Calming Your Mind During Stressful Times

Having a more relaxed state of being does not mean you have to cut out all the responsibilities in your life. Instead, it can help you have more energy and creativity to get them done. And there are several ways you can do so, ensuring you are more resilient in your life.

Know When to Use Medication

Many times, you can manage anxiety with self-care tips, but that’s not always the case. Some people do benefit from using prescription medication, especially during big moments. Prescription beta blockers can be used as-needed during big moments to reduce symptoms of nerves, such as shaking hands and racing heart. 10mg Propranolol tablets are often used to treat these physical anxiety symptoms, but you should consult a medical professional when determining the use of these treatments, as well as the appropriate dosage.

Using Your Breathing to Regulate Your Emotions

Your breathing can help you regulate emotions, allowing you to feel calm, even in difficult situations. Doing regular deep breathing exercises can change the way you feel, allowing you to sleep better and have more positive emotions. Try breathing in for four seconds, holding it, and then exhaling for six to eight seconds. Try constricting your throat to help yourself relax even more. As you let out long exhales, you will reduce both your blood pressure and heart rate since you will be activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Love Yourself

People are their own worst critics since they often think this helps them be more hardworking. However, being critical of yourself can destroy your self-confidence and resilience. It makes you less likely to learn from your mistakes. And those who are self-critical often have more anxiety. Having self-compassion allows you to tell yourself that everyone makes mistakes and that it is not a big deal. It allows you to pick yourself up and keep going since you are offering yourself encouragement.

Being able to have self-compassion lets you be more mindful of the emotions inside you when you fail. It is possible to observe them without feeding them. When you have self-compassion, you understand that everyone does make mistakes and that it is nothing to worry about. Try to speak to yourself the way you would speak with a friend who has recently failed. Be kind and warm when encouraging yourself. Self-compassion can also aid you in being more of an empath. Being able to love, forgive, and encourage yourself can give you the skills you need to do the same for your loved ones. The practice of meditation can impact empathy capabilities and this is also something that you can pass on to those in your life who struggle with the same issues that you do. 

Have Connections with Others

Many people are not always 100 percent present when connecting with others. Even if you are not using your phone when speaking with someone, it is easy to let your mind drift as someone else is speaking. And when you can’t connect 100 percent with others, the resulting loneliness is destructive to both mind and body. It also results in you feeling more self-focused. One of the greatest human needs is to connect with others positively. People want to be with other people, and when they fulfill this need, they tend to feel calmer. Your body releases hormones that make you feel good and help your body feel calmer. And when you know that others support you, it can soothe your mind.

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