Dealing With Midlife Anxiety: What You Need to Know

Have you ever reached the stage in your life when you feel bored, unsatisfied, and fearful of the fact that you are growing old? If you have, then you are one of many adults who go through midlife anxiety in their 30s or 40s. 

Also known as a midlife crisis, this experience is highlighted by a feeling of dread. While not a disease, midlife anxiety brings up a wide range of conditions that could affect both your personal and professional performance. What causes midlife anxiety and how can you overcome it? 

Why Does Midlife Anxiety Happen?

According to the Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, midlife anxiety can be triggered by several factors, including the death of a loved one, biological changes to the body, and even a foreboding diagnosis. 

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In some cases, midlife anxiety can occur when you encounter a stressful situation that you feel you are not prepared to handle. This could often lead to a feeling of hopelessness or having no control over the things that happen in your life. At times, you may also feel regretful about your career choices and the decisions you made during your 20s.

Is Having Midlife Anxiety a Bad Thing?

Since it’s not a medical condition, the signs of midlife anxiety can vary from one person to another. However, it usually comes with a feeling of sadness that could develop into depression. In certain cases, people with midlife anxiety feel a need to do something reckless. Compulsive behaviors are also a sign of having midlife anxiety. 

However, some experts downplay the negative effects of midlife anxiety. An article from the American Association of Retired Persons stated that midlife changes can help you make better choices as you age. You just need to know how you can ride out the symptoms and come out with a renewed sense of purpose. 

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How Do You Deal With Midlife Anxiety?

Going through a crisis halfway through your life is natural. It’s just a matter of knowing how you can control how you respond to this situation. Acceptance is the first step. You need to realize that you can’t change any of the things that happen in your life. Don’t focus on what happened and what you should have done. Your best bet is to move past that stage of regret and longing and find a new path for yourself. 

You can also channel your energy towards more productive or creative endeavors that could be effective stress relievers. Try out a new hobby or revisit something you liked to do when you were younger.  You can also use the time and resources you have to learn new skills. If you feel lonely, try making new friends and share your interests with them. 

More importantly, you should put more focus on self-care. The fact that you are aging shouldn’t keep you from looking your best. If all else fails and you experience actual symptoms of anxiety, consider getting online counseling. Look for Providers like TherapyNow that work with your insurer.

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A midlife crisis is something you can overcome. Once you have gone past that, you will become more confident in facing the challenges that lie ahead.