Top 10 Best Fidget Toys for Adults

It’s undeniable, we live in a stressful, distracting and sometimes draining world….

But that’s why fidget toys for adults are just so damn good:

They give us a way to relieve all the tension and stress we’re facing.

Fidget toys can give us a moment of calm when we need it the most. They’re a proven way to reduce stress, improve focus and boost your concentration.

We listed down and reviewed some of the best fidget toys below. You’ll discover their pros, cons and which one lands in our top spot for 2019.

Let’s get into it.

Product Overview Table

10 Fidget Toys For Adults Reviewed

1. Original Fidget Retro

This fidget toy is a rubber game pad inspired by video game controllers. It has the following functions:

  • 8 fidget functions with a clickable joystick
  • 2 clickable buttons
  • 2 silent buttons
  • Gear roller
  • Massage roller
  • Clickable switch
  • Spin dial
  • Spring loaded slider
  • a grip-textured section in one ergonomic body

So overall, there’s plenty for you to play with!


  • Made from premium materials
  • Small, lightweight and easy to carry on the go
  • Includes audio and silent fidgeting options


  • Joystick and dials can get stuck
  • Too small for bigger hands
  • Overall build is a little flimsy

Verdict: This retro inspired fidget toy is an amazing alternative from the traditional fidget cube, however, it might be a little too small if you have big hands.

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​2. Spiky Sensory Balls

A pack of bouncy and squeezable neon-coloured spiky balls made from high-quality thermoplastic rubber. Each ball is 2.5” in diameter and the pack includes 10 balls.


  • Nontoxic and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for classrooms, homes, and offices
  • Great for adults and kids from ages 3 and up
  • Multiple balls can be shared if you relieve your stress in a group


  • Emits a chemical glue smell at first (but to be fair, this fades after a few days)
  • Squeezable but also a bit tough and can hurt someone if you throw it too hard
  • A bit more expensive than most sensory balls

Verdict: This pack of spiky balls are great tactile, lightweight and entertaining fidget toys that can provide hours of fun. It’s great for groups too – and something you could play within the office!

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​3. ​Jasper Worry Stone

These coloured stones come in a variety of patterns. Each stone is made from Jasper – a natural material believed by the Ancient Greeks to chase your worries away.

You can rub the stones in your hands (or other body parts), using it’s texture and varied patterns as a way to distract yourself from your worries.


  • Made from a natural material
  • Thin, light and can easily fit into your pocket
  • Shiny and smooth features for relaxation
  • Love the idea of using Jasper as a stress relieving material


  • The stone can crack or break if you’re not careful
  • You only get one stone per purchase (despite the picture showing multiple stones)
  • The stones are randomly selected (depending on stock) so there’s no option of getting the stone pattern you want

Verdict: Crafted with the Ancient Greek’s favourite stress beating material, this Jasper worry stone is a great fidget toy for you to rub, play with and most importantly, calm your nerves.

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4. ​Rhode Island Novelty – Bracelet Keychains

Rhode Island Novelty coil bracelets come in a pack of 12 pieces and a variety of colours. Each bracelet is .25” tall x 2” wide x 2” long and has a spiral pattern for elasticity.

A metal key ring is attached to it, so you can add it to your keychain.


  • It can be used as both a fidget toy and a keychain – it’s dynamic
  • Pack of 12 can be handed out to and used by several people in a group
  • Can be worn on your wrist whilst you’re fidgeting with it


  • The metal key ring is flimsy
  • The coils aren’t that thick, so don’t overload it with multiple heavy keys
  • Loses its coil shape quickly

Verdict: It’s a simple fidget toy but it does the job. Great for both adults and kids.

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​5. ​Top Chi® – Baoding Balls

These Baoding balls trace its origin from ancient China where they were originally used for hand strengthening and flexibility exercises.

It has 2 solid steel balls you can rotate on your hands, fingers and wrists.

Each ball weighs 1lb and they’re made from high quality, durable stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode.


  • A stress relieving fidget toy that’s been popular since the times of Ancient China!
  • Recommended by hand therapists
  • Silent – so you can use this without distracting other people
  • Comes with a carry-on pouch for using on the go


  • The balls are quite small Smells like coins/old metal!
  • The balls are heavy – so try not drop or throw them

Verdict: I highly recommend the Baoding Balls as an amazing stress relief fidget toy – especially if you want to improve the mobility of your hands, wrists and fingers.

It’s a fun, gimmick free fidget toy that’s perfect for adults.

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​6. ​Oh So Squishy – Cat Toy

This is a fun squishy toy that takes the shape of a cute, blue and white cat. The stuffed toy is 4.3” tall x 3.7” wide x 2.2” thick and is packed in a crinkle gift bag.

The toy designs also come with their own scent, with options including berry, melon, cream and grapes.


  • Funky design
  • Scented and super soft
  • Slow rising – ranges between 10 – 20 seconds
  • Certified safe for adults and kids 3 years and up
  • Multiple Squishie designs to choose from


  • The colour and paint can come off
  • Some parts (like the cat’s ears and tail) can come off after a few months of usage
  • It can rip if you’re rough with the toy – but this shouldn’t be anything to worry about

Verdict: The design is cute and adorable, plus it’s slow rising. However, this squishie fidget toy shouldn’t be played with aggressively as it can break and tear if you’re too rough with it.

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7. ​Hasbro Gaming Rubik’s Cube

The Rubiks’ cube is one of the most popular puzzle toys out there. Hasbro Gaming Rubik’s cube challenges you to solve it through a limitless combination of solutions.

It’s great for adults because when you’re thinking about how to solve a puzzle, it’s hard to worry about all the emails, paperwork and tasks you have stacking up.

The cube is 2.5” x 3.5” x 5” in size and the product comes with a display stand and a solution guide.


  • The cube is sturdy and durable
  • Cube surface is smooth
  • Unlike some Rubik’s cubes, each piece is made out plastic (and therefore not just stickers that can be pulled off)
  • Comes with a base for you to hold it on display on your desk, office etc.


  • It can break and fall apart if you drop it too hard
  • Smaller than the original Rubik’s cubes
  • Cubes make a bit of squeaking sound
  • Movement is not as smooth as you’d expect

Verdict: Although Hasbro has a license for using the Rubik’s Brand, this cube is not the original branded Rubik’s that’s smooth and sturdy.

However, if you’re a bit of a Rubik’s cube newb then you’ll probably love this fidget toy.

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8. ​Onyx Bracelet – Prayer Beads

As the name suggests, this is a beaded necklace worn by Buddhist monks for their spirituality.

This fidget toy is a combination of beads made from black onyx, lava and precious gemstones from Howlite mala.

These natural materials are known to be perfect for meditations, but they’re also great for fidgeting with too. If you’re a spiritual person, you’ll love this product.

You can wear it as both a necklace and bracelet.


  • Handmade from precious gemstones, minerals and crystals
  • Natural materials – designed to improve your vibrations and energy
  • An all-around healing toy
  • No plastic and other toxic materials
  • Easy to wear


  • The elastic string is non-retractable when stretched out
  • Beads are small and string is flimsy
  • Shorter in length than most mala necklaces
  • If you’re not a spiritual person, this probably isn’t the right fidget toy for you!

Verdict: These fancy looking prayer beads are great for fidgeting with. Plus you can wear and use them on the go.

However, you need to be careful and handle this with care, as the elastic string the stones are woven into isn’t that flexible.

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​9. ​BeautyChen – Magnetic Fidget Pen

The Magnetic Fidget pen isn’t just for writing. It’s designed for fidgeting too! Made with high-quality, resistant metal, the pen can be bent, twisted and rotated for your own fidgety pleasure.

It measures 6.69” and comes with magnetic steel balls that you can roll.


  • Can be modified into a variety of combinations.
  • Dual purpose: Write, fidget, or do both at the same time!
  • Silent, so you won’t distract anyone else in the office or on your commute
  • Can be used anywhere – it’s very versatile.


  • The product isn’t resistant to rust or corrosion
  • Detachable magnetic steel balls can be hard to find when lost
  • Choking hazard if you have children around

Verdict: This magnetic pen is a great fidget toy for adults to use in the office, without attracting attention to yourself or distracting your coworkers.

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​10. ​Pencil Finger Fidget Toppers

As the name suggests, these are those small trinkets you can attach to the top of your pencils or pens.

This pack comes in a set of 12 pencils with 4 different topper designs, colours and fidget styles that can be both silent or noisy (depending on which one you prefer).


  • The toppers snuggly fit on almost any pencil or pen
  • Has different topper styles for different fidget needs
  • The toppers are safe to chew
  • Detachable and reusable on other pencils


  • Larger and heavier than usual toppers
  • Can make your pencil/pen feel heavy whilst you’re writing

Verdict: These Pencil topper toys are really dynamic. You get a ton of different styles, options, and designs so you can fidget any way you want!

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Final Thoughts: Which Toy Is The Best?

Although all of these fidget toys come in different styles and colours, all of them function and serve to our fidgety needs.

On this list, the top toys for adults would have to be the Spiky Sensory Balls.

They’re like an upgrade from your regular stress balls.

Plus, they’re safe, simple and effective.

The neon colours are refreshing to the typical dull office background and the spikes provide more an amazing sensory relief that’s far superior to ordinary stress balls.

And since the pack contains more than one ball, you can share it to others in the office and use them at work – a place where we’re often most stressed-out.  

What To Look For When Choosing An Adult Fidget Toy

Undeniable, the market is saturated with hundreds of options.

But the factors below will help you choose the best fidget toys for your needs.


Aside from quality, it’s best to consider safe and nontoxic products.

If you’re an adult, it’s like you’ll have kids around. You never know who’ll end up playing with it so it’s best to be sure that your fidget toy can be used by everyone, regardless of age and health.

Most brands take pride in manufacturing something that’s free of harmful materials and you’ll usually see this on the product label.  


Pick a fidget toy texture that’s pleasant and attractive to touch. If it feels good, you’re more likely to enjoy using it.


You definitely don’t want to be the recipient of weird stares, especially whilst at work!

Choose something that’s discreet and doesn’t draw too much attention. That way you can use your fidget toy on the sly, without attracting attention from the whole of your office!

Noisy Vs Silent

If you’re going to be using this toy with your coworkers around you, check whether it makes noise first.

As you’ve seen in this review, some fidget toys give you both the option of silent and audible play if you need to.

Type of Stimulation 

Fidget toys are intended for mental and physical stimulation.

Know and find the kind you get the most relief from – and realise that this won’t be the same for everyone!

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