Can’t Control Work Stressors? Try These Relaxation Techniques


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An old saying goes that the key to mental well-being is ensuring a balance between work and life. If you prioritize any of them more, you will suffer dire consequences. However, in this fast-paced world, every person has to struggle and strive hard to achieve their goals and become successful. But constantly working day in and day out for gruelingly long hours can often cause stress, posing health risks in the long run. Therefore, workplace stress management is critical in today’s age. Every person needs to take some time off to take a breather and relax.

If you feel anxious and stressed because of an excessive workload, some techniques can help you regain strength and vitality. These small yet effective techniques can help you calm down and unwind. Inevitably, they can reduce stress and improve your performance. By following these techniques, you can reduce tension in your body and improve your mood. These techniques are:

Get to know your stress 

Before working on any complex techniques, you must first understand the source of your stress. For example, some people fear failure, others confrontation. Or maybe there is some work conflict causing tension. There could be a million possible reasons leading to workplace stress. Either way, talking to a counselor can help you determine the underlying causes of stress. Once you realize them, you can work towards eliminating the problem from roots.

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But before you approach any counselor, ensure to check up on their experience level and credentials. This step will allow you to pick one who can expertly handle your situation. Mostly, people prefer consulting with counselors having online masters in counseling credentials as they’re well-versed in tackling mental health issues. Pursuing eLearning programs provides them the time and resources to practice clinical work, further sharpening their skills and capabilities. 

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Read a magazine or book 

Picking up a glossy magazine for a few minutes does not only help you relax but also diverts your mind from workplace issues. Besides, most companies keep magazines relevant to their industry, providing the latest information on emerging trends and news. By going through these magazines, you’ll unwind from workplace stress, all the while learning something new about your field. 

Similarly, you can pick up your favorite work of fiction and go through a chapter or two. But ensure that it provides comic relief and is not saddening, or else you’ll be stressed for a whole new reason.

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Make yourself some tea 

Drinking tea such as chamomile tea, mint tea, lavender tea, etc., can help reduce stress and tension accumulated in your body. Therefore, taking a small break to drink tea can help you relax and rejuvenate. For this reason, many people keep teabags in their desks or bag so that they can drink tea while working. 

But the process of stepping away from the desk is a critical player in helping you relax. Once you step away from your work to make tea, your focus shifts, and you can concentrate on a menial task. While you may not realize it, such a minor task helps relieve muscle tension and produces endorphins. Therefore, it plays a massive role in helping you relax.

Perform breathing techniques

We have all been in situations when it felt like we were just one breath away from exploding into tears. A person reaches such a condition when the stress and tension become overwhelming. In such a situation, it is best to step away and perform relaxing breathing techniques. 

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Taking a long breath and holding it for a long time brings more oxygen to the body. This oxygen helps you relax and freshen your mind. Therefore, when you get overwhelmed, following a guided breathing technique can be your savior.

Run an errand away from your desk

When you feel stressed and worn out, you are more likely to ask someone else to run small errands for you. But doing something that takes you away from your desk is indeed what you need at that moment. 

Therefore, if you want to deliver important documents, print, or make copies, do them yourself. Even a small task such as refilling your water bottle can help your mind relax.

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Get off social media

Many people pick up their phones and scroll through social media when they are stressed. However, using social media regularly can harm your mental well-being. Instead of relieving you of workplace worries, it’ll add more to think about, causing further stress. 

Therefore, unless your feed displays adorable cat and dog videos, it is better to limit your social media screen time at work.

Take a short walk 

Suppose you feel like you are one second away from breaking the mug on your desk because of stress and frustration. In that case, it is time to take a breather and go for a walk. Walking outside in fresh air can rejuvenate your mind and help you relax. 

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Apart from that, this small exercise will help in boosting your mood. Therefore, a round or two around the block can help you wind down from stress and relax.

Listen to your favorite song

Many studies conclude that listening to your favorite songs can help reduces stress. Therefore, whenever you have a minute, pop in your headphones and jam to your favorite tune. This small activity can brighten your mood and help you feel revitalized.


We cannot avoid stress in today’s demanding and challenging environment. But what we can do is take small initiatives for the sake of our emotional and mental well-being. If stress and tension continuously accumulate over time, it can cause burnout or even chronic illnesses. 

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Burnout impacts a person’s physical and mental state and hinders work performance and productivity. Therefore, to avoid that, you need some coping methods to overcome work stressors.