Cremation 101

What are the common costs of cremation and funeral services?

The two most common costs of cremation are the cost of the casket and transportation. The two most common costs for a funeral are the cemetery plot and burial fees, followed by the funeral home.

Funerals are more than just a ceremony at a cemetery. They include everything from hiring a funeral director to picking out an urn. Costs vary depending on what you need. Where you live will also be a factor, cost of cremation in Florida is different compared to Alaska

What are some of the hidden costs for cremation services?

Funeral services can be expensive, but the hidden costs sometimes get overlooked.

Funeral services are often expensive, but there are some hidden costs that people may not always think about. Some of the most common hidden costs include: transportation of a body to the crematory, administrative fees, and crematory fees.

How can you lower your funeral service cost?

Funeral services are an essential component of the grieving process. They provide a sense of closure that is often missing when a loved one passes away. In order to lower funeral service cost, it is important to be aware of your options, and to consult with a knowledgeable professional who can guide you through the process.

You can lower your funeral service cost by choosing to have an open-casket viewing and burial for your loved one instead of cremation.

What are the Benefits of Cremation? 


-It is less expensive than a burial

-Cremation is more environmentally friendly because it does not consume as much energy and resources as burial.


-The remains of the deceased may be dispersed or scattered without restrictions.

Should you pre-plan your funeral services in advance or wait until it’s too late to decide? 

Planning a funeral in advance can provide peace of mind to the loved ones left behind. There are many decisions that need to be made when planning a funeral, and these decisions can be overwhelming for anyone who is grieving the loss of their loved one.