How Do Toys Relieve Stress?

Many people equate toys with childhood and the joy of being a kid. “Toys are for children” or “you’re a grown-up now, you shouldn’t waste your money on stuff like toys” are common refrains from grown-ups.

As a result, everyone has developed a preconceived notion of what toys are and who they are intended for. Some preconceptions, however, have been gradually dismantled over time as the world has become more tolerant of change and open to other views and ideas.

hugging a toy

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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Toys have been a common source of comfort and solace for many people nowadays. It’s an excellent way to cope with the adult world by feeding your inner child’s longing while dealing with reality.

Difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and other symptoms of emotional stress may all have a negative impact on the body’s ability to regenerate. While we strongly advocate for therapeutic methods such as counseling and meditating to help you respond to stress better, toys may also be a helpful coping mechanism. 

Studies have shown that playing with toys may help alleviate stress, promote efficiency, and even improve cognitive function. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of toys in relieving stress and anxiety.

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Playing with a Squishymallow: from mindless wandering to mindful focus.

Similarly, toys could prevent people’s thoughts from straying while they’re bored. Mild diversions have been demonstrated to increase productivity by providing a mental break, making it more straightforward to focus on the work when you return.

To better understand the best toys for concentration, you can read more in our squishymallow guide

On the other hand, stuffed toys are used “for the delight of the experience itself” rather than to accomplish a specific purpose. This distinguishes them from other diversions.

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Playing with a squishy marshmallow or any stuffed toy does not really bring the same relaxation as playing an online video game. 

Squeeze balls: tension release

stress balls

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A stress ball is a common occupational stress reliever, and there’s strong evidence that it may also help enhance your wellness. A physical discharge is needed to alleviate the tension built up in the body.

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When a pressure ball is squeezed, gripping removes some energy—it also stimulates you to calm down and think better. The hand and wrist muscles may be strengthened and the pain relieved by simply gripping a pressure ball.

Magnetized balls: better attention span

magnetic ball toy


Playing with a set of little magnetized balls, which you can join together to make various forms and configurations, can be an unexpected stress reliever. Also, molding is a tactile hobby that distracts you from the stressor. 

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But a friendly reminder to keep them out of reach of children and dogs. Ingesting them may be harmful, and you’re attempting to relieve tension by doing this, not because I wanted to get stressed out even more.

Rubik’s Cube: A colorful distraction

Rubik's cube

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Toys like Rubik’s Cubes were initially commercialized in the early 80s and have gained worldwide popularity because of their excellent stress-relieving qualities. Your mind is engaged, and your hands are constantly engaged as you rotate and shift the little cubes around to generate a uniform color on all sides.

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You can relax on the go with this toy without it taking too much space in your work or school bags or desks.

Relieving oneself from stress is vital. In today’s fast-paced environment, stress is a common occurrence for too many people.

The demand for distress-relief goods and techniques is at an all-time high due to the pressures of work, personal life, and disturbing global events. For life-long medical effects, both physically and psychologically, it is critical to learn how to handle stress efficiently.

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