How to Stay In Charge of Those ‘Seeing Red’ Moments and Channel Anger

We’ve all been there – we let our anger control us and BOOM! Now we most definitely see red

It could be varying events that have doubled up over time, causing you to stew until you finally blow.

Or maybe one big thing happened that made you go all Hulk-like in an instance?! 

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Regardless of the cause, once you’re in that danger zone, it isn’t always easy to snap yourself out of it.

But learning to understand the anger and its cause will go a long way in helping you to channel it. 

Read on to learn all you need to know about channeling that mental red mist that is anger. 

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What is Anger?

You’re calm, very calm. Until those overwhelming fierce and unforgiving emotions push your calm and tranquil feelings aside.

Once we reach that anger point, it can be eruptive – but what is anger? And why can it cause us to unleash the raging monster inside of us?

Anger is a powerful emotion – with it comes the need for release. Harboring built-up tension and annoyance doesn’t do anyone any favors. 

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After-all, once the volcanoes erupted, some form of peace usually follows – but so does the effects of the aftermath.

A little anger is okay – we’re not machines. Therefore if someone or something’s annoyed us, we should be able to express this.

Sometimes we let our emotions control us, which is how most people’s problems start. Instead, we should learn how to channel them efficiently. 

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Dealing with and controlling anger

We get it, you’re fuming with your friend as they bailed on you 3 times in a row. Worse still, they’re now refusing to pay for their share of that baseball game ticket. 

You may see red and long to scream and shout at them. But the likelihood is if you do shout, then your friend probably will only notice your anger and not your point. 

Learning how to channel your anger so you can explain how you feel to your friend in a calm manner is far more likely to make them think about their flaky actions. 

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It will also be better for your mentality. A minute of screaming out your annoyances may act as a release – but the backlash from this can be extra stressful. 

And this runs the risk of reflecting away from your friend’s behavior in the first place. 

The 7 Levels of Anger

Learning about the intensity of your anger levels will help you learn how to channel it. 

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As with all of our emotions, anger is complex. A lot happens in our minds from the initial anger trigger to the full-on outburst. 

It may be that our anger stays at a mild niggle, or it might reach an explosive point. 

In fact, there are 7 levels of anger we have to deal with.

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The 7 levels of anger explained.

  1. Activation – This is where little things bug us and cause a mild annoyance.
  2. Deliberation – Your mind is thinking about why you’re angry.

  3. Increase – You’re annoyed, and now the smallest of things are likely to annoy you further. 

  4. Confabulation – Will you blow out or calm down? This is the crossroads point in your reasoning. 

  5. Instigation – Your anger only fuels more and comes out rage-like. 

  6. Distress – The situation has escalated in your mind, and you’re fully out of control of your emotions and headed for disaster. 

  7. Eradication – At this level, anger consumes you, and you lose all sense of rationality. Reaching this level of anger can be catastrophic. 

Signs of Anger

Anger is one of many survivor instincts. In this day-and-age, lots of things trigger off our’ survival mode’ such as stress, financial problems, and family/friend issues. 

Anger isn’t as simple as black and white – it’s a multi-leveled emotion that isn’t always easy to get a grip on. For many of us, we get angry, shout, then feel bad about shouting and apologize. 

But, for some of us, this anger becomes too much. It can feel all-consuming, and when we reach this point, getting out of it can be tricky. 

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Some of the anger warning signs are a racing heartbeat, feelings of insecurity, guilt, jealousy, and feeling disrespected. 

You may clench your fists, or slam doors. Overwhelming feelings make you want to shout at someone, hurt them, or never have to see them ever again. 

How to address anger issues?

Understanding the cause will go a long way in helping you to stay in charge of your emotions. 

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If you feel that fire raging in the pit of your stomach and you know you’re likely to blow – then try to take yourself out of the situation. 

You could escape to a quiet room for some alone time, or go for a walk. 

If anger is in control of you, then it sounds like you need to do something about it. Saying you’ll never lose your temper ever again is easy to say when you’re not feeling angry. 

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But if you’re prone to angry outbursts, then chances are, they will happen again – unless you do something to address the problem. 

Think calm thoughts

Yeah, we get it. You’re mad, then someone tells you to ‘just calm down,’ and you instantly want to scream at them.

This is normal – but at the same time, it’s far better to walk away from this person overthrowing things at them. 

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If you can figure out your anger issues when you’re in a calm mood, then you’re better equipped to mentally deal with your mood when anger strikes. 

Go for a jog. Meditate. Practice yoga. Keep a mindfulness journal where you can write down what you’re thankful for. 

As powerful as anger can be in the moment, it doesn’t erase the darkness. Instead, it only masks it. Don’t give it the power to hide away all the good things in your life. 

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How Anger Affects Your Health and Daily Activities?

Everyone gets angry – this is normal. In fact, a little anger is good for us, as it helps us reflect upon things. 

The problems start if you don’t learn how to deal with your anger correctly – this could be by letting it build-up, or by overreacting to the situation. 

Letting anger take over is not only likely to cause tension between the people we care about and us, but it could also be detrimental to both our mental and physical health. 

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The lowdown

The physical effects of anger on the body can be life-changing! For instance. Not handling your anger correctly can put you at risk of suffering both a heart attack and a stroke. 

It can also weaken your immune system and prevent you from sleeping properly – which in turn will only make the smallest of things send you over the ‘anger’ edge.

Anger is also bad for anxiety and depression – dwelling on things isn’t good for our mental health. Try not to get stuck in the cycle of going-and-over the thing that annoyed you. 

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Don’t bottle up your feelings, instead, try using the ‘constructive anger’ approach on the person that’s upset you, so you can sort it out amicably. 

How to Release and Express Your Anger?

Anger is a bunch of chemicals in our bodies reacting – our brain releases stress hormones, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. 

With so much going on, sometimes it’s easy for this surge of chemicals to be overwhelming, and all we can think about is how mad we are. 

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So, how do we go about safely expressing our anger while avoiding bottling it up or exploding?

Don’t bottle it up

Not saying anything may seem like the best approach, but it’s likely this will play on your mind and drive you crazy

If you do manage to stuff it to the back of your mind and temporarily forget about it, what’s to say that in the near future something similar won’t happen again?

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If you’re aware of why what happened annoyed you, then you can go about trying to settle it in your mind. 

And If someone you know upset you, then calmly tell them how you feel. While, if something out of your control made you mad, then talk it through with a trusted friend. 

Practice mindfulness

So, you find yourself mad about the small things – such as your sons not bothered tidying his room…again! And your husband ignored your request to take the trash out. 

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At times like this, it can be easy to feel the anger rise up in you. 

One way to calm yourself down is to practice mindfulness. You can do this by staying focused on the now, taking note of your breathing, and being aware of the thoughts circulating your mind. 

Mindfulness techniques are a great way to take a step back from the situation and take a ‘time out’ to assess your feelings. 

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Top Tips to Help Channel Rage

So yeah, you can choose to scream, shout and yell like some possessed, crazy monster. 

Or, you could take a deep breath and find alternative ways to manage your mood.

Follow the below tips to escape the red mind mist and bring clarity to your mind.

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  • Don’t ignore your anger and hope it’ll go away – as this is only more likely to make it come back bigger and worse later on.
  • Don’t be afraid of your anger – instead, channel it into making positive changes to your life. 

    Anger can fuel us forward, just don’t let it take you on an unwanted road, instead, stay in the driving seat. 
  • Don’t bottle up your problems as this could lead to explosive outbursts when you meet your problem quota – and someone who doesn’t deserve it could end up on the receiving end. 
  • Take a step back and assess the situation – taking time to think through your next moves can help prevent unneeded outbursts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to channel your rage?

Yes. If you learn to stay in charge of your anger, then you can channel it into positives. 

Hate your job? Then allow your rage to motivate you to work toward your dream career.

Use rage as fuel to send you forward. 

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Don’t let it overpower you and send you backward.

2. What is a good way to release your anger?

Visualize yourself somewhere else. 

If appropriate, add humor to the mix – as this is likely to soften the situation. 

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Go for a run to release your anger – or, if running isn’t your thing, try yoga. Exercise is a great way to transport your mind to a happier place and let out some of that built-up anger.

3. How do you channel anger on art?

If you feel like you have a storm of anger inside of you, then there are ways to combat it – such as channeling in into creativity

You can do this by painting, playing an instrument, or writing a fiction story. 

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Anger is powerful, therefore, if you channel it into creative sources, then not only are you more likely to feel less angry, but your art/music/words are probably going to be pretty darn awesome!

4. The right way to apologize?

I get it, you’re trying to channel your anger in the right ways, but let’s face it, sometimes we all blow up. 

When we cool down and change back into our non-Hulk like selves, then this means we have apologizing to do. 

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We all make mistakes, and we all shout at the ones we love sometimes. The main thing to do is to admit that what we did was wrong and not shift the blame, as this usually doesn’t go down well!

Learn from your anger outburst, and use it to try and channel your rage more effectively in the future.

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