designed for hanging yoga swings but it can also be used for other aerial or hanging accessories too.

7. HEAVY Duty Swing Hangers by JGS

This versatile hardware kit from JGS (Jungle George Swings) is ideal for different types of swings mounted on your porch, door frames or concrete.

You could add use this frame for trapeze swings, yoga inversion swings, belt swings, baby bucket swings, gymnastic mounts and even hammocks. 

The iron swing mounts are coated and rust-resistant. 

It comes with industrial plastic washers that are quiet and operate smoothly too. 

The product has been tested to carry a maximum load of 1800 lbs.


  • Handy, detachable and easy to set-up
  • Rust-protected
  • Factory tested for a maximum weight of 1800lbs


  • Needs lubrication, otherwise it gets a bit noisy

Verdict: If you don’t have space in your home for a full frame to hang your trapeze swing from, this hardware kit is a great alternative.

8. TRX Training X Mount

Another mounting kit that’s slightly different in design, the TRX training mount is a durable and reliable suspension trainer.

It includes a 4.5” diameter plate made of high-quality rugged steel that easily attaches to walls, vertical studs and overhead beams. 

Although this works with any suspension systems, its best paired with the TRX suspension trainer.

With this frame, you can expect a quality and stable training station that fits almost anywhere in your home, apartment, office etc.


  • Weighs less than 2 lbs
  • Highly portable
  • Works with any suspension training system


  • Pricier than most other mountings on the market

Verdict: This sturdy pair of metal plate mountings are great anchor points for yoga swings, trapeze swings and practicing aerial yoga.

9. Besthouse innovation Heavy Duty Swing Hangers

Compared to the previous mounting anchors on this list, this swing hanger from Besthouse looks a little bit intimidating with it’s hinged bolt design. 

But it’s also relatively easy to install and use: 

It comes with 2 pre-drilled holes for bolting 2 concrete anchors and 2 hex lag bolts, making it easy to install.

Its best feature is a unique, one-piece hinged bolt for 360-degree rotation. 

The parts are made of high-quality, non-toxic and rust/corrosion resistant metal. 

It’s best for hanging trapeze swings, yoga swings and punching bags.


  • 360-degree rotation hinged bolt design
  • Non-toxic and pollution-free
  • Can carry almost 1000 lbs of weight
  • Space saving design that’s portable


  • Occasional clicking noise

Verdict: Aside from being made with non-toxic and pollution-free metals, this yoga frame’s best feature is its 360-degree rotation capability that allows you maximum freedom for your yoga swings, trapeze swings and other aerial accessories.

10. Safari Swings Tire Swing Swivel Hanger

Built for quality, this mounting from Safari Swings is perfect for wooden play sets, yoga and trapeze swings, gymnastic mounts, porch swings and ceiling storage mounts. 

Its size is approximately 2-1/2” x 4.8” and it’s built to be sturdy.


  • Allows 360-degree spinning
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Minimalist design


  • Makes a grinding sound whilst you’re practicing

Verdict: Compared to the frame from Besthouse, this is a simpler-looking mounting that also has a 360-degree rotation capability, making it the perfect frame for your yoga trapeze swing.

So What’s The Best Product?

Hanging trapeze yoga exercises can be performed with a full frame or a ceiling mount. So we’ve included our favourite product for both types.

Best Yoga Trapeze Frame

The OMNI Gym Yoga Trapeze Stand stands out with its circular frame design. It’s also very stable, secure and safe for practicing aerial yoga exercises.With it’s 360-degree swivel feature, it’s great for indoor and outdoor use.

Best Ceiling Mount For Yoga Trapeze

If you’re looking for a ceiling mount to take your yoga practice to the next level, the swing hangers from Besthouse are the best.While its 360-degree rotation and 1000 lbs weight-carrying capability is awesome, what makes it even better is the fact that they’re made from non-toxic and pollution-free metals.Overall, it’s an absolute gem of a product!

How To Choose The Perfect Yoga Trapeze Frame

To help you choose the best yoga trapeze frame, here’s what you need to look out for…

Overhead Connection

If you’re a tall person, make sure the frame is mounted high enough to carry your height and weight. On a serious note, it’s unsafe to perform aerial yoga if your limbs end up hitting the floor. 


There’s plenty of options in terms of different widths and lengths:X-framed stands often span wider than circular framed stands. Some stands also have height-adjustability features. If you’re going to be practicing indoors, it’s best to measure the amount of space you have because you’ll need plenty of room for movement.The ideal suspension length is about 3 ft. from the ground.


Most frames are made from steel or alloy. Whatever they’re made of, make sure they’re extremely sturdy and strong enough to carry your weight.


Look for yoga trapeze stands that are resistant to corrosion, tears, rips and aren’t made with harmful chemicals.


Are you going to be moving the frame around a lot? If so, look for a product that’s not just lighter but also easy to assemble and dismantle. Some yoga stands also come with a carrying bag for portability. 

Weight Capacity

Most frames or stands can support 300 lbs of weight. So just to be on the safe side, its best to choose the stand/frame that can handle twice your bodyweight.

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