Black Aura: What You Need to Know About This Negative Color

If you’re reading this guide, you might be wondering:

What does the aura color black mean?

How can you clean your black aura?

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And why do good people have black energy?

Well, keep reading to learn what you need to know about this powerful energy…

Black Aura Meaning

The color of your aura will change as you change. There are many factors that go into the color of an aura, including your emotions, attitude, thoughts, personality, and physical condition.

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Black energy is closely connected to your health. 

Anyone can have black energy depending on their physical wellbeing. It can represent some health issues that you don’t yet know about.

It can also indicate certain health issues you do know about but refuse to accept and address. Being in denial is dangerous and your aura is here to warn you of that. 

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Your aura can turn black if these health issues start developing under your radar. You may begin to feel as though something is off within yourself, but it can be hard to accept or even consider that it may be something serious.

The longer you let it fester, the darker your black aura will turn. 

Alternatively, a black aura can represent blocked energies within your body.

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If your energy is off and the flow is blocked, you can become distrustful and suspicious of people.

You may also become detached and angry. Anger and grief are other things that a black aura can represent. 

This causes the aura to turn black because emotions such as these fester in the heart.

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This gives off negative energy which will darken your aura considerably. 

It’s possible that black represents a number of other negative things and feelings such as grudges, unforgiveness, past trauma, and fear. The black can be a combination of many of these things. All in all, a black aura is never good. 

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How to Know if You Have a Black Aura

Having black energy is certainly something you want to avoid, but sometimes it’s impossible. If your aura is black, it’s important that you know so you can rectify the situation.

There are some specific things you can watch for to discover if your aura is black. 

The first thing you should note is that a temporary black aura is entirely possible, and this is less dire than one that sticks around.

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There are times when everyone experiences a period of extreme stress or grief (ie. job loss, the death of a loved one).

Your aura may turn black as you process these emotions and deal with the situation 

Once this period of negativity is over, your aura will return to normal without issue. However, a static black aura is much more problematic and your priority should be to fix it. 

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Examine your heart and analyze what’s in it. Look for the following things: 

  1. Have you been angry at someone for a long time? 
  2. Are you extremely depressed or lonely? 
  3. Are you struggling to let go of past trauma? 
  4. Is something strange happening to your body? 
  5. Are you suffering from long-term illness? 
  6. Are you harboring a long-term grudge against someone? 

Any number of these things, either on their own or combined with other factors, can be a cause for a black aura that won’t go away on its own. 

Personality Traits

Many different things can cause black energy.

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For someone who is harboring a static black aura, there are a number of distinct personality traits they will exhibit.

You should watch for these things in other people as well as in yourself. 

Despite the negative connotations, those with a black aura are extremely intelligent.

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They are in touch with their emotions, even if they aren’t nice ones.

They have strong opinions and are usually ones to keep up to date with current events. 

Those with this aura have ambition and confidently face challenges head-on. They will constantly look for opportunities to improve themselves and enhance their skills. 

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Black auras are people who are good leaders, teachers, and bosses. They are compelling and know how to command a crowd or group. 

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Love and Romance

A Black aura is often representative of transition. You’re either processing stress and grief, or you’re in a state of emotional turmoil.

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Either way, this is not your final destination. Those who are willing are always able to work themselves out of a black aura. 

Sometimes, your relationship is what causes the black energy to form. Perhaps you’re lonely or depressed in a long-distance relationship, or you’re in the middle of an unresolved fight. 

A darkening aura can also be caused by the chronic lack of relationship. If you’ve just gone through a breakup, this can cause a lot of distress.

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If you’re been single for a long time, depression can set in if you start feeling like you’re never going to find someone. 

When this is the way you’re feeling about your love life, there is likely an underlying issue. This is something that should be addressed within yourself before you pursue a serious partnership. 

Friendship and Relationships

Socially, those with black aura are associated with luxury, wealth, and lots of money. They often lead a fancy, expensive lifestyle and need a lot of money to feel fulfilled. Their social status and reputation are important to them. 

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These things can come from the darkness and weakness inside them that has caused the black aura in the first place.

While in the state that has caused a black aura, they struggle to see everyone as equals. They tend to give preference to those who are part of their world and can match their status. 

This will cause them to miss out on a lot of deep, meaningful friendships with amazing people who simply don’t have a lot of money. 

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Career and Wealth

Those with a black aura tend to be good at organizing teams, projects, and events.

This stems from their leadership skills.

They tend to hold high positions in the company they work for – where they will need to make important decisions and manage others. 

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They are generally passionate about their career and tend to be a typical workaholic.

A black aura will enter jobs that require long hours and hard work.

This includes professions such as bankers, lawyers, real estate brokers, marketing experts, executives, and producers. 

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Those with black aura are driven and ambitious. This requires them to take full responsibility for themselves. They must realize and understand exactly what they want and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

In doing this, they can achieve harmony and feel more emotionally centered.

Although physical exercise is good for you, those with a black aura aren’t interested in a physical activity simply for the sake of it.

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Playing a sport “for fun” won’t make sense to them. There needs to be a purpose for it.  

How to Balance Your Black Aura

Due to the largely negative energies surrounding a black aura, it’s important to keep the aura balanced while you work to remedy whatever is causing it.

Use these methods to maintain balance and work towards bettering the situation. 

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Powerful Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises often go hand in hand with daily meditation. While both are good for anyone to practice on a daily basis, breathing is especially important to balance a black aura. 

Practice some breathing exercises for 15-20 minutes while relaxing in a calm, quiet location.

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Focusing on nothing but your breathing will eventually spark a white light in your mind. Allow this to expand and pull down that black aura. 

Water Therapy to Balance Black Aura

Water is naturally a calming, cleansing thing for any situation.

Allow fresh water to wash over your body and allow it to cleanse your mind as it does.

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This can be done in many ways, even taking a walk in the rain. 

Allow the healing sensation of the water to wash away the negative energies of the black aura. 

Let Nature Heal You

Like water, nature has a powerful ability to heal as well. Allow the elements to come together and work within you. Walk on the grass, sit in the wind, or bathe in the sun.

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This will penetrate your soul with positive energy. Allow this to take down the negative energy of the black aura surrounding you. 

Use Herbs and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a powerful thing.

Many oils and herbs have calming, healing properties that you can use to your advantage. 

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Add some Epsom salts to a hot bath, and finish it off with essential oils and/or herbs.

Rosemary and Lavender are good ones to start with.

Citrus oils are also good for rejuvenating the mind and igniting the senses in a positive way. 

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Understand the Cause of Black Aura

You can’t balance your aura if you don’t understand what is causing it to be black in the first place.

Examine yourself and spend time identifying what is causing your aura to turn black.

Unforgiveness, depression, anger, bitterness, and many other negative emotions and situations can be the cause. 

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Once you determine the cause in yourself, you can begin the process of fixing it.

It may take some time, and making an effort to simply balance the aura in the meantime is important to maintain your stability and sanity. 

Be Persistent With Aura Cleansing

Ultimately, this aura is one that must be cleansed and rectified.

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There is much that can be done to cleanse the aura but it won’t happen in just one session.

There are many facets to the process, including mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Once you have created a plan to cleanse your aura, stick to it.

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Don’t deviate from the process just because it seems to be dragging on. Persevere, and it will eventually pay off. 

If you feel like the black energy may be more of a temporary state due to a sudden loss or tragic event, this can be remedied by simply letting nature take its course.

Go through the grieving process and eventually, your aura will turn back as you regain strength and composure. 

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Maintaining The Right Aura

Once you have successfully cleansed your black energy, it’s of the utmost importance that you maintain a better color.

Protect yourself from negative energy and surround yourself with positive energy instead. 

Be positive, practice kindness, and enjoy the company of passionate and happy people. 

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How to Cleanse Your Black Aura

While balancing black energy is important while you work out what’s going on, you ultimately need to cleanse yourself of it. There are a few things you can do to achieve this: 

  1. Begin to change your own mindset. Work on forgiving grudges and letting go of anger. Know that this won’t happen in an instant. You need to keep working on yourself. 
  2. If willpower alone isn’t working, seek help. Speaking to a psychic may help you determine the root cause and appropriate next steps.
  3. Seeking the help of a psychologist may be helpful as well. They can help you examine yourself and work through the issues with you. 
  4. Carry a cleansing crystal in your bag or pocket wherever you go for a while while you work on clearing the black energy. Pink quartz is a good one to choose from. 
  5. Daily meditation while focusing on clearing the negativity and drawing in positivity will help keep the process moving.
  6. Take care of yourself. Whatever you like to do in your free time, make sure you have time to do it. Reading a book, exercising, socializing – whatever it may be. Don’t neglect to take care of yourself.


Are Black Auras Forever?

No. No aura is permanent. Auras change with you.

Your mood, attitude, emotional state, physical condition, and spiritual maturity all change and grow often.

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As these things ebb and flow through your life, the color of your aura will change. 

This means that if you find yourself with a black aura, it’s absolutely possible to get rid of it and restore a happier, healthier color. 

What are the Causes of Getting a Black Aura?

There are several things that can trigger a black aura to form: 

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  1. Holding a grudge against someone. 
  2. Festering angry and violent feelings. 
  3. Being depressed and/or lonely for extended periods of time.
  4. Neglecting a real or possible serious health issue. 
  5. Experiencing a great loss or tragedy that results in a period of grief. 
  6. Chronically low energy levels. 
  7. Poor living conditions. 
  8. Constant, intense, lingering fear. 
  9. Addiction. 
  10. Low self-esteem. 

Is it Possible to Clear Your Black Aura?

Yes. The black aura is certainly temporary and there are measures you can take to clear it.

If the black aura is brought on by a sudden loss or other tragedy that causes overwhelming grief, this will likely go away on its own in time. 

If it’s more persistent and caused by issues within yourself, you need to take action to remove it. You can do this through things like therapy, healing crystals, and meditation

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