How Can Romantic Thoughts Decrease Stress?

Stress is something that we all deal with. A 2018 study in the UK showed that 74% of people have felt so stressed that they couldn’t cope. That’s a glimpse of how universal stress is.

There are many contributors to heightened stress levels. An overwhelming job, a troublesome partner and an unhappy marriage are just some of these reasons. Even if you’re dating online or looking for a legit mail order bride, you can still get stressed.

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On the other hand, a loving relationship can reduce your levels of stress. That’s common knowledge. But, did you know that merely thinking about a loving partner can also do the trick?

Surprising, isn’t it? Continue reading to discover how romantic thoughts can help you cope with your stress levels.

Stress and Relationships

Stress and love aren’t distant cousins; they’re close relatives. More often than not, you will either cause your partner stress or help take away stress from their lives. 

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No matter how much love you share, it’s always possible for stress to find a way into the relationship. The idea that stress in a relationship has to be caused by factors in that relationship is wrong. Many times, the stress in relationships is rooted in external factors.

For some people, coaches help them identify and eliminate the causes of stress. For others, including those with mail order wives and people dating online, research and asking questions on online forums help.

The effects of stress in relationships can be manifested in several ways. Over-sensitivity, bad eating habits, inappropriate venting, poor decision making could be pointers that stress has crept into your love life. But the great news is that your relationship could also be your escape from stress.

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If things are going great in your relationship, the effects could also cause an outwards ripple. It could make you lighter on your feet and less irritable. The best part is that you don’t need to be with your partner – or even have a partner – to feel this relief from stress. Merely being a hopeless romantic in your head can help you cope with stress.

How Does a Mere Romantic Thought Help With Stress Relieving?

Next time you feel stressed, pause and think about ‘bae.’ You may be surprised to start feeling your mood improve. A study backs this up. It claims that thinking romantic thoughts about your significant other can reduce your blood pressure levels. You don’t need them to be physically around; the mere thought that they’ve got your back can help you relax.

But how does this work? Romantic thoughts trigger the release of dopamine (the ‘feel-good’ chemical) in the brain. This chemical is the same one that gets secreted when we’re love-struck or high on substances. It instantly releases the tension in our muscles and causes the body to relax.

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Romantic thoughts are akin to getting high in some ways. It produces effects similar to the euphoria you’d get from alcohol or cocaine – but with none of the side effects. Even better, it comes with none of the nasty side effects.

How to Benefit From Romantic Thoughts

When you feel stressed, think about a happy moment with your partner. If you are as single as a dollar bill, don’t feel left out; this also applies to you. You probably have someone you have a crush on, a beloved family member, or even an ex (although this should be a last resort).

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Get yourself in a comfortable position, the one where you’re either sitting or lying down. Let your mind wander to the good times you’ve experienced (or want to experience) with that person. Think of how good they make you feel and hold onto that thought. Slowly, but surely, you will start to experience relief.

You can read romantic texts you’ve sent to each other all over again. You can also let the romantic thoughts wash over you while using other relaxation techniques. The goal is to rid yourself of stress, and combining different methods for the best results is highly recommended.


Jamie Polsters is a well-known relationship coach. He helps couples with relationship stress management, rebuilding crumbling relationships and re-igniting love between partners.

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The work that he’s done at YourMailOrderBride alongside his competent team has been recommended by couples all around the world as a source of strength for them when their relationships were on the brink of collapse.