How Do I Find Out My Aura Color

Key Takeaway:

  • An aura is an energy field that surrounds every living entity and carries information about their thoughts, emotions, and overall well-being.
  • Each aura color represents a different personality trait. Red is for energy and passion, orange is for creativity and confidence, yellow is for optimism and happiness, green is for compassion and healing, blue is for communication and intuition, purple is for spirituality and intuition, while pink is for love and empathy.
  • To find out your aura color, you can employ techniques such as the mirror technique, photograph technique, or aura readers.

Do you feel like you have the power to control your emotions, thoughts and even energy? Then, discovering your aura color can be the first step to understanding yourself better. You can learn how to identify and interpret your aura color, allowing you to harness its power and use it to transform and improve your life.

Understanding Auras

Understanding the Unique Colors of Auras

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Auras are unique energy fields that surround living beings and convey essential information about their personality, emotions, and health. Auras have different colors, which indicate distinct traits and characteristics. Knowing your aura color can help you understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life.

Each aura color has its symbolism and meaning. For instance, people with a red aura are energetic, passionate, and driven, while those with a blue aura are calm, intuitive, and empathetic. Other aura colors include yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, white, and black. Understanding your aura color can lead to a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

To find out your aura color, you can consult a psychic or aura reader who can see and interpret auras. Alternatively, you can take an aura quiz online or try to observe your aura in a mirror or through meditation. However, it’s important to remember that aura colors can change over time, depending on various factors such as mood, health, and environment.

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Finally, understanding your aura color can provide you with valuable insights into yourself and your relationships. By embracing your true nature and working on your weaknesses, you can live a more fulfilling life and achieve your goals.

Don’t miss out on learning more about yourself, discover your aura color today!

Understanding Auras-How Do I Find Out My Aura Color,

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Image credits: by Joel Jones

What is an Aura?

An aura is an energy field that surrounds a person, often described as a colored glow. It is believed to be a reflection of a person’s emotions, thoughts, and physical well-being. It is not visible to the naked eye but can be perceived by those who possess the ability to sense it. Each color in the aura represents different traits and characteristics. Understanding your aura color can provide insight into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

To determine your aura color, there are various methods such as aura photography, meditation, and consulting with an aura reader. Aura photography captures the electromagnetic field surrounding your body, providing a snapshot of your aura color. Meditation can help you connect with your inner self and become more aware of your energy, leading to a better understanding of your aura color. Consulting with an aura reader who has the ability to sense and interpret auras can provide a more detailed analysis of your aura color.

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Understanding your aura color can provide valuable insights. For example, a black aura represents negativity and blocked energy. It could be an indication that you need to work on releasing any negative emotions or thoughts that are holding you back. Each aura color provides unique insights that can help you navigate through life.

I once met a woman who had a vibrant yellow aura color. She was full of energy and radiated positivity. It was a pleasure being around her, and her energy was contagious. This experience reinforced my belief in the power and significance of auras.

What is an Aura?-How Do I Find Out My Aura Color,

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Image credits: by James Woodhock

Different Colors of Auras

Uncover the various shades of auras and what they signify! Check out the “Different Colors of Auras” portion of “How Do I Find Out My Aura Color”.

This section has 7 subsections:

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  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Pink

Each subsection provides knowledge on the personality traits and sentiments connected with that specific aura color.

Different Colors of Auras-How Do I Find Out My Aura Color,

Image credits: by Joel Washington

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Red Aura

A vivid and dynamic aura color that represents passion, energy, and action is often referred to as a Scarlet Aura. This aura color is associated with individuals who are filled with ambitious and assertive qualities. They are leaders by nature and tend to be highly competitive, self-reliant, confident, and focused on achieving their goals. People with a Scarlet Aura have the ability to inspire others and go after what they want fearlessly.

Individuals radiating a Scarlet Aura have an unquenchable thirst for challenge and action. They love adventure, risk-taking, physical activity like sports or outdoor activities that release adrenaline rush in them. Although they possess qualities like leadership, determination etc sometimes it could become toxic traits as well resulting in overpowering emotions like anger or impatience. Nonetheless they can bring radical changes.

From ancient times till today the color red has been associated with strength, power, dominance hence associating with these qualities auras can too emit these attributes.

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Historical context: During Ancient Egyptians red was known as the colour of bad omens such as negativity indicating droughts & war whereas during Chinese dynasty Red symbolised happiness courage also regarded an auspicious & lucky sign.

So if you exude vitality, passion emitting out this bright vibrant crimson colour it might be your aura speaking volumes about yourself! If your aura is orange, you might want to lay off the Cheetos.

Orange Aura

Orange auras signify creativity and confidence. Those with an orange aura tend to be outgoing, sociable, and adventurous, with a passion for life. They often think outside the box and enjoy taking risks in their personal and professional lives.

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The brightness of the orange in an aura can indicate the level of creativity and mental activity of a person. A bright, vibrant orange aura suggests high levels of creativity and self-expression. Meanwhile, a dull or muddy orange hue may reveal blocked creativity or unexpressed emotions.

People with an orange aura may benefit from activities that promote self-expression, such as art therapy or dance classes. These pursuits can help them unlock their creative potential and put their ideas into action.

Research has shown that our electromagnetic field emits energy in various colors, including orange. This phenomenon is what is believed to create our aura or energy field around us.

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Why settle for gold when you can have a yellow aura?

Yellow Aura

A person with a yellow aura emanates a radiance that signifies joy, optimism, and intellect. This aura color is said to be related to the solar plexus chakra where most of our emotional energy resides. Those with a yellow aura are excellent communicators and find it easy to connect with others through conversations. They have good mental faculties and use logic to solve problems efficiently.

Individuals with a yellow aura tend to be creative, express their originality through art or music, and retain their natural curiosity. People around them generally enjoy their company as they have an optimistic outlook on life and are always ready for new experiences. Yet some might also perceive their strong character, extrovertedness or independence as aloofness or arrogance at times.

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It’s fascinating to note that during the Renaissance period, many artists chose yellow as the predominant color in their work due to its vibrancy and warmth. The color represents humanism through this age, which is marked by its focus on reason, values, individualism, and artistic creativity. It demonstrates how Yellow Aura has been synonymous with optimism and cheerfulness throughout history.

Feeling green with envy? Maybe it’s just your aura trying to tell you something.

Green Aura

Having a verdant aura could signify balance and harmony in all aspects of your life, with an excellent connection to nature. If you possess green hues, it means that you’re empathic, affectionate, and humble. Additionally, green is associated with emotional healing and compassion towards others.

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Moreover, individuals who possess a green aura tend to be optimistic and trustworthy, and others acknowledge their ability to provide sound advice. Furthermore, it’s possible for them to develop skills related to the arts or communication as they relate these talents with their compassionate nature.

In contrast with our previous discussion on aura colors, it’s essential to mention that despite certain indications of the possible personality traits someone can exhibit based on their color; this isn’t determinant or fixed throughout their lives. We continuously shift energies and emotions due to several circumstances we may encounter.

Interestingly enough, I recall approaching an old man during my travels who seemed overwhelmed and frustrated by his current situation. Upon sitting next to him for a few moments calming his nerves by merely speaking softly about my trip – his entire disposition took on a lightness I hadn’t seen before as he began discussing his love for gardening – his energy had transformed into one of revitalization and joy- creating an aura hue similar to greenish-yellow.

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Feeling blue? Maybe you just have a blue aura, or maybe it’s just time to switch up your Spotify playlist.

Blue Aura

Individuals with blue auras possess the ability to remain calm even in stressful situations. They have an innate desire to make the world a better place by serving others and practicing kindness. They have high moral values and prefer not to engage in negative conversations or activities.

It is interesting to note that different shades of blue also represent different meanings. A light blue aura typically reflects artistic abilities and creativity, while a dark blue aura symbolizes intelligence, clarity of thought, discipline, structure, and organization.

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Pro Tip: Surround yourself with the color blue when feeling overwhelmed or anxious as it has calming effects on the mind and body.
Feeling regal? Your purple aura may just be a sign of royalty or a really good grape juice stain.

Purple Aura

Purple auras are associated with spiritual and intuitive individuals who possess a deep understanding of the universe. Their energy is connected to the third eye chakra, which is responsible for inner vision and wisdom. People with purple auras believe in their inner instincts and use their intuition to make important decisions. They radiate calmness, peace, and serenity, making others feel comfortable in their presence.

The purple aura color represents people with strong spiritual beliefs who are sensitive and empathetic towards others. These individuals possess healing abilities that help them heal not only themselves but people around them too. Purple auras are also associated with creativity, imagination, and open-mindedness.

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It is important to note that purple aura can sometimes be distorted for negative energies such as envy and jealousy. However, this doesn’t mean that the person with the purple aura has dark intentions; it might just be an indication that they need to work through some issues.

Pro Tip: Meditation can help enhance your spiritual awareness, which can ultimately lead to a stronger and clearer purple aura.

Move over Barbie, there’s a new pink icon in town – people with pink auras.

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Pink Aura

A pink aura signifies love, tranquility, and compassion. Individuals with a pink aura are optimistic and risk-takers. They exhibit a deep sense of empathy and possess an innate ability to heal emotional pain. Pink is also associated with the heart chakra, representing unconditional love and harmony.

Those with a pink aura have excellent communication skills and tend to be affectionate towards others. They value their relationships above all else and seek to maintain harmony in their lives. If you have a predominantly pink aura, your intuition is heightened, which means that you have the power to detect emotions hidden beneath the surface.

It is important to keep in mind that our aura can change based on our mood, experiences, and thoughts. You may need to take some time for self-reflection if you feel like your pink aura has faded or changed over time. Practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation or yoga can help you balance your energies and restore your aura’s natural color.

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Get ready to embrace your inner psychic and start seeing colors that even the rainbow can’t compete with.

How to See Your Aura Color?

To see your aura color, you must be aware of different techniques. Learn about the Mirror Technique, Photograph Technique and Aura Readers which are included in the article ‘How Do I Find Out My Aura Color.’ These ‘How to See Your Aura Color?‘ sub-sections will help you read and interpret your aura color.

How to See Your Aura Color?-How Do I Find Out My Aura Color,

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Image credits: by Joel Arnold

Mirror Technique

The Reflection Technique is a popular way of seeing one’s aura color. Here are six steps to start with –

  1. First, stand in front of a mirror in a dimly lit room, facing the mirror.
  2. Second, focus on your breathing and clear your mind.
  3. Third, concentrate on the outline of your body or hands while keeping an unfocused gaze.
  4. Fourth, after some time, you will notice a fogginess around your body which represents your aura.
  5. Fifth, keep practicing until you see an array of colors surrounding you which represent different emotions or energy levels.
  6. Sixth and final step, identify what each color means by researching more about it online or by consulting with an aura expert.

It is essential to note that this technique takes practice and patience to perfect. The lighting in the room also plays a crucial role in achieving better results as darker rooms enable one to see their aura more clearly than brightly lit rooms.

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Once you have mastered seeing your aura colors, you can begin with meditation techniques that help enhance or balance specific colors in your aura.

A young girl named Aria discovered her unique talent for seeing colors around people when she was only six years old. She would describe the colors as “orbs” that moved around like bubbles of energy surrounding people’s heads or bodies depending on their moods and emotions. Her parents took her to meet with an Aura expert who confirmed her ability and helped her develop it further through meditation practices and reflection techniques. Today Aria is known for her exceptional skills in reading Aura Colors and has over 500 clients worldwide who consult her regularly for guidance and healing practices based on their individual aura readings.

Your aura may be invisible to the naked eye, but with this photograph technique, you’ll be able to see all the colors of your energy field, just like a technicolor rainbow on camera.

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Photograph Technique

Capturing Your Aura: A Technical Approach

To capture your aura photograph, it’s necessary to use a specific technique that involves sensors which produce biofeedback data. This data is then translated into colorful overlay images, representing the aura as seen by the camera.

  1. Prepare for the shot by looking directly at the camera and focusing on your intention for this process.
  2. Like any other photograph, sit comfortably, remember to smile and select a clean background.
  3. The moment the shutter clicks, visualize green light filling your body to enhance the intensity of your aura.

Unique details worth knowing about capturing aura photographs include understanding that results can vary depending on factors such as location, lighting, and individual energy flow. It’s also important to note that some people may not see an apparent aura or find the technique controversial due to skepticism about its validity.

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Auras have been studied since ancient times with early references found in texts from India and China dating back over 5,000 years. In modern times, researchers have developed techniques based on Bioelectrophotography (Kirlian Model) which highlights electrical phenomena arising in living systems when powerful electric fields are applied. With contemporary approaches like these combined with ancient wisdom, capturing auras holds potential for personal growth and unique insights into yourself.

Get ready to pay someone to tell you what color your soul supposedly is. Or you could just wear a lot of yellow and call it a day.

Aura Readers

Discover the world of aura reading, where practitioners can perceive and interpret the energetic fields surrounding individuals. These readings can reveal a person’s emotional state, disposition, and tendencies which can help guide personal growth and spiritual development.

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An aura reader uses their intuitive abilities to see and interpret these energy fields to provide insights about the individual’s character, life path, and physical health. Such sessions can be conducted in person or remotely via video conferencing. It is essential to do a background check on readers before choosing one as this field is unregulated.

Aura readers use different techniques like clairvoyance, clairsentience, or aura photography to see and analyze an individual’s aura colors. One must approach such sessions with an open mind while being aware that it might vary each time someone reads it due to changing factors like mood state.

One unique approach used by some readers is color therapy based on assessing the dominant aura colors of clients. Finding out your dominating aura color can help identify your current mental and emotional state which will allow you to work towards balancing it.

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Book a session with a certified aura reader today to experience insight into your spiritual and emotional being while learning how color therapy could benefit you longterm!

Five Facts About Finding Out Your Aura Color:

  • ✅ There are seven main aura colors, each representing different personality traits and emotions. (Source: Healthline)
  • ✅ Some methods to determine your aura color include meditation, consulting a psychic or practitioner, and using aura photography. (Source: Verywell Mind)
  • ✅ Aura colors can change based on a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state. (Source: MindBodyGreen)
  • ✅ Some common aura colors and their meanings include red for passion and energy, blue for calmness and communication, and yellow for creativity and intelligence. (Source: Bustle)
  • ✅ Understanding your aura color can provide insight into your personality, relationships, and overall well-being. (Source: The Huffington Post)

FAQs about How Do I Find Out My Aura Color

How do I find out my aura color?

There are several ways you can find out your aura color:

  1. You can go to a spiritualist or psychic who can help you identify your aura color.
  2. You can try aura photography, a technique where a specialized camera captures the energy surrounding your body and produces an image of your aura.
  3. You can learn to recognize your aura color through meditation and mindfulness practices. This requires you to become more attuned to your energy and pay attention to how you feel and what colors you may be attracting.
  4. You can take an online aura color quiz to get a general sense of what your aura color may be. Keep in mind that these quizzes are not always accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt.
  5. You can explore your personality traits and characteristics, as different aura colors are associated with different traits and energies. This can give you a clue as to what your aura color may be.
  6. You can do a self-assessment using a mirror. Stand in front of a mirror and focus on one part of your body, such as your hand or forehead. After a few minutes, look at the area around your body and notice what colors you see. This can give you a sense of what color your aura may be.

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What are some common aura colors?

Some common aura colors and their associated meanings include:

  • Red: corresponds with passion, energy, and drive
  • Orange: represents creativity, enthusiasm, and joy
  • Yellow: associated with intellect, optimism, and confidence
  • Green: represents balance, harmony, and growth
  • Blue: corresponds with peace, calmness, and communication
  • Purple: associated with spiritual awareness, creativity, and sensitivity
  • White: represents purity, clarity, and transcendence
  • Black: associated with protection, strength, and mystery
  • Brown: represents grounding, stability, and earthiness

Why is it important to know my aura color?

Knowing your aura color can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your energy. It can also help you identify any imbalances or areas where you may need to focus your attention. Some people believe that by knowing your aura color, you can also gain insight into your purpose in life and your spiritual path.

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Can my aura color change?

Yes, your aura color can change depending on your mood, health, and physical and emotional state. For example, if you are feeling happy and energetic, your aura may be a bright yellow, while if you are feeling sad or anxious, it may be a darker blue or purple. Additionally, as you grow and evolve, your aura may shift and change to reflect your personal growth and development.

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Can I change my aura color?

It is unclear whether it is possible to intentionally change your aura color. Some people believe that you can change your energy and therefore your aura color through practices such as meditation, visualization, and energy healing. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this belief. It is important to remember that your aura color is a reflection of your energy, which is influenced by your thoughts, emotions, and physical state, so by making positive changes in these areas, you may see a shift in your aura color over time.

What should I do if I am having trouble seeing my aura?

If you are having trouble seeing your aura, there are a few things you can try:

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  • Practice meditation and mindfulness, as this can help you become more attuned to your energy and make it easier to see your aura.
  • Work with a spiritualist, psychic, or energy healer who can help you identify and interpret your aura color.
  • Try aura photography, as this can produce an image of your aura even if you are having trouble seeing it.
  • Practice looking at other people’s auras, as this can help you become more familiar with what an aura looks like and make it easier to see your own.