The Chakra Wand: Everything You Need To Know!

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What is a chakra wand? What’s it’s purpose? And how do you use one on yourself?

The truth is, chakra wands can be incredibly powerful for healing and unblocking negative energy across your chakras.

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However, there’s a lot more than you think to them.

So in this ultimate guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about them and much more!

Keep reading – or jump to the section you’re interested in.

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1. What Is A Chakra Wand?

What Is A Chakra Wand Used For?

Chakra wands can be used for healing.

They can also be combined with crystals for different purposes.

There are plenty of different of wands, depending on which chakra you’re trying to clear and activate.

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For example, some chakra wands can be used for healing, energy, helping alleviate sexual problems etc.

Types Of Chakra Wands

Every wand is different too.

So for example, you can get some that are pointed at the end.

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These are great for clearing energy and cleansing.

This type of chakra wand can be useful for healing people, places, plants and even different situations where they may be some negative energy or there’s tension in the atmosphere.

Wondering how big a chakra wand is?

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Typically they’re around 7 – 10 inches.

Chakra Wand Purpose

So why would you want to clear your energy with a chakra wand?

We have a natural balance of energy in the body.

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But as we progress through life, we come against different issues. Maybe you’re stressed about money, worried about a relationship or feeling a little burned out from working too hard.

What the chakra wand does is clear that negative energy – restoring you to your natural balance.

It’s important to direct your energy to the right place – and flow to the right chakra. You don’t want your energy to flow to the wrong because this can create contamination.

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Other Ways To Use A Chakra Wand

What sort of things can a chakra wand be used for?

As you can see, there are a ton of uses for a chakra wand.

This isn’t just something you wave about every so often, it’s a tool that you can harness to enhance your mind-body connection.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Chakra Wand?

These just around to look pretty, they’re actually an incredibly powerful part of spiritual healing.

So what are the benefits of using a chakra wand?

  • Combined Healing: With a chakra wand, you can combine multiple crystals into one wand. That means you can heal multiple chakras using the same wand.
  • Customize: You can make your own custom, DIY wand and therefore personalize it to your own healing needs. Or if you don’t want to make your own, you could just buy one from Amazon
  • Versatile: From group sessions to massaging yourself, they’re very versatile and you can use it on yourself or with a group of friends.
  • Convenient: At about 7-10 inches long on average, they’re easy to transport and carry with you

2. How To Use A Chakra Wand


Usually, you won’t use a chakra wand on yourself. 

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Typically you’ll have 1 practitioner (an expert who leads the session) and one or more people who will receive the benefits of the session.

So whilst you can use Chakra stones on yourself, it’s going to be a little impractical to wave a wand to your chakra areas – because you need a hand to direct the energy and another hand to hold the wand.

However, you can use a chakra wand for massage (which we’ll come onto later in this article).

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Combining A Chakra Wand With Other Forms Of Healing

You can also them in combination with stones.

So for example, you could place healing stones across the chakra energy ports on your body, and then have a practitioner use the wand to clear energy as well.

In this way, you’re getting the benefits of both!

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Plus you could combine these sessions with a pendulum too.

How To Physically Use A Chakra Wand

When you’re using a wand, you want to hold it with the point facing down towards the chakra.

Then you can draw the chakra’s energy and power from above, focusing it downwards to clear the chakra’s energy.

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So let’s say you’re practicing using it on someone else:

You’d have one hand holding the chakra downwards towards the chakra port.

Then you’d use your spare hand (the one not holding the wand) raised in the air above the wand, stretched out.

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Your outstretched hand will then direct the chakras energy towards the wand.

Visualisation & Manifestation Using A Chakra Wand

Whilst you’re doing this, it’s important to focus.

In your mind, you should imagine seeing and feeling the chakra’s energy clearing and healing.

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You get what you focus your thoughts on, so it’s important to focus on the task at hand in this situation.

Your other option is to take the wand, hold it above the physical chakra point and wave it.

It’s almost like you’re waving mid-air with it – clearing the energy as you raise it above the chakra.

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How To Get The Most From Your Chakra Wand

How to make the most from your wand:

  • If you’re making a DIY one, make sure you personalise your wand to the chakras you’re trying to clear. You can even create a 7 stone chakra wand if you’d like the ultimate combination!
  • Make sure you direct your wand to the corresponding chakra – you don’t want to contaminate energy across your body because each chakra is responsible for a different type of energy
  • If you’re struggling or it’s your first time using one, have someone with more experience attend your session and study how they use it
  • Combine your chakra wand healing session with a pendulum or chakra stones to activate your energy
  • To make the most out of your session, make sure you practice in a quiet, relaxing space where you’re free from the distractions and stress for the outside world

3. Chakra Wand Types

Why Are There Different Types?

If you’re conducting or taking part in a chakra healing session, you’re probably looking to solve a problem.

So the wand can be used in different ways depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

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Wands & Crystals

chakra wand image

Every chakra has a different type of energy – and there’s 7 types of chakras.

So you want to make sure that when you use your wand (with the crystals/stones inside) directed to the right chakra.

For example, let’s say you’ve got a purple chakra crystals in your wand.

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Your chakra wand should therefore be directed to your crown chakra – because this chakra’s energy vibrates to the colour of purple.

Types Of Wands & Their Purposes

Whilst every wand has a different purpose, the way you use it will be very similar each time.

They often come in different colours, shapes and sizes – but the technique is very similar every time.  So practice it, focus on clearing the energy and you should begin to see a difference.

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You should also rely on your gut instinct as you hold the wand above the chakra healing points.

Some parts of the body may require more waving of the wand than others, as there’s more energy stuck in those places.

If you’re struggling to use your intuition, try holding a chakra pendulum above each chakra.

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If you see the pendulum moving more vigorously in one spot more than the others, that’s a strong indicator that you need to spend more time with the chakra wand in that area.


If you’re familiar with an Athame, you may be questioning what’s the difference this and a regular wand?

They both have similar purposes and can be used for the same benefits.

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However, a chakra wand is more gentle.

An Athame is commanding and a little more aggressive in how it’s used.

Whereas with a wand, you’re making a gentle request – you’re not forcing the situation.

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Choosing The Best Type For You

It’s important to note that every wand is different.

Here’s how to choose between the types of wands you’ll find:

  • Gemstones: Each wand is going to be equipped with different gemstones – and each has a different property for healing different types of energy. Make sure you pick the right one for you.
  • End: Some wands have a pointed end whilst some are rounded. If you want to focus your energy on a certain chakra in the body, you may prefer a pointed end.
  • Design: With each of the differently coloured layers and different materials for each wand, designs can vary dramatically. Personally I prefer one that’s beautiful aesthetically because it can add another layer of mysticism to your healing sessions. Plus they’re great on display in your house too.
  • Craftsmanship: Do you want a one that’s hand crafted or one that’s mass produced? Bare in mind that if it’s hand-crafted and you order online, sizes can vary quite a bit
  • Price: If you’re new to chakra healing, you may be tempted to go for a cheap chakra wand. However, it’s important to note that cheap sometimes means the product isn’t made from high quality gemstones – so I seriously wouldn’t recommend ruling out the more expensive options.

4. The Best Chakra Wands To Buy

Now let’s look at some of the best wands you available to buy today.

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7 Chakra Crystal Wand Gemstone Quartz Healing Wand

Made of copper, this material is one of the best for conducting spiritual energy between crystals, the mind and chakras healing stones.

A great wand if you’re planning to use this for healing sessions.

Pros Cons
– Nice build
– Beautiful design
– Comes with a free chakra bracelet
– Easy to carry on the go
– Some reviewers state it’s not ideal as an electromagnetic
orgone generator, the red and
yellow section on the wand don’t look great

A++ Chakra Ball Healing Wand Stick Balancing Energy

Hand crafted, this beautifully designed chakra wand comes with a pointed end so that you can focus your energy and concentrate it for a more potent effect.

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Pros Cons
– Beautifully designed
– Hand-crafted with care
– Reasonable price
– Quartz point to focus the healing energy
– If your guests are taller than 6ft, the sleeper feature might be
too small
– Because they’re hand crafted, not every wand will be the same size

Energized Gemstone Chakra Layer Orgone Rounded End Smooth Massage Wand​

Coming with a rounded end, this wand comes with an interesting assortment of gemstones including Amethyst, Green Mica and Yellow Jasper.

It’s made out of copper, which is great for conducting spiritual energy.

Pros Cons
– Nicely made with high quality materials
– Stunning design
– You might prefer a wand with a pointed Quartz end instead to
focus your energy better.

5. How To Use A Chakra Wand On Yourself

Yes, it’s possible.

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But using a wand on yourself is not that practical and you may prefer a practitioner to use it instead.

However, if you are going to use it on yourself then chakra wands are great for massage.


If you’re experiencing tension, tightness or pain in your body then practicing a chakra massage on yourself can be a great way.

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You see, we often experience pain across the body when we’re our chakras are blocked by negative energy.

Tips For Using A Wand On Yourself

If you’re planning to use your wand on yourself for massage, then make sure you pick one with a rounded end for additional comfort.

A pointed end might be a little painful to massage yourself with!

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Also, make sure you don’t press too hard on yourself with the chakra wand – you don’t want to block a nerve, scratch yourself or increase pain levels. Instead, be gentle and go slow.

Massage Techniques

What are some examples of using a chakra wand for massage?

Why not try some of these:

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  • Massage your temples to reduce headache pain
  • Rub your chakra wand across your stomach to reduce indigestion
  • Locate the acupoints across your body (such as your hands and arms) and rub
  • Struggling with back pain? You could try massaging the wand gently across your lower or upper back to reduce energy blockages
  • If they’re feeling generous, why not ask your partner, friend or chakra practitioner to massage your body for you using the wand

6. How To Make A DIY Wand

Of course, not all wands are created equal.

And if you really want to level up your chakra sessions, you may prefer to make your own.

How To Get Started

Creating a DIY chakra wand isn’t as hard as you might think.

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Check out this video for tips on how to make a DIY wand:

Customising Your DIY Wand

You can put together different pieces of crystals and chakra stones to build your own wand – that’s then customised to the type of session you’d like to partake in.

Also, the more stones you combine together, the more powerful that wand will become.

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It’s like creating your own combo!

So as you can imagine, some wands look incredibly colourful! And each colour vibrates to a different chakra energy in your body.

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