A New Stretch on Lady Day- Host a Yoga Party

host a yoga party

Yoga is indeed one of the most rewarding activities you can take as a hobby. Not only does it help blow off some steam and relax your mind, but regularly engaging in yoga could be all you need to trim that extra waistline and eventually transform your body into its best possible shape and size.

And besides having numerous benefits on your mind, body, and spirit, it’s even more fun when done in the company of other girls (or even boys) from your close circle. 

Read on to know how and why you should consider hosting a yoga party.

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What’s A Yoga Party and Why Should You Host One?

A yoga party is just as the name suggests. You invite the girls over and practice yoga together, having lots of fun while at it. You could be celebrating an accomplishment together, an event such as Lady Day, or a personal milestone for one of the ladies. It could also be a party to support one of your buddies going through a tough time, like after a divorce, for instance. 

The reasons to hold a yoga party are probably more than you can imagine. This is not to mention that everyone will get a scoop of the benefits yoga provides, from promoting relaxation to warding off stress, increasing flexibility, improving physical balance, and enhancing spiritual wellness. The bottom line is that yoga parties are a lot of fun, more so if well planned.

Tips To Host an Awesome Yoga Party 

If you’ve been contemplating hosting a yoga party, you have more than enough reasons to go ahead and do it. However, its success will largely depend on how well you plan for it. 

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Thankfully, below are a few tips you can borrow inspiration from when organizing a yoga party.

Plan Ahead 

The lack of a plan is a plan to fail, so they say! When looking forward to hosting a yoga party, several things need to be thought out and planned for in advance. You will, for instance, need to prepare a list of invitees to your party, for starters, and choose a venue where everyone will be comfortable.

You’ll also need to think about your party’s theme, venue décor, and lighting, as well as supplies such as fragrant candles, which go a long way in making the event merrier. Furthermore, will you need extra yoga accessories like mats, blocks, or straps? You might need even more supplies if your event is being held outdoors.

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Food, Drink, and Entertainment

As you sweat it out and have fun, you guys will definitely need refreshments, snacks, and perhaps some food to restore the lost energy. After all, what’s a party without some well-thought-out food and drink? Don’t forget to provide lots of water!

Some soothing and relaxing music will also come in handy during the activity, but you can also include a fun playlist of pop and urban music, for after the sessions.

Consider Getting an Instructional Yoga Book or DVD 

As the host, it’s also a good idea to have a list of stretches and poses that you and your girls can do together. Even if you’re a seasoned yogi, it is safe to have an illustrational DVD or yoga book copies to serve as guides for your guests since not everyone might be experienced in this fun activity.

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Think About Photography and Video Recording

Memories from fun and rewarding a yoga party are worth preserving for as long as possible – and nothing quite does the job better than photos and videos. Whether you prepare a funny celebration video or make a huge volume of photos from the day, yoga party videos and photos can help keep the special moments in the minds of your guests for many years to come.

Parties don’t always have to be about cocktails, dinners, wine, and dance to be fun and memorable. A yoga party can be a great way to celebrate or bond with the favorite ladies in your life as you relax your minds and probably sweat your sexy bodies out!

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