How Irritability and Anxiety Affect Your Health

The modern world of constant rush makes people build plans and control countless things on purpose only to keep moving forward through their routine. When it comes to career progress or academic achievements, for example, irritation and anxiety become their constant companions wherever they go. Students try to have some rest by checking reviews and then delegating some of their papers to pros. However, that is not the ultimate solution for all their worries.

Anxiety is stress. Stress causes irritability. Irritability affects one’s health, no doubt. When stressed, the human body activates additional resources to make it through the difficult situation and find a solution to deny the stress source. Still, sometimes, anxiety and irritability stay with them for a long time. That’s the main trouble.

Symptoms of Stress Causing Anxiety and Irritability

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Though many people think irritability is a part of one’s personality, that’s an incorrect opinion. In the majority of cases, constant irritability and regular anxiety feeling are pathologic states. They require taking measures to correct them.  

Of course, the most visible symptom of irritability is uncontrolled and inadequate anger. However, that’s not always the only cause. Usually, anxiety and irritability have other symptoms people tend to ignore or fail to connect with their actual reasons.


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There are thoughts in your head preventing you from sleeping or making you wake up in the middle of the night. Your sleep is not deep enough. It does not bring the expected rest. After you finally wake up in the morning, you most likely feel tired, like you hadn’t slept at all. Sleepiness does not allow you to study, work, and deal with routing during the day.

Constant Physical Tiredness Feeling

That’s the unavoidable result of excessive neural tension and sleep deprivation. Chronic fatigue reduces your performance, and you feel it much more challenging to do regular tasks and routine things.

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No, it’s not because of difficult assignments or job tasks. Headache intensifies with constant physical and mental strain. Watch it.

Worrying for no Reason

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Regular anxiety and irritation affect your way of thinking. Reasonless fears, bad intrusive thoughts, and regular anger attacks suppress you. It is frequent for suppressed people to “find” symptoms of dangerous diseases in their bodies and minds. In that mental state, even the smallest routine troubles seem apocalypse reasons.

Things may get even worse when a person tends to apply “self-control”. Most frequently, they confuse it with self-suppression: the outer calmness masks their inner irritation and anger. Emotions get blocked inside your mind and body, so you live with them for days and even months.

Anxiety and Irritability Effects

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Long-term stresses caused by regular irritation and constant anxiety are bound to affect your health negatively. Any stress is an overdrive for the body, just like a long run at high speed is overclocking the car’s engine. The probability of breakage increases all the way through.  

CNS Troubles

Regular anxiety and irritation may keep you usually not only worried but also frequently results in panic attacks. That means the brain releases appropriate hormones of stress regularly.

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Stress and anxiety mean the body feels itself in danger. As a result, your organism is trying to feed itself with the required substances (like adrenaline and cortisol, for instance) to increase a chance of getting out of a challenging situation alive and with minimum harm.

That’s okay when you feel stressed and react aggressively on “suitable” occasions (in other words, your anger and anxiety can be adequate reactions). However, the long run under pressure is exhausting. It results in muscle and neural pain, and the hormonal imbalance may cause your body weight to increase, too.  

Cardiovascular System Issues

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Anxiety and irritability speed up your heartbeat. This may result in pain in your chest, palpitation, increased level of blood pressure, and a higher risk of getting chronic cardiovascular diseases. In case you’ve already got one of those, regular anxiety may cause serious cardiovascular complications and even death.

Breathing Problems

When you are worried because of anxiety or angry because something (someone) irritated you, your breathing becomes shallow and more frequent. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) may result in complications connected with your regular feeling of stress. Asthma complications are also possible. Stress hits it all.

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Unlike many people usually think a momentary bad mood shouldn’t be called depression. Depression is a defined mental disorder caused by an entire pack of factors, including regular stress, hormonal imbalance, and other minor symptoms resulting in guilt feeling and inability to enjoy at least something. Quite frequently, irritability and anxiety experienced on a regular basis stand among the very first reasons causing depression.

Important note: it is strictly recommended not to try dealing with depression symptoms on your own even if they seem “bearable”. Whenever you notice at least two of the described mental and physical states, you might want to see a specialist. 

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