Crystals For Depression: What You Need To Know

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Do crystals for depression really work?

…And which ones are best?

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In this guide, you’ll discover how they work, the top 10 crystals to use and our top tips for clearing negative energy with gemstones and crystals.

Read on to learn more about crystals for depression…

Why You Should Use Crystals For Depression

3 stones in hand

Sadly, depression is something that affects nearly everyone at some point in time, whether temporarily or permanently.

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And maybe that’s from your life circumstances or something completely of your control.

Yet, statistics show that only about 65% of American adults with depression end up receiving professional help.

There are numerous reasons why someone with depression doesn’t seek help.

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According to research, some of the major reasons they fail to get treatment is due to a lack of knowledge or stigma.

Another big reason many avoid professional treatment for depression is because of the hefty expenses that come with modern-day treatment.

Even with the right type of health insurance, the costs alone can be debilitating.

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So many have tried getting professional help before for their depression but found that the method they opted for wasn’t working for them or was taking too long to work.

Other people merely fear what depression treatment entails.

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Even when they do want to get help, they may feel embarrassed or too vulnerable to follow through with it, especially if it involves working with others.

So while professional help is still very important if you’re struggling with depression, crystals are another form of alternative medicine.

But do they actually work?

Well, that comes down to opinion:

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And there’s no clear facts here.

However, crystals can offer a more personal, affordable approach to managing the symptoms of depression, clearing away negative energy.

Some people suffering from depression may be more likely to try crystals as a form of self-help than, say, go to a therapist.

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After all, some people with depression may isolate and withdraw themselves.

Additionally, many love that the use of crystals for depression is all-natural and doesn’t pose any unwanted side effects.

Crystals are also very versatile to use. 

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There are numerous ways to use crystals without feeling vulnerable, ashamed, or self-conscious in the process.

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Top 10 Best Crystals For Depression

There are several different crystals that are known to work for depression.

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Each of the following crystals not only has a unique appearance and chemical composition but also poses different benefits on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

After all, everyone has different symptoms of depression. 

Some may have negative thoughts and experience anger while others might lack motivation and constantly feel tired.

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Keep in mind that depression can affect any seven of your chakras

Certain stones may aid with depression as a result of one chakra blockage more than another stone might.

That said, for the best results, make sure to consider the main symptoms and chakras the following crystals help with before buying it.

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1. Natural Orange Spessartine

Fanta Orange Spessartine Natural Loose Gemstone

Orange crystals like the natural orange spessartine (Garnet of the Sun) are known to deliver joy, energy, commitment, friendship, understanding, and togetherness, which may be lacking in someone depressed.

The orange spessartine, a stone of the children of Aquarius, is especially useful for the sacral chakra, also known as the second chakra, navel chakra, or svadhishthana.

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If your sacral chakra is affected, common symptoms you may experience include cold emotions, lack of libido or sexual problems, irritability, isolation, and lack of stability.

Problems with the sacral chakra can arise from abuse, rejection, neglect, manipulation, denial of your feelings as a child, or inherited problems.

Using the natural orange spessartine can provide a positive impact for your urinary and sex organs.  

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This crystal is particularly useful for those who express via creative energy. Actors and actresses, dancers, artists, videographers and photographers, and the like may especially admire the benefits of this stone.

2. Carnelian

Wow Carnelian Tumbled Stone

Carnelian is another stone that’s known for bringing joy and energy. Additionally, carnelians can boost motivation, leadership, empowerment, bravery, and endurance.

Like the natural orange spessartine, carnelians stimulate the sacral chakra.

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Some believe that carnelians are the best crystal to use for depression. After all, many folks dealing with depression may experience fatigue, lack of courage, and little motivation.

There are both red and orange carnelians, which can both bring love and positivity.

However, an orange carnelian is especially ideal for depression. Orange carnelians can also aid with fertility.

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Consider using a carnelian stone for your depression if you feel like you’re in a rut or are in the midst of a difficult life circumstance and need motivation and courage to get out of it.

You’re also a good candidate for this crystal if you feel sexually confused, are feeling overly sensitive or emotional, are struggling with tension in the body, or are prone to repressing your emotions.

3. Smokey Quartz

CircuitOffice 1 Pc Large Smokey Quartz

If you’re in need of grounding, letting go, or surrendering, a smokey quartz might be the right crystal for you.

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These crystals can also relieve anger, resentment, and fatigue as side effects of depression.

Due to its exposure to radiation, smokey quartz also have the ability to relieve electromagnetic and geopathic stress.

Smokey quartz can balance each of the seven chakras.

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However, they especially have an impact on the root or base chakra.

If you’re suffering from a root chakra blockage, you may experience worry, constipation, low or high energy, sexual dysfunction, and anxiousness. 

Emotionally, you may feel disconnected from everyone else.

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The latter symptoms may be due to trauma at birth, neglect, malnourishment, bonding difficulties with a mother figure, or physical abuse.

4. Lepidolite

CrystalAge Lepidolite Tumble Stone

Known as the Mental Balancer Stone, the lavender lepidolite can help turn sadness into happiness, help you readapt in life, give you greater awareness, and restructure old patterns into new ones.

Because it contains a high amount of lithium, it’s said that lepidolite is also great for tackling anxiety, which often co-occurs with depression.

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Likewise, this crystal can also help stabilize the mind of someone struggling with addiction or another toxic behavior or pattern that may co-occur with depression.

Lepidolites works by realigning each of your seven chakras.

However, this stone has a strong association with the crown chakra, also known as the third eye chakra.

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If you have a blocked crown chakra, you may experience symptoms such as heavy fear, lack of spirituality, and a feeling of being cut off from reality.

Your crown chakra can become blocked if you engage in extreme practices on the physical body, practice religious or spirituality excessively without understanding the practice, or have zero association with faith.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Bingcute Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Tiger Eye Stones

Although those with depression may feel emotionally numb or seemingly incapable of expressing any sort of emotion, others may experience emotional stress and sensitivity.

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The great thing about the tiger’s eye is that it can aid with the flow of your blocked emotions.

It can also boost positive emotion, strengthen relationships and friendships, and promote love and passion.

This crystal is particularly great for the lower chakras of the tiger’s eye, including the root, solar plexus, and sacral chakras.

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It’s not uncommon that those with a solar plexus blockage to be extra prone to depression, rejection, and insecurity.

Worry, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and emotional disconnected may be signs that the root and/or sacral chakras are also blocked, which this crystal can help with.

For those looking to combine a tiger’s eye with another stone, serpentine stone makes a great pairing.

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Both of these stones in unison can relieve physical discomfort and socially-ignited emotional stress.

6. Sunstone

Zenkeeper 1Lb Large Rough Sunstone Bulk Raw Sunstone Natural Sunstone Chunks Healing Stones

If you frequently deal with negative emotions, the gentle power of the sunstone, also known as the Joyful Stone, may be able to provide that positive, light energy you need in a depressive state of mind.

As the sunstone stimulates the sacral chakra, it can ward off toxicity, eliminate daily stress, and bring a burst of happiness. Some people use the sunstone for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as well.

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The sunstone can cleanse and energize each of the seven chakras. 

Apart from aiding with depression and negative thought patterns, sunstones can encourage leadership, sexuality, and creativity.

Sunstone isn’t recommended if you suffer from moderate to severe symptoms. This stone is best for those who need a stone that’s not as strong.

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7. Botswana Agate

Zentron Collection-Tumbled Pink Botswana Agate

Botswana agate, a mineral of the quartz family, is a healing crystal that can help you release and let go of repressed emotions, which is not uncommon with those who are depressed.

This crystal can also boost creativity; help you find solutions to negative circumstances; and bring love, compassion, and calamity. Botswana agate can additionally aid with stability and clarity.

Botswana agates have associations with the root chakra.

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One dealing with worry, restlessness, a craving for constant change, spaciness, and fear of stability and commitment may have a blockage in the root chakra. In turn, botswana agate may be able to help.

Keep in mind that botswana agate vibrates at a lower frequency. Thus, this is a great beginner stone.

Nevertheless, it’s still powerful mentally, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

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8. Black Tourmaline

Rock Paradise Rough Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline or schrol is a great grounding stone that’s capable of purifying the body of toxic emotions like depression, anger, anxiousness, and sadness.

Although in severe cases, one should reach out for professional help, it’s said that black tourmaline is also useful to combat obsessive-compulsive behaviors, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse.

Like many other anti-depression stones and crystals, black tourmaline stimulates the root chakra.

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Using this stone alongside your healing, you can experience a greater sense of power, higher self-confidence, and more balanced emotions.

Apart from its mental and emotional benefits, this stone has properties to deter pollutants, radiation, and smog.

9. Citrine

Zentron Collection- Rough Citrine Stone

Citrine or the Happy Stone is a common crystal that’s recommended for depression.

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Based on its nickname, citrine provides happy energy.

Apart from providing happiness, the use of citrine can help you focus, feel more positive, and gain mental power.

Thanks to its association with the solar plexus chakra, citrine has the ability to also boost your self-confidence, gain energy and better circulation, and get rid of stagnation.

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Rather than absorbing negative energy like other crystals and stones, citrine instead transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Based on the latter information, citrine is one of the few crystals out there that doesn’t need to be cleansed.

10. Amber

To help with depression and other negative emotions, amber clears away negative energy, cleanses the overwhelmed mind, and balances emotions.

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The person wearing or using this stone will feel a sense of power and healing as it eliminates anxiety, phobias, stress, and mental fixation on life’s problems.

Amber focuses on the sacral chakra.

Thus, it can aid with lack of sexual interest, repressed emotions, hysteria, and other sexual or emotional dysfunctions.

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Although it’s an effective crystal for depression, keep in mind that it can be very hard to find genuine amber.

How To Use Crystals For Depression

There’s no single approach to using crystals to help your depression:

But here’s a few of the top ways to use them…

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  • Meditation: You could hold your crystal during meditation while asking it to help absorb your sadness and other depression symptoms.
  • Bath: You can make a warm bath with drops of your favorite calming essential oil along with your favorite depression-busting crystals.
  • Tea: If you’re a tea lover, make yourself a hot cup of tea with herbs known to help depression (e.g., St. John’s Wort). For best results, add your favorite anti-depression crystal into your cup (when it’s not too hot).
  • Carry it with you: You prefer to simply carry a crystal or two around with you to give you good energy throughout the day.
  • Jewellery: You can place the crystal in your pocket or wear it on a piece of jewellery.

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So when’s the best time to use crystals for depression?

With each of the latter techniques, these can be performed in the morning, in the middle of the day, or even right before bed.

You may also try multiple of these methods or even combine them.

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Everyone who uses crystals may use them in an entirely different way.

Some may wear them on necklace consistently while others may only use their crystals or stones on the rare occasion that they need them.

Most stones and crystals will need to be cleansed or cleared.

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Make sure to conduct further research on your specific crystals or stones to ensure you cleanse them correctly.

Please note that it can take approximately two weeks for a crystal’s energy to vibrate with your energy.

Thus, it’s important to be consistent and patient through the process.

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If you require immediate help for your depression, it’s best to seek professional help as soon as possible.

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