How To Use Your Mind To Heal Your Body and Mind? Try Guided Meditation For Self Healing

Guided meditation has an incredible amount of benefits. These include becoming more mindful, the ability to relax, improved concentration, better sleep, and so much more.

Did you know that you can use guided meditation for self-healing, too?

Does Meditation Help With Healing?

Meditation helps with both healing while receiving medical care as well as self-healing.

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When you meditate to help with healing, your main intention while in your practice will be on your body.

This differs from other types of meditation where your main intention may be different (for example, patience development).

Your mind is a powerful tool, that when used right, can help heal your body. Even though you can heal your body, please do not give up any needed medical care unless instructed by your doctor.

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To practice meditation for healing, you should follow a regular meditation practice, as well as add in your healing intention.

For a more complete list of what you should do, check out the following guide.

How Do You Meditate For Self Healing?

Follow these steps to set up your self-healing meditation practice.

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Find The Perfect Meditation Place

Be prepared to select a space in your home where you feel comfortable and will not get easily distracted. Choose somewhere quiet and leave your cellphone behind.

Unless you are using the audio function to play a guided meditation clip, you won’t need it.

Choose a comfortable couch, chair, or cushion for the floor. Chances are that if you are using healing meditation, you could be in some pain while you begin your meditation practice.

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You may feel things in your body that make you uncomfortable.

Set The Mood And Atmosphere For Self-Healing

Don’t forget to set the mood or atmosphere of the room. Many people choose to do this by lighting a candle, dimming lights, playing relaxing music, or using a Himalayan salt lamp.

Himalayan salt lamps are helpful to change the electricity in the air, which can often lead you to feel more energized.

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If you are using guided meditations, make sure that you have a place for your device and ensure that it is charged. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of meditation and have the audio cut off.

Find a meditation healing app and download it and any needed recording before your meditations.

Prepare For Guided Meditations

There are so many ways that you can have a guided meditation, often for free! If you are using your phone or a tablet, one way to find meditation for healing is to download an app.

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Many guided meditation apps are free, but some will require payment.

Finding the best Meditation App

If you find an app that you really like, but you see that it requires payment, see if you can get a trial of guided meditations. This will help you know for sure that you like the guided meditations that are offered before making a full purchase.

If you choose to make a full purchase, you may be able to make a one-time payment, or you may have reoccurring payments. You will set up an account in the app for you to gain access.

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A free meditation app might need you to set up an account with your email address.

One benefit of signing up with your email address is that you could receive additional guidance in your inbox – for free. Once you have downloaded your app, make sure that you have completed its setup.

If you don’t want to get an app or set up another account to remember, you should try finding a video online. If you don’t have an app for that, you can download one.

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There are free video meditations with audio, too. Put the video on full screen so that any notifications that come through don’t distract you.

Choose A Healing Mantra

Good mantras will focus on your health and well being. Do not just focus on your body and physical pain. Use your mind to be positive.

For example, “I am healthy” is a better mantra than “I will no longer be sick.” The first one will put you into a more positive frame of mind and will allow your body to open up for self-healing.

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Another mantra that might work for you is, “I am pain-free” if the condition that you are self-healing revolves around your body. If you are trying to heal your mind, you may want to use something like, “I am happy” or “I am worthy.”

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Leading Your Own Meditation

If you do not want to hear a meditation or your prefer not to listen to your meditation, you can lead the healing meditation. To do this, go to your predetermined meditation spot, sit up tall, and roll your shoulders back.

Remember that you may feel some physical pain in your body if that’s what you’re trying to heal.

Close your eyes and begin to slow your breathing. You should do your best to breathe through your nose. If you are not able to get a full breath by breathing through your nose, you can still complete a healing meditation.

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Once you have your “inhales” around two seconds, and exhales around four seconds, continue this for five minutes.

After five minutes have elapsed, begin to focus on your mantra. Your mantra should be specific to you and focus on your self-healing. Free your mind of any other thoughts.

If you begin thinking about other things that you need to do or have done the stop and re-center your thoughts.

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When your mind accepts your mantra, you will find yourself that any physical pain that your body feels may begin to ease. You will begin to free yourself from what is making you ill.

Once you have recited your mantra for approximately five minutes, quiet your mind, and begin to focus only on breathing.

After another five minutes of breathing, you can slowly open your eyes. Make sure not to move or get up too quickly.

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How Can I Meditate To Heal Faster?

The best steps you can take when you meditate on healing faster involve consistency, never giving up, and increasing your focus.

The more consistent you are in your meditation practice, the better. If you feel like your meditation isn’t healing, don’t give up.

If you feel that you are not receiving the benefits from your meditation, there are things you can do before you quit. Change your mantra.

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Adjust the amount of time you spend in meditation. Fifteen minutes may be too long, or it may be too short, listen to your body.

Work on increasing your focus during each meditation session. Do not discourage if you feel your mind wandering, simply re-center yourself and continue to meditate.

If you are constantly on the go, you can try “walking meditation,” which will allow you to meditate while completing other necessary tasks.

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How Do You Heal Your Body While You Sleep?

Your body is incredible. Sleep actually promotes healing. You can give both your mind and body a break.

Physically speaking, you place fewer demands on your heart, and your blood pressure decreases. Your hormones are also able to help relax your muscles.

Get the amount of rest that your body needs so that you can heal in your sleep. This will ensure that you have the proper energy required for the next day.

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Getting the right amount of sleep can help you increase your positivity, too. Positive energy can help improve your ability to recover, too.