Blue Aura Meaning: The Ultimate Guide

What does a blue aura mean?

How does blue energy affect your personality?

And how can you see if you have a blue aura?

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What Does A Blue Aura And Blue Energy Mean?

So, what exactly is the spiritual meaning behind a blue aura? Colors are everywhere, they can help reflect our mood and change our emotions. 

The color blue is associated with intuitiveness, sensitivity and deep spiritual connections. 

Auras are unique electromagnetic fields that reflect the spiritual condition of a person. 

This overall field of vibrations and light comes in many different shades and helps determine your physical, mental and spiritual self. 

Behind the Blue

There are many colours in the world so naturally there are many different colored auras. 

If you share your energy with the sky and the sea then chances are you’re a calm and sensitive soul at heart. 

Of course, sometimes the sky is cloudy and waves make the ocean choppy, so it stands to reason that having a blue aura doesn’t mean that your personality will always be calm. 

There are many shades of blue, each representing different energies and traits.

Knowing your exact shade of aura can help you determine how you see and feel the world.

Shades of Blue

Some shades of blue stay vibrant in color while others merge into other colors such as green and purple. 

You might even find that your aura has a multitude of colors, after-all, as humans we’re complex beings with many different personality traits and emotions. 

Your dominant aura color says the most about you. Blue is a great aura color to have because it is a cooling color that promotes a calming influence. 

Below are some of the most common blue aura shades and what the meaning behind them is.

Royal Blue


This vibrant shade of blue highlights sensitivity and often those who have it possess clairvoyant abilities. 

You are well-tuned into the world, with strong intuition skills.

You are able to empathize well with others, are generous, open and giving.

You are able to face new opportunities and adventures with a positive mindset and you don’t let fear and negative thoughts cloud your judgment. 



This close to green shade is often linked to those in the healing professions as those who possess it are sensitive, compassionate souls who adapt quickly to soothe away negative thoughts. 

Be careful not to let your empathy for others overpower you as you don’t want to be overruled by negative emotions. 

Other people find you to be a positive force that has a great effect on them and you’re handy to have around in a crisis. 

Sky Blue


This light aura reflects positivity which is likely to be stronger the lighter your aura is. You have a trusting nature and being kind and honest is very important to you. 

This serene, peaceful color means that you’re likely to be a great communicator as well as being an honest, likable person who prides themselves on their clarity of mind. 

Fairness is important to you and you treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.

You like to surround yourself with others and you see the good in people. 

Dark Blue/Blue Indigo


If your aura is a dark blue or almost verging on a purplish color then you are most likely a highly intuitive and sensitive person. 

You are able to stay calm, are a great communicator while showing great empathy for others. 

You can explain complex ideas to people in a way that they will understand.

As long as you don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment then you have the ability to keep cool in situations while taking other people’s feelings into consideration. 

Cloudy or Muddy 

cloudy mud blue

Shadowy or gray tones usually mean that your energy is darkened.

If you have a clouded aura then chances are you’re letting fear overrule you. 

You’re a sensitive person who is capable of great abilities, you just have to stop being afraid to truly express yourself and let your true colors have the ability to shine through. 

Belonging to the Fifth Chakra

Each of the 7 chakras rule over a different part of the body and they’re represented by a different color.  

Having a blue aura means that you are represented by the fifth chakra which is linked to the throat. 

Having the throat chakra means that you’re honest, self-expressive and have great communication skills. 

The darker the shade of blue your aura is the more strongly you are linked to this chakra, meaning that you are likely to show these traits and skills in more abundance. 

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How to Determine if You Have a Blue Aura?

If you have a calm nature, are a sensitive soul and long for a balanced, peaceful life then it sounds like you have a blue aura. 

The easiest way to confirm this is to check your aura in a mirror so that you can find out what your most dominant color is. 

Common Blue Aura Personality Traits

How does having a blue aura affect certain aspects of your life, such as your personality, love life, and career?

Below, I explain the traits that come with having a blue aura, as well as what this means for your love life and career paths

General Traits


Your love of people and strong communication skills make you a likable person. You’re a very emotional person who doesn’t like to see anyone upset.

Going out of your way to help others is important to you but you find it hard to say no to people.

You’re a loyal individual who cherishes your family and friends. 

Having a blue aura means that you can sometimes let your emotions get the better of you and this can lead to pain and upset. 

Your caring nature and positive energy make you a likable, trustworthy person. You’re able to put people at ease with your patience, encouragement, and kindness. 

Love Life

Being a caring and supportive partner is very important to you. Protecting your partner while showering them with love and affection is what blue aura people do best.


You always find time for your partner and like to show them just how much you love them with thoughtful gestures, such as romantic meals or surprise trips away. 

You have a forgiving nature and can’t stay mad at your partner for very long. You love with your whole heart and will go out of your way to make sure your partner is happy. 

Being a faithful, trustworthy partner is important to you. 


You are a hard worker and being able to provide for your family is very important to you. However, you don’t crave money and wealth. 

Taking a financial risk and putting your assets in jeopardy isn’t something that you would do.

You don’t want to lose what you have or cause problems for your family.

You are motivated to succeed and your kind, friendly nature makes it easy for you to do well in your chosen career path. 

Your ability to remain calm in stressful situations often leads to great rewards.

Having a blue aura means that you strive to succeed without letting greed or power control you. 

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How to Balance Your Aura

Luckily for you balancing your aura is an easy thing to do, as blue itself is the color of balance. 

However confusing life may seem at times you will always find a way to remain grounded. 

It’s important not to let your emotions get the better of you so that you can remain focused and resolve your problems quickly and efficiently. 

Remember that you’re a positive person, who is calm, intuitive and has the ability to stay well-balanced. Stay on top of your emotions and remain your true strong and positive self. 

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FAQS- The Short Answers

When it comes to blue auras and auras, in general, you may feel like you’re in information overload. There is a minefield of information out there and not all of it makes much sense. 

Fear not, below are some straight-to-the-point answers to frequently asked questions. These will help clarify any misconceptions or confusion that you have regarding your aura. 

1. What Does it Mean to Have a Blue Aura?

Blue is a calming color that stands for peace, tranquility, and healing. If you have a blue aura then you are a wise person who cares about other people and their happiness.

Having a blue aura means that you are a very emotional person and sometimes you may struggle to balance these emotions. 

Being gentle, wise, kind and above all calm in a crisis is what makes having a blue aura a positive thing. 

You have some outstanding personality traits that if channeled correctly will guide you on the right path. 

2. What Does Blue Mean Spiritually?

On a spiritual level blue represents strength, courage, faith, and protection. It’s a strong, positive color. 

The color blue is calm, cool and collected.

Emotions rule over people with a blue aura and mean that they tend to be highly intuitive people. 

If you have a royal blue aura then you’re very tuned in on a spiritual level and may well be a clairvoyant or at least hold the skills to develop this further. 

The color blue holds much significance, it symbolizes sincerity and in many religious practises is thought to keep away bad spirits.  

3. Should You Worry if You Have a Dirty, Muddy or Cloudy Aura?

The important thing is not to panic as that won’t help dispel any negative energy you may have. As human beings, it’s normal to let our negative thoughts rule our minds. 

You might be telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. That you can’t do it. That it’s better if you just give up. 

Don’t give in to these negative thoughts as they’re clouding your mind and hiding the true colors of your aura. 

Perhaps try a chakra meditation to help clear away these negative thoughts.

It’s important to remind yourself that you’re a kind, calm and caring person and you are good enough. 

4. What Does it Mean When You See Blue in Meditation?

Seeing blue when you meditate means many great things, such as courage, faith, and protection. 

If you have a challenge ahead then seeing blue means that you’re likely to face it wisely and successfully. 

The color blue is associated with the 5th chakra which is known as the throat chakra.

Visions of blue mean that this area is healing itself. 

The throat chakra is linked to communication and listening, so having this come up in meditation means great things. 

5. How do You Find Out What Color Aura You Have?

To find out what your aura color is then it’s best to get a friend to assist you. Stand against a white wall and get your friend to focus on the areas around your hands. 

There may be several colors but the main color that radiates is your dominant aura color. 

Alternatively, you can discover what your aura color is by yourself by looking in a mirror. 

Firstly, make sure that you gently rub your hands together to activate your energy and then focus on the colors that surround you. 

6. Why Does Your Aura Feature More Than One Color?

The dominant color in your aura is your main point of focus but that doesn’t mean that the other colors aren’t important too. 

We aren’t just confined to one personality trait so it stands to reason that our auras are colorful. 

Yellow means that you’re spiritually inspired.

Red means that you’re passionate and strong.

Green means that you’re close to nature and love helping others. 

It’s good to have a colorful aura as it means that you have a variety of traits.

It’s important to focus on your dominant color but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn more about the other colors too.