Best Yoga Wheels In 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

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What’s the best yoga wheel out there?

And will it help take your yoga practice to the next level?…

In this article, we’ll answer those questions plus much more! In this review, we’ll look at how to choose one, 14 of the best products out there and our overall top pick.

So if you want to develop more core strength, flexibility and sharpen your yoga skills, then keep reading…

How To Choose The Best Yoga Wheel For You

As both the products and the market is growing, it’s actually quite overwhelming to choose which one is best.

So to narrow down your search, consider these features when choosing the best yoga wheel for you:


Yoga wheels weigh differently depending on their materials. But if you have a busy lifestyle, its best to choose one that’s light for convenience.

Ideally, it should be portable and easy to carry, so that you don’t strain yourself if you’re on the go.


Yoga wheels are usually layered with TPE foam or cork for cushion, which provides different levels of support and comfort to your body.


Yoga wheels come in different sizes to address any back, neck and spine issues you may be struggling with.

For most, a comfortable size is usually around 12 X 5 inches.


A yoga wheel should be able to carry your weight because you’ll be using it repeatedly.

Most ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene) made yoga wheels are durable enough to carry a decent amount of body weight.

So check your body weight and then compare it to the carrying capacity on the label.


Design obviously comes down to your personal preference.There are yoga wheels that come in solid colours, whilst there are some that come in colourful patterns and prints.


The most common materials are ABS for interior wheel and TPE foam or cork for the exterior ring.

If you like sustainable and eco-friendly products, look out for yoga wheels made from wood and recyclable materials.


Padding isn’t just designed for comfort and cushion, they’re also there to provide traction and help with stability too.

Yoga wheels are normally padded with TPE foam or hybrid TPE Foam.


The surface of a yoga wheel should be designed for grip and traction. Some can be linear ridges, while others come in patterns.

The primary function of the surface is traction and stability, so that you can hold your yoga poses longer and stronger.

2022’s Best Yoga Wheels – Reviews

1. Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel​

Pete’s Choice

Pete’s Choice is an ergonomic yoga dharma wheel that can help you achieve the most demanding yoga poses and take your yoga practice to the next level. 

Made with high-quality and durable ABS material (acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene), it’s sturdy, safe and comfortable. 

It’ll help you to open the front of your body, shoulders, abdomen, chest. 

Plus it massages the entire length of your spine. 

DIMENSIONS: 12.6 X 5.1 X 12. 6 inches


  • Skin-safe and hypoallergenic
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Increases stamina


  • Tough cushion
  • Makes a creaking sound sometimes

Verdict: Although this may not be sturdy enough to support heavier weights. this is the best yoga wheel for first-time users.

2. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set​


Master difficult yoga poses with UpCircleSeven’s strong and durable yoga wheel. 

This wheel can withstand 550 lbs without flexing (unlike cheaper competitor products). 

It will help you to gracefully execute your yoga movements and poses with ease, safety and reliable support. 

DIMENSIONS: This pack comes in 3 different sized wheels (12, 10, 6-inch) and a comfortable cushion to protect your palms, feet and back. 



  • Rubber peels off

Verdict: Aside from providing solid support for your back, neck and spine, this product from UpCircleSeven is the best yoga wheel in terms of design, support and overall comfort.

3. Gaiam Yoga Wheel​


This product from Gaiam is designed to assist and enhance your core yoga poses, helping you to release tension and improve body flexibility. 

Made from a PVC core and handcrafted sustainable cork for premium cushion, this wheel is non-slip and gentle on the joints. 

The closed cell design also seals out odour-causing germs and bacteria, creating a safe and healthy environment for your yoga practice. 

DIMENSIONS: 12 X 5 inches


  • Gentle on the joints
  • Relieves tension
  • Sustainable
  • Non-slip


  • Cork surface peels off after heavy usage

Verdict: This stable, cork-surfaced is the best yoga wheel if you’re a more experienced yogi because it’ll you to practice more complex and demanding poses with confidence.

4. REEHUT Yoga Wheel​


Comfortable and sweat-resistant, the REEHUT is constructed from a hybrid TPE foam of 10mm for that extra thick padding. 

It can support a maximum weight of 330 lbs and won’t flex under your weight. 

Durable and impact-resistant, the REEHUT targets your spine, shoulders, hips, abdomen and chest to relieve stress and tension. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Skin-safe and hypoallergenic
  • Impact-resistant
  • Sweat-resistant


  • Too big for shorter people
  • Rubber cushion peels off

Verdict: The REEHUT yoga wheel provides great support for spine stretches, backbends and improving core strength.

5. RiseFIt Yoga Wheel​


Perhaps the strongest and most durable, this yoga wheel can support a maximum weight of up to 1000lbs (as certified by INTERTEK test support). 

It’s exterior is made of an eco-friendly foam TPE that’s stable, comfortable and doesn’t lose it’s shape. 

This yoga wheel has a strong, reliable inner ABS tube, creating a safe and reliable build. 

DIMENSIONS: 13 X 5 X ¾ inches


  • Eco-friendly
  • Thick and comfortable exterior
  • Recommended for back pain patients and breastfeeding mothers


  • Bulky
  • Thin padding

Verdict: If you’re looking for the best yoga wheel in terms of weight capacity, the RiseFit Dharma Yoga Wheel is a very good choice.

6. Seigla Yoga Wheel Basic​

Seigla Basic

The Seigla Yoga wheel is designed by yogis and has been stress-tested to support up to 600lbs. 

While PVC-made yoga wheels’ crack and bend over time, this yoga wheel is made with a patent-pending TPE injection process that makes it up to 4x stronger. 

The exterior also features a hybrid TPE foam, which isn’t just comfortable but also naturally anti-bacterial and sweat-resistant.


  • Phthalate-free and other toxic chemicals and dyes
  • Anti-bacterial and sweat-resistant
  • Helps to improve advanced poses
  • Strengthen core and muscles


  • Has a plastic smell

Verdict: This is a patent-pending yoga wheel that’s made with the tiniest environmental footprint possible. One of the best eco friendly yoga wheels available today.

7. Prosource Fit Yoga Wheel Prop​


The ProSource Yoga wheel is a high-quality yoga wheel, designed in a compact size of 12 x 5 which will comfortably fit most yogis.

It’s made with an incredibly durable ABS plastic interior that can hold up to 500lbs. 

The exterior ring is made up of TPE material to help cushion your body for comfortable poses and stretches. 

This yoga wheel is available in 3 colours: black/white, black/green and pink/purple.  


  • Restorative for tight muscles
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Improves flexibility
  • Reaches deeper backbends


  • Foam padding peels off after heavy usage

Verdict: Similar to other yoga wheels, this functions nicely to improve your yoga poses and backbends. However, you should expect a bit of wear and tear after using it long term.

8. SukhaMat Yoga Wheel​


Claiming to be the strongest and most durable yoga wheel available, the SukhaMat yoga wheel is made of high-strength injection moulded PC alloy. 

With a simple and elegant design, this is the best yoga wheel in terms of  strength and durability. 

DIMENSIONS: 12.5 X 5 inches


  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Thick TPE Cushion
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Can improve your lung capacity


  • Inside print fades

Verdict: SukhaMat Yoga Wheel is a dharma yoga prop wheel that’s also eco-friendly. We love the rainbow inner ring print, it’s a nice touch.

9. Mindful Yoga Yoga Wheel


Constructed from TPE foam, this product is lightweight, scent-free and naturally anti-bacterial. 

Made with durability in mind, it’s built to carry weight up to 500 lbs and withstand repeated and heavy use without breaking down. 

The Mindful Yoga wheel develops your spine’s flexibility and assists you in your ‘backend poses’. 

DIMENSIONS: 12 x 5 inches


  • Thick thermoplastic elastometers padding
  • Increases spine flexibility
  • Improves balance
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Too light for good stability
  • Yoga Logo peels off
  • Tough padding

Verdict: Made with environmentally-friendly and anti-microbial materials, this is great for beginners but can also assist with more complex yoga poses too.

10. JBM Yoga Wheel​


The JBM Yoga wheel provides stability and comfort with its high-quality TPE padding on the surface and tough ABS material.

It’s strong enough to support a maximum weight of 300lbs. 

Although strong and durable, it’s also lightweight and portable at only 3lbs. 

This yoga wheel is also designed to be sweat-resistant, free of moisture accumulation and doesn’t retain odour from sweating either.

DIMENSIONS: 12 X 5 inches. 


  • Eco-friendly and sweat-resistant
  • Skid-resistant padding
  • Great for back pain


  • Tough texture
  • Rubber padding peels off

Verdict: The JBM yoga wheel is best for relieving back pain and general stress but can snap and break under heavy weight.

11. BODY GOOD Cork Yoga Wheel​


Inspired by earth-brown colours, this yoga wheel from Body Good is made with a cork exterior for protection and superior comfort. 

It’s actually built from solid wood on the inside! 

This yoga wheel is also mildew-resistant and anti slip, which is great for enhancing strength, mobility and flexibility. 

Designed in California, this yoga wheel (with its ABS plastic and unique injection moulding process) can withstand a 500lb pressure capacity. 

DIMENSIONS: 13 X 13 X 5 inches. 


  • Anti slip
  • Repels smells and mildew
  • Doesn’t absorb sweat
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Cork surface not suitable for carpet
  • Uneven size in the padding
  • Feels rigid

Verdict: This is the best eco-friendly yoga wheel, as it doesn’t contain any materials made from ABS, TPE or PVC.

12. Clever Stretching Yoga Wheel​


This is an extra wide Dharma wheel prop that’s suitable for all levels of yoga. 

Made from a durable ABS frame that’s stronger than most PVC alternatives, this yoga wheel from Clever Yoga is built to support a weight of up to 660 lbs. 

It’s also made with thick padding on both sides, for maximum comfort and a decent amount of traction. 


Suitable for men and women with two sizes available: 

Large (15.75 inches) and medium (12.6 inches). 


  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Designed to improve balance
  • Great traction


  • Poor seam quality
  • Hard cushion
  • High-priced

Verdict: Like other yoga wheels, this functions and performs as advertised but it is priced higher than most.

13. GreEco Yoga Wheel Pilates Roller​

GreEco Yoga Wheel Pilates Roller

The GreEco yoga wheel is made with a specialty injection moulding process and an ABS inner tube core, that’s stronger and firmer than a regular foam roller. 

The exterior is made with a soft TPE material padding cushion that’s comfortable, stable and non-slip. 

Lightweight and portable but designed to withstand repeated heavy use, the GreEco Yoga wheel is excellent for balance improvement, flexibility and breath control. 

DIMENSIONS: 13 X 5 inches


  • Good for spinal flexibility
  • Release muscle tension
  • Build core and back strength


  • Cork layer peels off
  • A little hard on the back

Verdict: The GreEco is designed to retain it’s shape and is the best yoga wheel for back pain patients because of it’s sturdiness, durability and strength.

14. Plexus Wheel​


With a stylish and modern look, the Plexus wheel is made from an eco-friendly plastic injection moulding PVC pipe frame. 

The outer wheel is hand-wrapped in a 6mm compression-sensitive mat, that’s anti-slip – even when you sweat! 

It’s rigid core can support up to 500lbs of weight. 

Both parts are held together by a strong adhesive binding that’s nontoxic and eco-friendly. 



  • Exterior foam padding peels off
  • Seam is gapped and sloppy

Verdict: If you’re looking for a stylish and sturdy yoga wheel to improve your movement, posture and balance, Plexus Yoga wheel is a great choice.

Final Verdict

So what’s our final choice?

Pete’s Choice

There’s one that stands out as the best: Pete’s Choice tops our list. It’s the most reasonably priced yoga wheel in terms of functionality and design.

Even if you don’t practice yoga, this will help you relieve your back and body tension.

It’s sturdy, portable, supports plenty of weight and very comfortable. 

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