Gifts for Meditators – Present Unique Ideas that will Impress Your Loved One

You have a spiritual friend or family member who’s into all things mindfulness, yoga, and meditation related. 

So, you’re on the search for the perfect gift for them, but this is proving trickier than you first envisaged. 

With so many meditation-related gifts out there to browse through, it’s not surprising that gift buying can be stressful.

From a great gift for meditation practice to a yoga lover’s perfect present, it can be hard to figure out what to get them. 

Then when you add gift options for spiritualists and those suffering from stress to the mix, the gift vortex becomes more complicated. 

Keep calm, and don’t stress – instead, scroll on for all the help you’ll need to find that great gift idea. 

What Do You Buy a Spiritual Person?

We all know a person that is big on being kind to their mind, burning incense sticks, and creating positive energy. 

These people are great because not only do they have all the charm, quirkiness, and caring vibes of Phoebe from Friends, but their positive on-look on life is catching. 

As amazing as spiritual people are, they can be somewhat tricky to purchase gifts for – especially if buying these kinds of gifts isn’t your forte. 

So, what gift will have your spiritual friend even happier than usual? 

Read on for my top gift ideas to give to your spiritual loved one. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Carved from Himalayan salts, these colorful looking lamps certainly look the part. 

Some believed the health benefits of them include mood-boosting and increased energy. 

They also help keep the air in your home fresh and clean and may help soothe those pesky allergies.

Your spiritual, loving friend will love the ambiance this gift will create – and they will appreciate the natural health benefits to their body and mind. 

Whether your friend wants to freshen up their room, or simply wants to create a calming space for some evening meditation, this lamp is sure to meet their needs. 

For an extra unusual gift, click here for the link to what may possibly be the world’s smallest Himalayan salt lamp. 

Meditation Cushion

No meditation practice is complete without a comfy meditation cushion. 

Meditation gifts can be hard to get right, but your meditation loving friend will appreciate a new comfy cushion to get in the zone on. 

This is the perfect gift to help your spiritual-loving friend work on their lotus pose – cue happy meditators!

These cushions are great for spine alignment, correct posture, and overall relaxed meditation experience. 

There are some colorful, comfy, and affordable meditation cushions on, such as the Florensi Meditation Cushion. 

A Mindfulness Journal

In a world that doesn’t stop, our brains feel the effects. 

Sometimes we need to sit back, relax, and take 5-minutes out to reflect on the day.

Your spiritual loved one understands the importance of being mindful, and being kind to their mind, so they’ll love receiving a mindfulness journal from you. 

This allows them to jot down their daily feelings, set themselves goals, and focus on the parts of their lives that make them happy. 

The Five Minute Journal on is a good gift find, as it has an easy to grasp layout, and lasts for up to 6 months of daily journal keeping. 

Tibetan Singing Bowl

singing bowl is a good gift idea for your Buddhist and spiritual friends.

There are many different singing bowls sets out there. They usually each come with a wooden striker and a cushion. 

Tune away the stresses of the day by using the wooden striker to create soothing frequencies.

 Your loved one will find enrichment from the rich, deep tones this instrumental bowl creates, 

They’re also believed to have healing properties – and are great for using during a mindful moment or for meditation practice. 

 Plus, they also look great as decoration in any home.

Mala Beads

These pretty beads come in an array of lengths and colors. 

They’re a tool for counting mantras, so are the perfect meditation gift for your spiritual friend. 

If you purchase a mala necklace with lava beads on it, then you can also add essential oils.

Pick a peppermint oil to help give your friend an energy boost, or sandalwood to help them focus. 

What to Get Someone Who Likes Yoga?

So, your friend is a yogi addict. Whether it be hot yoga, yin yoga, or ashtanga yoga, they know their stuff.

Gifts can be hard to get right, but luckily for you, the yoga accessories market is huge! 

From yoga mat spray to funky grip socks, there are loads of gifts out there to put a smile on your yoga friends’ faces.

Yoga Mat Spray

All those downward-facing dog and cobra poses can be sweaty stuff!

Help your loved one keep their mat nice and fresh with a yoga mat spray.

Not only do they come in a wide range of soothing scents, but they’ll freshen up your friend’s mat without leaving any slippy residue. 

Impress your friend with your thoughtfulness – plus, by placing it in their sports bag, they can give their mat a quick squirt and avoid any sweaty mat issues. 

The ASUTRA Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner on comes in a variety of scents, such as Calming Citrus and Soothing Sweet Rose. 

Now, this sounds (and no doubt smells) delightful! 

Yoga Grip Socks

There’s nothing worse than trying to perfect that bridge pose and slipping all over the place.

Well, grip socks are here to solve all of your yoga friend’s slippy dilemmas. 

Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that bring the most joy. But it’s also these little things that are most often overlooked. 

Your yoga friend probably already has a cupboard full of yoga mats and a collection of different colored water bottles – but it’s likely they overlooked buying grip socks. 

The Pembrook Grip Socks on are colorful, affordable, long-lasting, and have gripping nonstick rubber treads.

Gifting these will lead to a delighted yoga friend – while being ‘losing grip’ worry-free. 


Personalized Yoga Print

There’s always that one tricky loved one who has everything they could possibly need. 

In that case, why not gift them something that highlights their love of yoga, without actually being used for it?

Etsy has some great prints, such as the Personalized Yoga Lotus Pose print.  You can pick whatever words you want, print off the file, then stick it in a shiny frame. 

It sounds like the perfect new gift to me.

What to Get Your Stressed-Out Friend?

Being stressed is no fun – so, why not help your friend out by giving them a stress-busting gift?

The stress and anxiety reliever market is bursting full of fun and unique findings. 

Meditators can also use these items to benefit their lives – so these gifts can crossover into many different ‘friend’ type categories.

Buying a gift, you know your friend will love and use when they need a boost is a great feeling. 

So, which stress-relief gift is right for your stressed-out friend? 

Scroll down to see what gifts will hopefully make your friend go from stressed to chilled in no time!

Adult Coloring Book

You’re never too old for coloring. 

Getting creative is a great way to show your mind some kindness – life’s hectic and all, but everyone needs some time out to give their mind a break from the worries of the world. 

Coloring books make great gifts, as there are heaps of different designs to choose from. 

From floral designs, animals, and funky patterns, there’s a new coloring book to suit your stressed-out friend. 

The book, In the Garden Coloring, on is full of fun, botanical themed designs. 

Why not complete the gift with a pack of colorful crayons, so your stressed-out friend will have everything they need to find a piece of calm – bliss!

Zen Garden

Help your stressed-out friend find their zen, with one of these relaxing desk mini gardens. 

With mini tools and ornaments to use, your friend will have loads of fun fiddling around with her new mini zen garden. 

They make a great display item that will get guests talking. 

Also, your friend can use it again and again!

This A Day at the Ocean zen garden is on and offers a unique spin on this traditional item – and it has cute sea life mini-figures for your friend to position. 

Gifts for Meditators: An Overview

I hope you’re now full of gift inspiration.

Whether it be a meditation, yoga, or stress relief gift you’re after, there are plenty of items out there. 

The key is not to panic or to overthink it. 

Your friend will love the gesture – after-all, it’s the thought that counts. 

You’ve taken time out to find your amazing friend an awesome gift, which makes you pretty darn amazing too!

Present buying can be great fun, so make yourself a calming herbal tea and get scrolling. 

I hope you have a happy and relaxed gift search.