Green Aura: Here’s What Your Green Energy Means

What are the personality traits of someone with a green-colored aura?

And what does green spiritual energy mean?

Discover our ultimate guide to the aura below…

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Green Aura Meaning

Those with a green aura are people of depth and connection. They love deeply and they are grounded in nature. They thrive when they are connected to the earth.

A green aura has a natural peace about them and can be natural healers

Their green aura signifies a healing nature and they also tend to have the ability to help others and find solutions to their problems.

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Creating and maintaining strong relationships is a major priority in their life. However, their relationships need to be with people who can love them deeply and contribute to keeping them balanced. 

The green aura has a wide range of shades that all have their own, distinct traits and characteristics. It’s important to keep this in mind when reading a green aura. 

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How Do You Know if You Have a Green Aura? 

Determining your aura will take some deep thought, self-reflection, and analyzing. You can get better at it by studying the traits of different auras and learning to observe them in yourself and others. 

There are a few signs you can look for that can determine a green aura in you: 

  • You are passionate about nature and animals. 
  • You strive to maintain a sense of peace and calm. 
  • Your relationships are deep, strong, balanced, and loving. 
  • You are creative, intelligent, and hard-working with plenty of hope and ambition. 
  • Your life is currently changing course or something new is happening in your life. 
  • You have great health and the ability to help and heal others. 

These are some of the basic traits that most people will a green aura will share.

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Green Aura and the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is green and symbolizes love, transformation, and growth. A green aura connects directly to this chakra.

Therefore, the green aura could be a good sign that you are in the process of a transformation or at least headed that way. 

Due to its connection to the heart, your green aura could be the result of you having recently opened yourself up to love.

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A green aura could be telling you a couple of things about your love life: 

  1. If you have recently lost a love, the green aura indicates that you are open to a new love without the fear of getting hurt. 
  2. It could reveal that your recently broken heart is healing and the healing energy is abundant. 

Because the green aura is so closely connected to the heart chakra, it’s important to stay open to healing energy. When the heart is broken, you shouldn’t let yourself dwell in that place. 

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Balance Green Aura 

Balancing the energies of any aura is important. It’s true what they say – you can even have too much of a good thing. Each aura has different traits and therefore different methods by which to balance them. Here are some ways to balance your green aura: 

Understand the Green Aura Energy 

With a green aura, all of your ideas and notions will affect your energy.

Therefore, meeting and connecting with others can greatly affect how you feel depending on the energy these people exude.

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Both negative and positive energies can sway you. 

It’s important to pay attention to the energies of those around you. If you’re feeling down or unbalanced, spend time with those you know will uplift. 

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Your Diet 

Stress, rest, sleep, and substance use will all affect your green aura. Even things like your thoughts and habits will contribute to it.

If all of these things are good, natural, and done in a healthy way, all will be good. 

However, your energy levels can be greatly affected if any of these things is not right. If you’re feeling unbalanced, a lifestyle change might be in order.

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The best place to start is with your diet. Put good things into your body, and you’ll get good things out of it. 

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Your home is very important.

The decorations may not seem that crucial to your energy levels, but they can have an impact.

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What you place in and around your home is what you have to live with. 

If you have a green aura, consider filling your home with different shades of green.

Plants, curtains, wall art, and even furniture can all be green or have green accents in them.

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This will help you stay connected to your earthy affiliations and balanced, green energy. 

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Wear Green Clothes 

Similar to having green decorations, it can be a good idea to include green in your wardrobe on a regular basis.

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Wearing green gemstones such as jades, malachites, emeralds, and tourmaline is also helpful and great for balancing the aura. 

Listen to Music 

Instrumental music, in particular, is extremely calming and beneficial to a green aura.

You should look for music that contains sounds of clouds, oceans, and even peacocks.

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These things will lift your spirits and balance the energy levels. 

In additional, classical music, traditional folk music, and Celtic music will all help you connect with and balance your green aura. 

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Aromatherapy and Flowers 

Another thing that can be extremely cleansing and powerful is flowers. Pink flowers especially will enhance a green aura. 

Another thing you can do is utilize aromatherapy and essential oils. These will balance your chakras and release stress. Lime, geranium, and rosemary essential oils are particularly good for the green aura.  

Connect With Nature

This one is simple – go where the green truly is. Be with nature.

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Become one with nature. Let it empower, strengthen, and revitalize you.

Your positive energy levels will increase when you spend time outside. Listen to the sounds, take in the smells, and watch the birds. 

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Shades of Green Aura

There are many different shades of green that your aura can contain. Each of them means something different and have their own set of personality and character traits. 

New Spring Green

This shade is seen in newly sprouting leaves. With the aura, this can symbolize someone who is new to healing.

They are just beginning their journey to become a healer. In essence, they are going through a growth spurt – just like the plants, their aura resembles. 

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Emerald Green

This is a color that’s found in the forest. Someone with an aura of this color will be a natural healer.

In addition to their other healing practices, they are likely an herbalist as well. 

Dark Murky Green

This shade can be the color of envy.

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This energy is negative and destructive.

One of the best ways to counteract this is through regular meditation. 

Dark Clear Green

This is another color that brings negative energy.

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This can indicate someone who is emotionally stuck and unable to let go of their past.

Their roots are planted in this emotional situation and they refuse to allow themselves to move forward. 


This is a combination that simply means that you have learned how to balance your work with your play.

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This balance is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mental state overall. 


This is a shade that is most often found in the most powerful of healers.

Green energy is connected to nature while blue energy is calming. These two combined create amazing healing energy. 

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Personality Traits

As with any color aura, green has a number of core personality traits that set it apart from the other colors.

Those with a green aura will usually have these things in common and will, therefore, be able to relate to and understand each other better. 

These are some things you can look for in yourself or others to see if they have green energy:

  • You are highly creative and intelligent. 
  • The creativity will generally translate into practical activities such as home decorating, gardening, design, fashion. You have a good eye for color combinations and aesthetics. 
  • A green aura will also have an eye for style and beauty. You can make something beautiful out of almost anything – you don’t need to be rich to have nice things in life. 
  • You like to surround yourself with items and things that motivate and inspire you. At the same time, you don’t let yourself be swept away with unreasonable hopes or aspirations. 
  • You’re a dreamer and a hard worker at the same tie. This creates incredible results in both your personal and professional life. 
  • A green aura is usually an extrovert. They are highly social and outgoing, and be friendly to everyone you meet. 
  • You have strong communication skills. You love talking to people an sharing about yourself and your life. 
  • Someone with a green aura will strive and look for perfection in everything you do. Even when you’re not very good at something, you will still give it your best effort and do your best to practice the skills necessary. This makes you feel proud of yourself, which is a feeling you like to have. 
  • You have a taste for the finer, more delicate things in life. There is nothing extravagant or elaborate about it, you simply know how to treat yourself and your loved ones once in a while. 
  • Those with a green aura are typically quite popular as they simply have a knack for getting along with others well. 

Career, Money and Wealth

While people with green energy are hardworking at heart, the desire is not always there when presented with constant hard work, be it physical or mental.

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They aren’t the best at handling and managing finances. This means that they tend to thrive when they can find a partner to help them with income and covering their basic needs. 

This is because they care very much about security. They want to feel safe and balanced –  money problems case them a lot of anxiety.  

People with green energy are usually suited to specific types of jobs.

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Some examples of good jobs include gardener, researcher, farmer, social worker, animal caretaker, environmentalist, therapist, researcher, counselor, or secretary. 

Love and Romance

As with life in general, people with green energy are kept happy and balanced when their romantic relationships include balance, creativity, and deep, meaningful love.

It’s important that they find themselves a partner that is both supportive and creative as this will create the ideal situation. 

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It’s important for a green aura personality to be aware of the darker side to the green aura.

When you’re always the one supporting other people, it can be easy to get caught up in jealousy. This will turn your aura darker which brings negative energy. 

An ideal color match for a green aura is yellow. This will bring out the artistic side of the green aura and their adventurous spirit will draw you in. 

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Green auras need to learn to understand their role in life as natural healers and communicators. They can unite the body and mind. They can demonstrate that compassion, openness, warmth, and friendship are some of the most important aspects of human life. 

However, they must learn how to balance their healing nature in order to stay peaceful and positive. The best way to do this is to allow your abilities and healing power to act and operate freely and naturally within you. 

This gives you the best chance of recharging your batteries for next time. 

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In terms of physical health, green auras thrive when they stay physically active. Activities like skiing, swimming, dancing, and running are things they typically enjoy. When a green aura is not afraid of change and growth, Mother Nature will support them. 


What is an aura?

An aura is the color shade that surrounds a person. The color of their aura indicates many things about their personality, habits, behavior, and mood. The color isn’t seen immediately by everyone. 

It takes some practice and concentration to be able to see the auras around other people as well as yourself. 

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Is green aura good?

Generally, a green aura is a good thing. Certain shades are more positive than others, but most exhibit strong, positive things about a person.

However, there are shades of green aura that represent jealousy and negativity. 

It’s important to watch out for these shades as they aren’t necessarily what you want to associate with.

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If you think your green aura is darker and more negative than you’d like, counseling and meditation are good places to start in fixing it. 

What does green spiritual energy mean?

The spiritual energy of green is generally very calm, peaceful, and balanced. They know how to love well and with depth.

They maintain strong and meaningful relationships. Their healing abilities are heightened and strong.

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They often have the ability to mitigate issues between themselves and others. 

What are the positive and negative sides of people with green aura?

The positive side of a green aura includes their loving, generous heart.

They are generous with their time, love, and money. They speak from their hearts and can often be trusted with sensitive information.

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On the negative side, pale green indicates a great need for emotional dependency.

Dull green shades indicate unstable emotions. A more yellowy hue to the green signifies jealousy and possessiveness. 

What are the strengths and conflicts of mixing yellow and green auras?

Many people have a combination of yellow/green aura personality. Some people add green to their aura to help accomplish your dreams. With this, comes a number of strengths and conflicts. 

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When balanced, this combination has the ability to be a creative powerhouse. Green brings intelligence and yellow brings heightened creativity.

A person with this combination is usually self-employed as they prefer to be in control. 

This combination is one that wants money but doesn’t really want to work hard for it.

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Something like the lottery is appealing to them. This can be problematic when trying to develop a work ethic. 

Green auras are extremely fixated on money while yellow auras are generally quite generous and want to give it to others.

This combination doesn’t always produce the best result, so money can be a huge issue for someone with this aura combination. 

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