How a Healthy Lifestyle Benefits Your Pocketbook

Health, diet, and exercise are among some of the biggest, controllable factors in a person’s life. While you cannot fight genetic predisposition, a priority on healthy living and consistent lifestyle choices can positively impact not only your physical and mental health, but your financial health as well. The trickledown effect that poor health can cause on your pocketbook can be overwhelming, so creating a routine for yourself that is health minded will help to offset expenses that are avoidable. Educating yourself on what your specific body needs and responds to as it pertains to your health is one of the first steps to creating consistent habits, and consistency is key.

If you do not find a routine that feels manageable and eventually enjoyable then you won’t stick to it, and any money that you have dedicated to failed routines is simply money thrown down the drain. When researching the financial benefits of a healthy lifestyle, do not count out areas like health, and life insurance. Getting life insurance after a heart attack or a lifetime of smoking can be difficult, but not impossible. If your lifestyle creates less of a risk for an agency to insure you, then certainly your premiums will be reduced as a result, and specifically regarding life insurance, this is an ongoing expense that you will want to try to keep as low as possible.

How It Works

People with healthy lifestyles are overpaying for life insurance. Living this type of lifestyle is associated with a lower risk of early death, chronic illness, or habit related disease, so it makes sense that you should be rewarded via your premiums for trying to avoid these fates. When negotiating your life insurance initially be expressive about the strides you take to be healthy and active. Some agencies will have you fill out forms that will help them evaluate your health status accompanied by a medical exam. Additionally, some will even provide credits towards your policy for verified healthy activities such as formal races on foot or bike. Speak up about all of this, although cost savings is not your main motivation to maintain and preserve your health, if it applies to you, you should take advantage.

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These factors will also all play a part if you find yourself down the line wanting to sell your life insurance policy. If your current policy premium is too expensive then you might consider selling it to get some cash while you look around for alternative programs, or to start a nest egg to save for any eventual long-term health care costs that may arise. If you have a term policy that is approaching its expiration, this is also a good time to consider selling your life insurance policy. This scenario does put you on somewhat of a timeline however so it’s important to stay ahead of the game and know your options so that you do not become ineligible simply based off missed deadlines.

There are life insurance policies that don’t require a health exam, and are often popular with aging folks, and those with pre-existing conditions. You certainly pay a premium for these types of policies, and often time they are limited in the total benefit paid out. However, if you fall into the ‘uninsurable’ category, or perhaps want to obtain a policy immediately, they are worth checking in to.

Invest in Yourself

The cost of healthy living is something that deters many people from making major changes. However, it is certainly more cost effective to maintain than it is to constantly start over, not to mention that spending money to create a healthy life for yourself will also always be cheaper than paying for medical expenses to fix the consequence associated with poor health. Regarding exercise, there are ways to decide on a program for yourself that do not include excessive gym fees and personal trainers. You can utilize options that are free of cost to you so that you both your health and financial goals can coexist. The more you learn to take advantage of free opportunities, like taking a walk, or free internet tutorials and classes, the easier it will be to come up with ways to stay active outside of a paid method. Eating healthy is just as important as exercise and activity. There are plenty of websites out there that will provide you daily options that are both tasty and healthy. Likewise, there are meal delivery companies that specialize in healthy means, and even niche diet programs… like the Atkins and Paleo diets. These meal plans come at a premium, but they also are great for busy professionals that don’t have time to cook for themselves. Lastly, don’t disregard the impact that stress has on the body. With the grueling work day that many of us are subjected to, stress can have a long term impact on us emotionally and physically. It’s important to found outlets to help relieve you of anxiety and stress, like yoga and meditation. If you have additional anxiety (or even depression related issues) that isn’t alleviated by the steps mentioned above, don’t hesitate to seek out a mental health professional for additional avenues of relief.

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Finding a community of likeminded people creates accountability for you, and also will eventually help to transition this new mindset from feeling restrictive or chore like, to something you look forward to as a part of your daily agenda. A well-balanced diet is just as essential as physical activity is, and it is a common misconception that eating this way is more expensive. Sure, you can shop at the specialty stores, and purchase the trendy items that are marketed to easily bring health into your life, but that is what is going to break the bank. Eating simply, and cooking for yourself are budget friendly ways to maintain your health from the inside out. Strike a balance between all these contributing factors and you will discover that your wallet will benefit from them just as much as your body will, both inside and out.

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